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Review: Leave Me

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! Today I’m going to be reviewing Gayle Forman’s novel Leave Me.

Leave Me

Leave Me by: Gayle Forman: When Maribeth has a heart attack in her early forties, things she once thought were the most important turn out to be less significant as she realizes the situation she’s in. Struck by this thought she hastily takes off on her family, work and responsibilities to start over and remember what’s truly important to her. This novel started off a bit bumpy and left the reader feeling a little depressed and uninspired to continue reading because at first the plot didn’t feel like it had a purpose. It took a couple chapters to start getting into the real heart of the novel; once it picked up the reader found not only the plot, but the mood and the overall atmosphere turned around too. There were a few details that could have been written a bit better to give the reader a better understanding as to character motives. Over the course of the novel, the reader does dive into their struggles and their resolutions well, but the set up could have been a tad bit better. That aside, this novel was fast-paced and the chapters were short and concise which made things move fast and let the reader get to know the characters quickly. The characters were complex and well developed, they truly felt like real people. The addition of the secondary characters was also really well done and ensured the story was well rounded, plus they made for some great comic relief. This novel went from being about one thing and opened up to be about more than just a mundane life.

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