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Let’s Talk About… Brooklyn Nine Nine Season Six

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! Today I’m going to be talking all about season six of Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Clearly I had a lot to say about this season because this is double the length of any B99 TV Tuesday I’ve ever done 😅

The season opens with finding out if Holt makes commissioner. He lets everyone know he got the job… only to find out he didn’t get the job so he takes some time off.

Jake and Amy come into some money and they decide to go to Mexico for their honeymoon. They are so excited… until they see Holt in the lobby. They try to have a good honeymoon, but he shows up everywhere. He’s in a mood, sad, and useless. The two try to cheer him up and when they finally think they’ve done it; he tells Jake he’s quitting his job.

I Don'T Give A Hoot GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I have to say this whole bit was rather hilarious, but it gets better.

Jake brings him back because he knows Amy won’t like that and she doesn’t. I love how Jake tells Holt how he needs him to stay, that Holt makes him a better cop, and all Holt has to say (while tied to the bed) that Jake is selfish. That’s when Amy bursts out and calls Holt out on his selfishness and that he needs to step up and take on his life. The speech was rather inspiring and great. It also gets Holt to realize how much of a sulk he was being.

Andre Braugher Nbc GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Gina does the whole ‘new phone who this’ in person to Charles and she is the only person who can pull this off; I love Gina.

Apparently their parents are getting a divorce and Charles is devastated; then again he’s devastated about everything. So Gina knows and he wants to know why she knows; turns out that her mom was cheating on his dad and Gina wanted her mom to break them up so his dad wouldn’t be too hurt. Gina has a kind soul… somewhere underneath all her sarcasm and sass.

GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Oh no, the 99 is at war with the whole NYPD. Oh shit! Since Holt complained about the new commissioner, Kelly. Now Kelly is making the NYPD a living hell by making them share space, man is it crowded.

GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Kelly thinks he can change things at the 99, but how can this guy change things for the better, when Holt is a magnitude better than him.

O.M.G young Scully and Hitchcock! The actors who play the younger versions really look alike, it’s amazing the casting.

Season 6 Nbc GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It’s funny, Jake can’t seem to figure out what happened to them. I love how at the end we find out that they used to go to the gym twice a day until they tried these wings and they were hooked on food ever since… that seems so on brand for those two, I’m down with it.

Season 6 Nbc GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

So they have to bust a case open from 1986, one that Scully and Hitchcock worked on. Apparently there’s a missing bag of money and the two aren’t talking. It gets as bad that they lock Jake and Charles in a creeper van to get away, only to go to a restaurant to stuff their face with food.

Turns out the two didn’t keep the money, but gave it to the waitress to help her out. They are good guys under all the food!

I’m not sure how much I care for Jake’s whole tattler plot. He and Gina have their high school reunion and everyone remembers it. He says he’s over it, but he is so not over it. He and Amy decide to use their detective skills to right the wrongful name Jake has been given.

Melissa Fumero Jake Peralta GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The plot with Hitchcock, Scully, Terry and Holt trying to guess a sound on the radio was more entertaining …

…That is until I realized that Jake and Gina are like the same person.

andy samberg jake peralta GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Also was that Gina’s exit?!?!? Like I know she’s leaving the show but what?!

So after Jake and Amy do all this research they find out a few things which leads them to finding out that Jake never tattled, it was Gina impersonating Jake (which let’s be honest, isn’t that hard) and she’s really the tattler.

I’m glad the two could duke it out and get over it and see the bigger picture, that Gina had Jake’s back and didn’t want to lead him down a life of crime.

So all night Gina has been giving people lies as to what she does, or has done and she talks up one guy into selling an app she’s created, but she obviously hasn’t. Jake at first ruins this when he finds out the truth about Gina and the tattler then tries to talk her up to the guy afterwards, only to find out this guy was doing the same thing to Gina, damn.

Chelsea Peretti Gina Linetti GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

That’s when Jake tells her she should pursue bigger things and leave the 99. That’s when she declares that she quits so, uhm wow.

I also really liked the scene between Charles and Diaz. Diaz can’t make a decision in her love life so she goes to Charles of all people. In the end after much debate and scenarios he actually helps her with her problem. When she tells him that he gets her, that was actually really cute. Diaz seems sweeter this season; she’s definitely softer.

