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Review: The Killer in Me

Hello friends! Happy Monday! Today I’m going to be posting my review of Margot Harrison’s novel The Killer in Me.

The Killer in Me

The Killer in Me by: Margot Harrison: The Thief stalks his prey in the slightest of ways, and only Nina knows this killer exists. Through her nightmares she follows him. When she gets the opportunity to actually meet the Thief, she isn’t so sure the man she meets could be the sociopath from her nightmares, which begs the question is it all real or a dream? This was a rollercoaster of a novel. The overall plot was good, creepy, sorta scary, but good. The subplots were a little mediocre; the whole boyfriend plot felt useless, it’s understood what his role was for and the author flipped the script a bit there by having him be the one in distress, but he honestly didn’t add much more to the story. His chapter point of views was alright, when he wasn’t being used as a plot device, he just kinda took away from the story. Having the two point of views did make the pacing speed up and slow down, which was effective. The characters were interesting; it has to be said though, as much as the boyfriend didn’t add a lot to the plot, he was a fully rounded and fleshed out character, at times, more so than Nina the main character. Nina was a compelling character but at times felt unrelatable and disconnected from the reader. All in all, this was a suspenseful novel that kept the reader on their toes.

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