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My Twitter Party Review: Twilight

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday, I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m trying something different, today I’m thinking of creating a new segment on my blog called ‘My Twitter Party Reviews’ in which I take a book, like I did with Twilight, I read it a chapter a day, while tweeting along my progress. At the end I do a recap on my blog, does this sound like something you guys would be interested in? Please let me know!

This is the first (of maybe many?) as for the past 25 days I read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, and I tweeted my progress. It was definitely an experience to re-read this for the third time. I don’t think I’ll be reading them again after this, but never say never right?

I managed to (try) and write a review for this book, and if you missed out on all the fun, I’ve added my tweets to the end. If you did miss out, fear not, I’m currently in the process of reading New Moon so follow me to join in on the fun! 🙂


Twilight by: Stephanie Meyer: Bella has made the decision to move to Forks to live with her father after her mother’s boyfriend starts moving around a lot. Expecting nothing from this small, sleepy town, but instead she finds herself wrapped up in a boy, a vampire boy. The cunning Edward Cullen has taken an interest in her and she in him, what could go wrong? This novel was alright. The plot had a lot of holes, and was semi engaging. Just when the reader understood what was happening, they were taken out of the story either by long pieces of prose, or unnecessary dialogue. The characters were okay; there wasn’t anything special or extra ordinary about them and the author didn’t do anything to make them standout. Other than making characters who are vampires who are sensationally good looking and are exceptionally good at everything isn’t really special character traits. The way they acted towards each other was just too much. No one questioned odd or bad behaviours and everything was led to believe it was all ok, when it wasn’t. This novel just kind of ends without any real conclusion or resolution. It’s just expected that the plot is going to pick up in the next book, but it doesn’t really leave it enticing to the reader.

14 thoughts on “My Twitter Party Review: Twilight

  1. Edward is a stalker, and Bella is too blind to see the toxic relationship she is in. When I first read years ago, I just assumed it was such a normal thing to fall in love with a guy and just become so attached to him.

    Years later, I realized this is a problematic book that makes toxic relationships okay, and is okay to watch a girl sleep.

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    1. Oh most definitely, right now in New Moon she’s trying to kill herself to hear his voice, if that isn’t psychotic I don’t know what is.

      I think reading it before I didn’t take it in, how extremely toxic all of it is.

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      1. Neither do I honestly. It’s just creepy, and literally now all I’m thinking ‘what happens if she actually did kill herself.’

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