Was that Gina’s last episode?!? I’m so going to miss her. She spends the whole episode giving each character a Gina moment and it’s some of the greatest stuff. Watching her with Holt as she pretends to know how to play chess and relating the game to life was fun and beautiful. You can tell they’re going to miss each other. She punks Amy into trying to be more like Rosa, but really she wants Amy to be herself and to do her. Just as Amy is realizing this Rosa starts to cry and Gina sees that as a bonus Gina moment. Well done.

Chelsea Peretti Gina Linetti GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

My favourite has to be with Jake. They pretend to be rich, which is funny in and of itself, to try and get a celebrity at her going away party. It takes time, but she gets a celeb and then proceeds to turn him down once he shows up. Her Gina moment to Jake is that she doesn’t need fancy things for life to be great, and she gets a bonus moment for herself because turning down a celeb was fun.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 6 suicide squad gif

Then she sticks around for a week and the team doesn’t think she’s actually leaving… which got me wondering if she really was leaving, but then once the team come together to get her to leave, they find her gone and in her place a statue that poorly looks like her.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 6 gifs gina statue

Terry is upset that he didn’t get a Gina moment and of course she waits until the end and she signs him up for this yogurt club, ha!

Image result for brooklyn nine nine terry loves yogurt gif

Her character is definitely going to be missed!

I knew Doug Judy was going to be back!! At first his mother tells Terry and Jake that he died so they go to his funeral. Anyone who’s a fan and knows the show doesn’t believe for a second he’s dead, and oh guess what, I was right. Right in the middle of Jake’s speech/song whatever you want to call that, and Doug just shows up in the background and sneaks out of his own funeral.

We learn that someone is impersonating him and he faked his death just so that he won’t be caught for it. Terry doesn’t quite believe him, but Jake is totally on board. Now they’re on a mission to prove even though it’s not him personally stealing cars, but that he knows the person impersonating him. I loved every second of this plot.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 6 doug judy gif

Turns out it was his sister, Trudy Judy, but of course she takes them on this elaborate goose chase to let them believe the thief was really this guy named Dallas… only when it comes down to it all, it was Trudy the entire time. Gotta say a damn good plot. I’m sad that we saw Judy so early in the season… will he come back? I’m being very hopeful.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 6 doug judy gif

Jake and Rosa are on a case where Jake keeps promising people he’s going to solve the case. I have to say, I enjoyed the amount of times Rosa’s hair changes and Jake’s comments on them more than the case.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 6 rosa's hair

Ugh, he goes so crazy about trying to solve the case. He even starts talking to the room. He spends two months trying to find this killer, he’s seriously gone crazy. Rosa tells him they need to tell the mother they’ve exhausted  all leads and once they do the tables have turned and now Rosa promises they will do anything and everything to find the killer.

They both promised this mother because she reminds them of their own mothers. Rosa gets real emotional since she hasn’t talked to her mom since she came out. I’m really glad to see that this case has actually brought Rosa and her mother back together, it was really sweet.

nbc brooklyn 99 GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

In the end they do solve the crime, and the Horatio moment he has was extremely hilarious and definitely made up for most of the weirdness that happened in the episode.

So they are interviewing for Gina’s position and so Jake ends up finding this guy, Gordon who is just like Holt; his mannerisms and the way he talks. Holt automatically thinks Gordon has a crush on him and Jake doesn’t believe it for a second. Jake also does some research and finds that this guy used to be part of Kelly’s team, meaning this new guy could be a spy.

The only way to find out is to steal his laptop and check, so that’s what they do. Holt takes Gordon to the museum where they have to check their bags in. That’s when Jake takes the laptop and transfers the files… which takes 3 hours. So Holt talks about barrels for 3 hours, it’s hilarious.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 6 episode 7 gifs barrels

After all this is said and done, they realize their suspicions are correct. That’s when Gordon confronts both Jake and Holt and tells them he’s a spy and that he’s in love with Holt. That made me suspicious. They make Gordon go undercover when he meets with Kelly, only for Gordon to triple cross them and give away that he’s spying for Holt and Jake. Holt knew it was going to happen and so he planted cameras and mikes everywhere so Kelly couldn’t get away with it.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 6 episode 7 gifs barrels

This whole plot was done well and was hilarious. Any time that Jake and Holt have to get together to solve something, it usually turns out to be really well acted and really well written.

They have this sexual assault case and it really opens up about this culture that is now in the media. Amy wants the woman, Kerry, to press charges, to put away a sexual predator. Kerry doesn’t think her voice alone will be enough to send him to jail so she doesn’t want to press charges.

