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Meghan’s 2019 Bookish & Personal Goals Mid-Year Check In

Hi guys! Happy Thursday! I’ve wanted to do this post since June, but it’s been go-go-go between getting ready for my trip, going on my trip, coming back and getting settled, then starting my trip blogs, my Twilight re-read project, it’s been hard trying to find time. Today I’m finally going to take a look at the goals I set in January and see where I’m at!

So back on January 1 I made some goals and now I want to take a look at where I’m at.

Bookish (Reading & Blogging) Goals

Read Less.

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Well, currently my Goodreads challenge is at 57 out of 90. Pretty good. I wouldn’t say I’m reading any more than past years but I also wouldn’t say that I’m reading any less or any slower than before. I’m still reading at the same pace. If I look back at my goal was to read less to make time for life, and well I’m still doing life, but I’m also managing to fit all my reading in too.

I also mentioned about reading for a living, and yes I still proofread packaging, but it’s not as hectic as it was at Christmas so going home and reading hasn’t bad at all.

I hope to continue reading the way that I have!

Blog More. 

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I think I have… this whole month I’ve had a post every day throughout the 5 day week, if that isn’t blogging more, than I don’t know what is! I just counted it and I have posted 105 (this will be 106) blogs this year so far! Go me! This is a mix of book reviews, movie reviews, music mondays, tags that you all tagged me in (thanks you’re all amazing 😘) and of course my trip wrap ups and photo blogs!

I hope to continue to bring some great content!

Soc-Meds More.

Well, I think I’ve been doing this pretty well. I think people are so tired of my Twilight tweets, but I still want to keep going because it’s making the re-read enjoyable for me. Follow me on Twitter for all my shenanigans. I also think that I’ve been pretty good with my Instagram too! I even filmed an unboxing on my Instagram stories last week for the first time, I may do it again, key word there, may…

Feel free to follow me on both socials! 🙂

Personal Goals

Stress Less.

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Welllll, I can’t say that I’ve stressed less this year. Work can still get to me, as it did the other day, but I’m still trying to improve on this.

Chill More. 

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Have I chilled more? Let’s take a look. This is where I wanted to do more of the things I loved:

  1. Baking 🍪🍰- well I haven’t baked in months, but I think in the Winter I did a fair deal of baking; I need to get back into it, but it’s been waaaay too hot to even think about turning the oven on. 
  2. Knitting. In 2018 that was something I learned to do; I never thought I could teach myself, but here I am knitting away! – My gosh, I haven’t knitted like AT ALL this year… I have all the materials, I don’t know why I stopped, I should really get back into it!
  3. Catch up on all the TV shows I said I was going to watch… yeah big challenge, but we shall see! – Well, let’s see this is a tentative list that I’ll be adding to:
    1.  The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel season 2 ✅
    2. Riverdale Season 3 ✅
    3. YOU Season 1 ✅
    4. Umbrella Academy Season 1 ❌ (I’m hoping soon!)
    5. Stranger Things Season 3 ❌
    6. Nailed It Season 3 ✅
    7. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 ✅ (currently watching season 2!)
    8. The Affair Season 4 ❌ (I seriously need to just watch it)
  4. Continue learning French and German on Duolingo. I’m a little obsessed with the app, but I find it fun to learn & it’s free! – I had a 147 day streak, but then on my trip I lost it. Now I’m currently at a 34 day streak, so I’m counting this as a win and I’m still trying to get a goal of 365 day streak! 
  5. Travel. I want to travel more. I already have a big UK trip planned for June, but we’ll see where the year takes me. 🌍- I had a blast on my trip to the UK, I currently have nothing planned for the rest of the year, but it’s still early! I hope to go on at least one more trip, whether it be big or small. 

Be Better.

Image result for be better gif

I don’t know if I’ve been better. I stretch every morning, but I don’t ride my bike as much as I’d like to. I really want to get back into it!

Eating, I haven’t eaten any different than the beginning of the year.

I’m not sure about my water consumption… which reminds me that I need to drink more now! I’m trying to get at least 4 cups every day, but even that can be a stretch.

Those were my goals I set for myself in January and I’m going to continue working my way towards these. I’m not going to make any new goals because I think I can still clearly work towards these ones. I look forward to looking at these once more at the end of the year.

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11 thoughts on “Meghan’s 2019 Bookish & Personal Goals Mid-Year Check In

  1. All great goals! I really need to focus on the “stress less” one ha-ha! I’m also not doing the best in my fitness goals this year, but there’s still 5 and a bit months to change that! My ultimate goal for that is to be working out 2 days a week strength training and 4 to 5 days a week yoga. I also want to start running a bit. I find that the more I work out, the better I feel. But I make excuses a lot due to stress, like finding time to go to yoga yet still having time to see people and read. Gotta learn to just take one step at a time rather than 500 steps lmao!

    Stranger Things Season 3 is fantastic! So is the second season of Sabrina. I can’t wait to know your thoughts on them! I really enjoyed Umbrella Academy … which sucks since season 2 isn’t going to be out for at least another year (sigh).

    I REALLY need to start up French again on Duolingo … especially living in Ottawa lol! I also want to take up sign language. I know a bit still but I forget a LOT of it ha-ha!

    Great post and goals!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! ☺️ right?! I doubt I’ll ever really stress less 😝
      Oh damn the workout goal that’s a good goal to have! I wish I could be more committed to, but I’m just not. You’re right though one step at a time instead of 100s!

      Oh I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the new season of stranger things! I can’t wait to get to it! Haha this makes waiting to watch the umbrella academy feel worth it, I won’t have to wait too long for the next season! 😂

      I feel you!! Do you have to know French where you are in Ottawa? Omg I told my coworker I wanted to learn sign language!! How crazy?! I think I would be good at it! 😝

      Thanks again!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aweee don’t say that! I believe in you! Less stress = YAY

        I loved working about 5 times a week a while back but just kind of fell out of it. So I know I will get back to it eventually. Actually just got home from yoga and I’m BEEEEEEEEEEEEAT.

        Ugh … parts of me wish I waited but it’s so fantastic! Klaus is the best character BTW.

        I don’t necessarily, but it would be useful and allow me more work opportunities. And yas! Sign is such a great thing to know! I think I will learn ASL though, since it’s pretty similar to CSL and from what I’ve researched, we tend to use ASL.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ha! It does, but I gotta try really hard to practice it!

        My gosh, 5 times a week! That sounds so daunting to me! I think maybe ease into it slowly. Oh haha! Yoga can do that to you!

        Good to know! I think after I watch season 7 of ER I’ll switch back to my Netflix!

        That makes sense. I think it would beneficial to me too. I proofread packaging so obviously both languages are on it so it would help to understand tenses more.
        I had no idea there was CSL… I’m learning new things! I guess we would because we spell things different than the Americans. I think once you mastered ASL it wouldn’t be hard to learn CSL right?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It seems daunting but it’s actually SUPER refreshing! Ever since I started working a desk job, my bodies NEEDED the fitness ha-ha!

        Netflix is both a gift and a curse lol!

        I think ASL and CSL are fairly similar. But yea, there are different SL’s everywhere. Even in England, which is crazy since our languages are pretty similar. But for North America, I’m FAIRLY certain ASL is the most common one.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I feel that! So much! I find I sit too much at work.

        Haha, oh Netflix totally is!

        I’ve heard there are different signs for different regions, it’s really fascinating to look into!
        I hope you’re more successful at learning it than I will be!

        Liked by 1 person

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