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Review: How to Hang a Witch & Haunting the Deep

Happy Wednesday my friends! Today I’m going be reviewing Adriana Mather’s duology How to Hang a Witch Haunting the Deep.

I have to say, the first novel was good, but the second novel, wow… I don’t normally stay up into the night reading (I’m quite disciplined… bahaha who am I kidding?!) but I found myself unable to put the book down. SO. GOOD.

How to Hang a Witch

How to Hang a Witch by: Adriana Mather: When Samantha Mather’s father falls into a coma, she and her step-mom move back to Salem, where her father is from. What Samantha finds out is she is a descendant of Cotton Mather, the one responsible for the Witch Trials, and that there is a curse on her family that needs to be stopped. This was a fast-paced and interesting story. The plot, for the most part was good. The whole concept of witches and ghosts was fun, what wasn’t fun was the added love triangle that felt forced and didn’t add anything to the story. If anything, it bogged down, and took away from the overall story. The writing was very simple and used a few tropes that get overplayed, but overall, the vibe of the novel was very spooky, and Mather did a good job of keeping her reader entertained and engaged in the story. Mather’s characters were good, the main ones were pretty solid and developed, the secondary ones kinda fell away into the background. The reader would have liked to get a little more from them. For the most part, this was a compelling, witchy tale that was definitely filled with intrigue.

Haunting the Deep

Haunting The Deep by: Adriana Mather: Samantha has just escaped a curse that nearly killed her. Ready to put magic and ghosts behind her, that is, until she starts dreaming of the Titanic. Everything feels real and familiar, only to realize another curse has been cast. Now with the help of her former enemies, The Descendants, they come together to break it once and for all. This novel was super engrossing. As soon as the action started to pick up, the reader had a hard time putting the novel down. The plot was fast-paced and well thought out; it’s clear how much research the author did in order for things to be accurate. This novel was probably more fascinating and captivating than the first; the first novel introduced the reader to the characters and the town, this one really dug in and we really got a sense of who the characters are and the town of Salem. The characters were more fleshed out in this novel, they were more developed and there was less of a love triangle between the main characters. Overall, this was a fun, spooky, and a little bit of a thrilling read.

5 thoughts on “Review: How to Hang a Witch & Haunting the Deep

  1. Oh, it’s been a WHIIIILE since I stayed late to finish a book. Maybe I’m trying to be all adult and respect my bed time? Or maybe I haven’t read a book that would really hook me in that bad for a very long time?? 😀

    This duology sounds very interesting!

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