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Movie Review: IT: Chapter 2

Hi guys, happy Friday. Man am I ever glad it’s Friday. These weeks are getting longer and longer… anyways, today I’m going to be posting my thoughts on IT: Chapter 2.

I finally went to see this, because I loved the first film so much, unfortunately, this movie was more of a let down… and I’ll explain in my review that got rather long… oops!

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It: Chapter 2: It’s been a long time since the Losers’ Club were terrorized by Pennywise the clown. Now 27 years later, the signs are starting to show that Pennywise is returning. Mike, who never left Derry, Maine calls the group back together so they can defeat this thing. Each of them must face their deepest fears to conquer Pennywise once and for all. This wasn’t the best film, nor was it the worst. The overall plot was good it was simple yet complex; with each character having to face their own fears to come to terms with Pennywise; it gave the story depth, but there may have been too much depth with the number of flashbacks. This film didn’t need to be as long as it was. The amount of flashbacks used really lengthened the film and didn’t really add to the overall plot. The whole first movie was them as kids, so the fact that we still see them as kids in this one felt like what was the point of the first film if we’re going to see things all over again. It was nice to see quick flashes from the past, but whole scenes weren’t worth it. There was also a lot of buildup to how to defeat Pennywise and the plot kind of lagged in the middle. Seeing the characters as grown-ups was an experience, although the way it was portrayed felt like they weren’t really adults because these characters didn’t feel like they matured or grew at all. If anything, it felt like they were still the same kids in adult bodies. It left the viewer disconnected from the story because it felt like it was played up that way, almost in a comedic way, which didn’t really fit this story. This wasn’t as scary as the first film either. There was more to be scared about in the first, whereas this one had less jump scares or anything truly terrifying. The viewer could almost anticipate when something scary was about to happen. The music really drove when there was going to be something scary. If anything, this film was gorier than truly frightening. Then the way Pennywise died was filmed kind of weird. The whole ending was interesting, it was creepy, not really expected. It worked, but it felt like it should have been more dramatic, it just kind of fell flat and deflated. What was cool was the addition of Stephen King himself playing a role was a fun bonus. Overall, this second part was a bit of a letdown after such a really well shot and put together first film, this one just didn’t live up, unfortunately.

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