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Let’s Talk About… The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season Two

Hello everyone, welcome back to TV Tuesday! Today I’m going to be talking about the first season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Season two starts off jumping right into the action. I love that it just pulls no punches and dives right in.Chilling Adventures of Sabrina GIF

So Sabrina has decided that she doesn’t want to go back to mortal school; she’d like to stay at the academy. But of course she can’t stay quiet while she’s there and so she makes a lot of noise.

They have position called the Top Boy, and it’s someone who pretty much helps out the high priest. They’ve never had a woman run before and you can tell that there is a complete split divide on who is choosing who. She’s running against Nick, her love interest. If I’m being honest I think they are cute together, better than Harvey, but we’ll get back to him in a minute. So Nick is all for having Sabrina as a opponent. So she tries really hard, but every time she does she’s attacked by a demon.Chilling Adventures of Sabrina netflix sabrina chilling adventures of sabrina sabrina netflix GIF

She has so many possibilities, at first she thinks it’s Ambrose’s boyfriend, then she thinks it’s Nick, then the high priest. We never actually find out who it is, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Ms. Wardwell. She’s been made principal of the mortal school but you know she still has it out for Sabrina.

I think it’s great that Sabrina wants to break these moulds that this society has had for thousands of years, go Sabrina!

Zelda has become a teacher at the academy, but word is spreading about her secret relation with the high priest. I love the ultimatum she gives him, no more love until they come out as a couple in public. I wonder how that’s going to play out.

Back in the human world, Susie wants to join the basketball team, but there’s only a boys team but she wants to join, and she does. This is when she’s ready to come out as transgender and she wants Ross and Harvey to call him Theo. I love how accepting they are, it’s really nice to see. The rest of the school isn’t so accepting, but I’m hoping to see it progress.Related image

Then Ross and Harvey are hanging out and she touches his hand and she’s all of a sudden attracted to Harvey… this should be interesting to explore.

The writing and the pop culture references are so spot on and hilarious I’m loving it. Like they have a Gentlemen’s club called Dorian’s Graydoor it’s very puny.

I have to admit, the exposition that we get with Ms. Wardwelll is utterly boring to me, but I think that’s just because I don’t care for her character. But from this we learn that she’s working with the Dark Lord. They’re controlling Sabrina somehow.

Related image

So the fact that Sabrina isn’t doing any of the Dark Lord’s bidding he’s now trying to slowly kill her. My gosh.

Now she’s decided that she’s going back to mortal school to catch up with her mortal friends.

I am not digging the whole love triangle they’re trying to set up. Ross and Harvey are play partners and he’s all defensive when Sabrina comes back to let her know they’re working together playing Romeo and Juliet, like why?

Related image

All these love arrows they’ve got going on just seem really extra, like it’s a reason to keep Sabrina’s mortal friends in the show, because otherwise they don’t really fit in. They’re not even keeping her grounded.

The whole Nick likes Sabrina but Sabrina likes Harvey but then Harvey likes Sabrina but he also likes Ross and Ross definitely likes Harvey, it’s like gahhh can we not?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina netflix sabrina chilling adventures of sabrina sabrina netflix GIF

Geez, the Dark Lord is just ruining Sabrina’s life. He makes Ross sick, puts a claw on Harvey, makes Theo kill a boy, kills Salem, all so that she can burn down the high school. But for what purpose? This got weird. Ha, Ms. Wardwell doesn’t think she’ll do it, but Sabrina does, or well she starts before the Dark Lord makes her stop.

Zelda is being harassed by other teachers at the academy and of course she handles it so gracefully.

Lubricalia, the witches Valentine’s Day approaches and wow what a big deal it is. It’s more of a day of lust than a day of love. You get paired with a random warlock and hope to have chemistry with them, talk about strange.

Sabrina isn’t sure she wants to participate as she’s still a virgin. I love listening to her aunts go back and forth, Zelda is all for having sex while Hilda tells her if she’s not ready to wait. It’s a great balance.

So Sabrina gets paired with Nick (no surprise there) and they’re about to do whatever it is they do, looks like a picnic, but a wolf shows up in the woods and so they decide to go to Sabrina’s mortal school dance.

Related image

Speaking of, Ross asks Sabrina if it’s okay if she go with Harvey which I thought was cute. Then Sabrina asks Harvey if it’s okay  she show up with her new boyfriend and he’s so ugh about it. So just because they’re not dating, they can’t be friends? Like geez.

Then Theo comes out to his dad and you could tell that it was one of the hardest things. But his dad is pretty open to it. He goes to get a haircut with his dad and it’s this crazy buzz cut that suits him.

Related image

Oh and Wellworth has a mortal fiancé that she thought she banished, yikes.

Nick has a werewolf familiar that attacks at the dance. And he claims to have killed her for Sabrina, but it turns out that he didn’t kill her because he couldn’t. The werewolf was all Nick had as family but when she attacks Sabrina, Sabrina has no choice but to kill it. I feel this main put a strain on the relationship.

