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Review: Dark Matter

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! Ahhh I’m going crazy scheduling posts for the next two weeks! 😅I will still have some content for you guys… as for when I come back that’s a different story. I will probably be taking a mini break when I get back, we shall see how I feel when I return! Anyways! Today I’m going to be posting my review of Dark Matter by Blake Crouch.

Dark Matter

Dark Matter by: Blake Crouch: Jason Desson is a physics professor, or he thought he was. One night after celebrating a win with his college roommate, he is attacked and abducted. When he pulls through, his life is not as he left it, in fact it’s a world in which he chose a different path. Now all Jason wants is to get back to his wife and son, the only problem is… he isn’t the only version of himself trying to do that. This novel was a conundrum from start to finish. The reader was hooked from the start, trying to figure out what was happening to the main character. The middle of the novel things got a little muddy and unclear where the plot was going and by the end the reader just felt like that was it. For the most part this was a great, page tuner of a novel that really let the reader sink their teeth into, but the more the reader wanted to find out what was going on, the more the author just let things hang. The overall theme and plot was really well thought out and it was relatable because everyone at one point has thought ‘what if’ about something they didn’t do. Seeing this character suffer through knowing all the odds was truly mesmerizing and heartbreaking at the same time. If only the ending hasn’t been so open ended and more final that would have felt more satisfying to the reader, yet that’s life, and it’s probably how the author wanted it to play out. Overall, this was a mind trip that leaves the reader totally perplexed, yet totally engaged.

3 thoughts on “Review: Dark Matter

  1. I agree with you! «Dark Matter» has a very unique concept, something I wasn’t expecting at all when I started reading it. I did find it a little bit slow, or as you said “muddy” at some point, but overall it was a very interesting book.

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