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Review: Every Falling Star

Hello, happy Wednesday! Today I’m going to be posting my review of Sungju Lee’s book Every Falling Star.

Every Falling Star

Every Falling Star by: Sungju Lee: This is about the author, Sungju Lee’s escape from North Korea at a very young age. This harrowing book tells the story of how Lee learned to live on the streets of North Korea, live without his parents, find a new family to help him survive, and to fear imprisonment, going hungry and possibly execution. This book really opens the reader’s eyes to the harsh conditions that happen in North Korea that are not talked about, and that most would never know existed. Reading the author’s story of survival is not only riveting, it’s haunting and heart wrenching. This story is not only filled with dismay, it is also filled with courage and bravery, as well as hope too. The way this was written was really well done; the pacing was good because the reader was just swept away by everything that was taking place. It was concise and to the point, but there was also a little bit of prose to break up all the tension as well. It was a really good use of prose and left the book with a good balance. The themes were a little mature for children’s non-fiction, but the fact that the author was a child when he escaped makes sense why it’s classified as such. This book gives so much perspective to a world and life unbeknownst to many, and is definitely a worthy read.

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