Meanwhile, Zelda is going to marry the high priest, not for love obviously, but for power and Hilda is in love with an incubus.

I like how much this show is open to taking about sex, about consent and just breaking it down, especially since this show is geared towards a younger audience, it’s good to be sex positive without shoving it down your throat and automatically saying it’s bad.

Something goes wrong and Ross ends up losing her sight.

Image result for the chilling adventures of sabrina season 2 gif ross blind

There’s this episode where a tarot card reader comes to town and she ends up reading all their cards to read their futures. It shows what they need and what they desire; how they can possibly attain it and plays on their fears, which of course frightens them all.

They had a episode like this last season that went through each character’s fears. I find it fun to get these episodes because we learn a lot about characters. Things that we wouldn’t know otherwise, and since you can’t just write exposition for it, this is perfect.

It’s amazing how the fears they saw in the visions during the readings really play out in their lives. Everything is connected.

Oh shit, the woman who was the tarot card reader was just Ms. Wardwell in disguise, what is her game? I think I’ve been asking that since the first season.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina GIFInteresting that everyone got a reading but Hilda, is that some sort of foreshadowing or am I looking too far into it?

Now that Zelda’s wedding is in full swing things are strange. People don’t think it’s a good idea, namely Sabrina’s father, Zelda’s brother, he comes as this apparition to warn Sabrina that Zelda should marry the high priest. But of course when Sabrina tries to tell her aunts they don’t believe her. A storm is a brewing.

So last season Sabrina went on a quest with finding out about her family and making the decision about her baptism, this season she’s on a similar quest to find out the secrets as to why her father doesn’t want Zelda to marry the high priest.

Now Ambrose is being charge for murder, but we already known it’s the high priest, Mr. Blackwood who is behind it.

Related imageI honestly don’t see how Zelda doesn’t see how bad Mr. Blackwood is. She’s so blinded by power and ensuring their family have all this power and status. Oh damn, so Zelda goes forward and gets married, but right near the end, Edward and Diana Sabrina’s parents come in and call Mr. Blackwood a murderer.

Ambrose get accused of murder and because of this Sabrina has been expelled from the academy.

There are a lot of strange things happening in the witch world. So episodes back Ambrose’s boyfriend Luc was killed, but was he really? Because we meet him hung upside down being tortured.

Well, now Ambrose is in prison while the high priest is on vacation, and Prudence is in charge. Meh, ever since she became a Blackwood she’s thought she’s the hottest shit and it’s so annoying.

Image result for the chilling adventures of sabrina season 2 gif prudence

Sabrina and Hilda are summoning this council to try and free Ambrose, but they tell them that Ambrose is not innocent, or well as innocent as Sabrina thinks he is. It’s funny, Hilda looks like she believes them.

They make it out that Hilda is the ditsy aunt, but she’s so freakin cunning I love it. I knew that her chicken was going to do something; I think she left messages on the bones. Ah, it’s not a message but the bone turned into a key. So now he can escape.

Uhm, why are there two different versions? One where they keep him in captivity and he’s claiming he didn’t commit murder, and another version where he’s claiming he’ll confess to his murder and he’s kept in a nice room.

OH! It’s a trick on both of them! The real Ambrose gets a glamour of his aunt, and the real Hilda gets a glamour of Ambrose, clever.

Image result for the chilling adventures of sabrina season 2 ambrose prison

If I’m being honest, I don’t care for Sabrina this season. Like I get that she’s trying to do all this good, but it just feels like she’s pushing too hard.

When she goes back to her mortal high school after being away for months, she learns that Ross is fully blind and both Ross and Harvey think that Sabrina has something to do with it, that because Ross kissed her ex boyfriend that it cursed her somehow. Kinda harsh, and I don’t believe that’s the case. Theo doesn’t think so either.

Interesting. So now that Ross is blind she can see visions into the future she sees Sabrina attacked, dead on the floor… just as Sabrina let in this missionary. Holy hell, Ross just saved Sabrina.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina GIF

Nick on the other hand has become a sad mopey drunk now that his familiar is dead and Sabrina killed it. It isn’t until he’s at the club where ‘dorian’ gets attacked that he starts to wake up. Turns out it was a witch hunter, that’s who attacked Sabrina and Hilda got attacked too. The hunters want to kill all the witches in Greendale.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina GIF

So these witch hunters are bible loving angels who want them all to see God. Sabrina goes to save the witches that they have captured but they attack her. We’re led to believe she’s dead, but she rises and becomes this demonic Jesus to save the witches and kill the hunters.

When Harvey spots this demonic Sabrina, both his and her face are priceless.

Ms. Wardwell was going to escape with her human fiancé but the dark lord finds out and kills the human. So much for that. I didn’t think that she actually loved the human, but she did. It turns out her bird was the one who told the Dark lord about him. So she kills the bird.

