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Review: Behold the Dreamers

Hello, and happy Wednesday! My week is all screwed up because Monday was a holiday; I have no sense of what day it is! Tuesday felt like I was walking into work on a Saturday, today felt like Monday, how fun! 😂Anyways, today I’m going to be posting my review of Imbolo Mbue’s novel Behold the Dreamers.

Behold the Dreamers

Behold the Dreamers by: Imbolo Mbue: Jende and his wife Neni with their little boy travel from Cameroon to New York City hoping for better lives. When Jende lands a chauffeur job for a senior executive he can’t believe his luck, but when the big recession of 2008 happens, things get rocky. Jende’s job is not so secure, his marriage starts to fall apart and the threat of deportation looms. It’s clear why this novel was part of Oprah’s book club; this novel has strong themes and a strong, intense plot. At first, the reader is unsure what the main characters are getting into, but still curious enough to continue. Moving past the first third of the book the reader is hooked, wanting to know what is possibly going to happen. The whole perspective of the American life from an outside source was a refreshing view point and really intriguing and fascinating. This novel really dove into what it means to be an immigrant and really left this thought provoking story arc. The characters weren’t these crazy, unforgettable characters, but they really found their way into the reader’s heart. It’s because they were so passionate, loyal and loveable, even when they did things the reader didn’t agree with, they were well written enough that the reader could understand the motives behind all actions, crazy or not. This novel is well worth the read for the perspective and overall journey of these characters; truly some amazing, captivating writing.

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