The Mystery Blogger Award V

Hello friends! It’s Thursday, one day away from Friday! The weeks feel like they’re just slipping away… how is it December already? Anyways! Today I was awarded to do the Mystery Blogger Award. I was tagged by Sofii @A Book. A Thought. Sofii is an all-around sweet and wonderful blogger! If you’re not already following her, you should definitely re-think that because she’s amazing! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ž


Put the award logo/image on your blog
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This tag was created by OkotoΒ @OkotoEnigmasBlog.

1 – Have you ever felt so identified with a character that you end up picturing it as yourself?

I just posted my review of You Know Me Well and w-o-w how I related to Mark so much. Although, I didn’t picture him as myself, I just knew exactly how he was feeling, and it felt so real and so validating!

2 – What thoughts do you have about ARCs?Β 

I think they’re a great way to spread the word about up-coming books. I know there’s a lot of controversy around them, but when used for good and intended purposes I think they are a good thing.

3 – Do you think that a person who gives 5 stars to everything reads is questionable? What’s your thought about giving low ratings?

Ehhhh, a little bit. How can you love everything you read? Unless they really critically pick out every book and just know they’ll love it, but that’s a lot of work, so probably not, I wouldn’t trust their opinions.
I think low ratings are valid. If someone doesn’t like a book and rates a book low, I think it’s fair.

4 – Name 3 book bloggers that inspire you!

Well, this is SO hard because so many inspire me, and Sofii, you my dear, are definitely an inspiration!

Kirstin @Kirsten Kraves Books. Everything about her blog from her lists (which I love so much) to all the memes she participates in, and her gorgeous Instagram photos! 😍Plus, to top it off she’s such a lovely person.

Jenna @Bookmark Your Thoughts. JENNA! She is the sweetest thing, like EVER! I honestly don’t think I’ve met someone so sweet. Her blog is so well thought out and it looks so beautiful, her bullet journals are so pretty, and also her beautiful Instagram photos 😍

Marie @Drizzle & Hurricane Books. I love reading Marie’s blog… not only does she co-blog with her sister, which I think is the cutest thing! Her whole blog aesthetic is SO adorable, and she is such a pleasant and fun person to talk to.

5 – Can an author’s reputation affect your thinking about their books?

Sometimes. If the author is a bad person, it really deters me from wanting to purchase ay of their work… I may still read it from the library, but I won’t buy it. So I guess, yes it can.

My Questions:

  1. On the spot: favourite book from your favourite genre?
  2. Favourite book of 2019?
  3. Can an author’s reputation affect your thinking about their books? (I like this question so I’m going use it)
  4. Any end of the year goals you’re striving for?
  5. Have you started thinking about your 2020 goals (if you make them)?


Okay, I’m not going to nominate 10-20 but just a few:

Karla | Kristen | Bree | Jill | Sara |

Please feel free to ignore if you chose, or consider yourself tagged if you feel inclined!

27 thoughts on “The Mystery Blogger Award V

  1. Wonderful post as usual Meghan! πŸ₯°
    Fun fact: I always imagine myself as the main character of the story; it’s so weird πŸ˜‚ And I also accidentally imitate them in real life…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like your answer about the author and supporting them. I feel the same way. If they’re bad or rude, I don’t really want to support them … Even if they’re a good writer. And the 5 star … Good point,! Like … Maybe they just really enjoy everything they read … But I feel like most or all books being 5 stari is questionable … And you are the biggest sweetheart!!!!!! Thank you so much! I can’t believe my little blog inspires you!!! You’re melting my heart! I’m so glad we connected here!!! You’re honestly an amazing person and such a friendly face in the blogging community!!! Also … Marie and Kristin are epic!! Not shocked you shouted them out haha! Wonderful post love and congrats on the award!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I find it hard to like an author’s books after knowing they’re not a great person.
      Well, duh it and you inspire me! You are such a bubbly, upbeat individual it’s so infectious! πŸ˜€ πŸ’ž
      I’m very glad we connected here too!
      Haha, they are pretty epic… then again SO many people here are epic! πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I really agree with your answers, especially concerning the reader who rates everything highly! Maybe they rate books differently from me, but at the end of the day, I’ll take their recommendations with a grain of salt. Five stars from them probably won’t mean five stars from me! Also, I totally agree with your blogging inspirations! I just discovered Kirstin, and I love her blog a lot! She has an amazing writing voice, and I admire how she posts a wide variety of content very frequently. And I agree about Jenna! Her personality is so, so admirable, and she’s such a joy to talk to! Same with Marie. I love how Marie comments on literally every post in existence, and I love Nyx a lot too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, exactly! I rate books relatively low… or I think I do. I don’t normally rate books 5 stars, so when someone always rates books 5 stars I’m like hmmm, seems suspicious!
      Doesn’t Kristin? I could read anything that girl writes!
      Like I said, I don’t think I’ve met anyone sweeter than Jenna.
      Yes! I don’t know how Marie does it, but she manages to spread her love everywhere!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, if a book is said to be amazing and I don’t like the author, getting it from the library is a very good solution!
      Right!? Just because someone rated a book low, that’s their opinion and they are valid to have it!


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