Okay so Sabrina has these super powers that we didn’t know. She ends up saving Ambrose after he was dying, she wakes up from her demonic Jesus trance and saves him, heals him more like it. Then they come back and she’s controlling the weather so she can go to school.

Oh dear lord, now that she has this power she’s going to heal Ross. I feel this may end badly. Well it works, hahahahahahaha when Hilda finds out she’s SO not impressed.

Zelda and the high priest are back from their honeymoon and he’s super suspicious about how Sabrina saved the school when she’s just in the beginning of her witch training. She just taunts him with her answers.

Okay Zelda is on some sort of trip. She’s talking funny like there’s this air of wistfulness, she sounds like an airhead. Her accent is almost gone and she thinks that her husband knows best. Hilda is very skeptical about it all, and so am I. She doesn’t care what happens to either Sabrina and Ambrose. I think Blackwood has cursed her or put her in a trance.Image result for the chilling adventures of sabrina season 2 zelda in daze

Ugh. So Sabrina thinks she’s tapped into a different type of magic being half human, Hilda is worried about the debt she’s creating, and Sabrina doesn’t think she is. UGH, the smug, know it all attitude she’s got is annoying.

Sabrina has brought back yet another thing from the dead, it’s going to help Ambrose and his case, but Zelda destroys it.

Hilda thinks the music box that is controlling her. They break the curse and thank god Zelda is back. Now that she’s back though, she’ll have to pretend to be in her ditzy self.

Blackwood is about killing off all the Spellmans.

Image result for the chilling adventures of sabrina season 2 blackwood gif

Sabrina ends up saving Ambrose once more when he’s at the guillotine. Somehow she gets it to cut one of the guard’s heads instead.

She really wants to tell the human world that she a witch, but she doesn’t have it in her just yet. Nick doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but he’s willing to go along and be her champion, cute. She’s about to come out, she’s literally on top of her house with a broomstick about to prove she can fly when Harvey shows up to make her come down.

Image result for the chilling adventures of sabrina season 2 demon sabrina

So Harvey still thinks there’s something in the mines and so he and Theo go to look for it and get attacked, but they also find something. This is why they bring Sabrina and Nick, it’s a prophesy that proves she’s evil apparently.

UGHHH. Sabrina’s got this demonic double walking around and she’s so destructive. I thought Hilda would notice it, but she doesn’t see the strangeness. When she goes to visit Harvey at least Harvey can tell something is up. And yes Ross she used her visions power to realize it’s not the real Sabrina. But she uses her demonic powers to what kill her friends? Take them to another realm like what?

Image result for the chilling adventures of sabrina season 2 demon sabrina

Ah, so it was Wardwell who advised (subconsciously) to create that double.

YES FINALLY!! Sabrina finally realizes it’s Wardwell who’s been making her do everything since the beginning. Now that Sabrina has no powers and is fully human it’s Nick who helps her see the truth. I really like Nick. He’s a great character who’s more than his looks, he cares about Sabrina so well.

Related image

The fact that Zelda has free thought is going to give her away. Her drugged self had no opinions what so ever.

Okay like I get that Wardwell is being tormented by the Dark Lord but why bring Sabrina into her mess? To stay alive I guess, but still, it’s not going very well now with this demonic Sabrina walking around.

Now the two Sabrina’s must duel each other and she has no problems shooting her demon self… only that’s the last step in performing the prophecy. Now the Dark Lord is free to walk the earth in his true form and Sabrina will be his queen. What has happened.

These plots are getting a little out of hand, and yet I still like it.

I completely forgot that Lilith killed the real Ms. Wardwell in the first episode in season one, so really it’s been Lilith who’s made Sabrina do everything. Now she wants to bring Sabrina to the dark lord, I think Sabrina wants to go though.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina GIF

The high priest can’t figure out why the Dark Lord wants Sabrina, it’s funny to watch him.

NO NO NO NO NO NO! Nick is now telling her that the Dark Lord asked him to get close to her, I am SO mad! I liked Nick!

Heh? So now the Dark Lord is claiming he’s her father?! What?! Oh, her parents had trouble conceiving a baby so they asked the Dark Lord and that’s that.

Prudence has been so caught up with becoming a Blackwood and being her father’s daughter that she failed to see what Blackwood was really up to. Now her sisters are dying because he’s off killing everyone, it’s the Spellmans who have to save as many people as they can.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina netflix witch sabrina chilling adventures of sabrina GIF

Prudence, Sabrina and everyone come together to take down the Dark Lord, but of course that’s easier said than done. In the end, Lilith takes him down, and I believe Nick sacrifices himself.

Just when you think everything has been said and done, the real Ms. Wardwell wakes up. Lilith must have brought her back.

I love that Harvey calls them the Fright Club after everything they’ve been through. Oh damn, that was the end of the season! I honestly thought there was more.

The season ends so abruptly with Sabrina wanting to save her boyfriend from hell, so I guess she still loves him, even after everything he did. I don’t know if I can trust him now.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina GIF

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