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Review: Patient H.M.

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! Today I’m diving into a non-fiction review with Luke Dittrich’s book Patient H.M.

Patient H.M.

Patient H.M. by: Luke Dittrich: This is an engrossing tell all on Dittrich’s grandfather, who was a brain surgeon, and who performed and created the most studied human brain of all time. This book dives not only into Patient H.M.’s story, but takes a look at asylums and the practice of lobotomies. This book is a bit of a scary look into the brain and how we used to think it operated. This book was very interesting. From the moment the reader started, they were intrigued. At first the book was very conversational, like listening to a story, or like the author was telling this to his friends. But as the reader moved through the middle of the book, the story started to lose its conversational tone and moved into more scientific journal approach. There was a lot of medical jargon that the reader had to weave through, but the fact that this story was so captivating, the reader pushed through. The story also felt like it wavered from the main plot a few times, as it was mostly about Patient H.M. but sometimes the author would go on tangents that didn’t have anything to do with H.M., but dove deeper than just H.M. as a patient. At times it’s understood why the author went on these tangents, to give more background, but other times it felt like too much background, and the main plot got lost. It doesn’t help when the reader may have no knowledge in the topic. The author does a good job of explaining everything he’s talking about, because the brain is a complex organ, but Dittrich manages to pull off a well-structured and captivating read.

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