Ugh, they go to the place where Seth works to see if they can find someone else who is willing to come forward and god they are all brainwashed to say the same thing, but you can tell how unprofessional they are.

They offer Kerry hush money, but then chose to fire her for “breaking his penis” ugh.

We learn about Amy’s run in with her first mentor. He gave her all the best cases and one day he takes her out for dinner and tries to kiss her, tells her he deserves something in return for all his hard work for helping her with her career. Ew. Seriously?

I love Jake and how supportive he is of Amy, and all woman. He’s just so sweet, gah.

Related image

In the end, they catch the guy, but it didn’t really benefit anyone, but his coworker Biff who gets Seth’s job, who is also just as gross and awful. Plus Kerry ends up quitting her job because everyone in the office looks at her differently and she isn’t invited to things which means she won’t move up in her job. That sucks, but in the end, Kerry’s female coworker finds the strength to come in and report an assault, which is definitely a win.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 6 episode 8 gifs

I actually snorted during the episode where Amy’s brother comes into town. So we all knew it was going to be Lin-Manual Miranda playing her brother David, they hyped it for days. I understand the man is talented, but he’s not my favourite person to ever exist.

Anyways, so we learn that David is one of her seven brothers and he’s the oldest and the one their mother is most proud of. Amy has always been jealous of him because he can do everything right without even trying. That is until Amy and Jake have dinner with her mother and David and he gets arrested for having cocaine in his desk at work. At first Amy is having the best time, feeling like maybe he isn’t the perfect son after all. Instead, it’s this gang who planted it on him and he has to work undercover to figure out which member did it. This ruins Amy’s thunder just a bit. That’s when they decide to work together to take down the gang. My god when try to make a distraction and the two of them start going off who has more allergies and how bad they are I died, like who competes over this?!?!

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 6 episode 9 gifs amy and david

In the end the gang grabs Jake and Amy forces David to take his perfect shot to stop the car, which works. So I guess you can say they are on better terms now.

Miranda was actually fun to watch and he fit into the story really well. I wouldn’t mind if he came back.

So what the heck was with that side story with the rest of the precinct? Boyle wants this drug dealer to talk so he sets up auditions for one of them to act and go undercover to get him to talk. He goes with Holt and Terry, but both of them do horribly, which was apparently the plan all along… Boyle always wanted Rosa and she did the job like the pro that she is. Obviously this leaves everyone else speechless. Look at Boyle being really smart and conniving!

Joe Lo Truglio Episode 3 GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The plot with Boyle meeting Nikolaj’s real father, or as he calls it his “sex result”. I can’t stop laughing at what he refers his son. He wants to meet Nikolaj, but Boyle doesn’t think it’s a good idea. They go in introducing Nicolaj to biological father as a friend, but he ruins that by completely outing he’s his dad.

Related image

Boyle is worried that he’s going to like his real father more than him, and it’s kinda starting. Boyle is heartbroken so Jake is really trying to help him out, and I think he’s trying to get father tips for whenever he’s a father. So Jake wants to try and get him deported.

Of course Boyle changes his mind just as Jake gets him arrested, and now Boyle is mad at Jake. This is something we’ve never seen before because usually Boyle worships Jake, but Boyle thinks Jake has butted into something he shouldn’t have. It’s definitely good to see these characters go through things, I feel like their friendships are maturing. Of course they forgive each other, even though he still got deported.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine terry eyebrows

Oh, my god Terry gets scared when someone mentions bugs in your eyebrows so he shaves them off, he looks scary. Oh it only gets better because then he draws them on. I’m dead. Oh geez, I never thought it could get worse, it does, they are drawn on and thick, damn! And then he bleaches his beard, god… I’m actually liking it.

The weird plot that sends Jake down this rabbit hole of therapy to catch a killer was so strange. He pretends to be this one patient where he has to do all these accents, funny, yet strange and didn’t really mean anything other than to amuse the viewer as he waited out the therapist who he was trying to catch. In the end they do, but Jake ends up in a therapy session before they can arrest him. Maybe Jake will try therapy.

I liked the whole plot with meeting Rosa’s girlfriend. I liked that Holt wanted to meet her, and I liked all the hoops that Rosa made him jump through to be sure she wanted them to meet. When they do finally and actually meet, it’s really great. I love those two as friends. Great, solid relationship.

Related image

On Jake and Amy’s first anniversary they are forced to keep watch of a man in a hospital due to someone trying to kill him. What was supposed to be this cute surprise, as Jake decorated the room to look like Paris, turns into an argument on if they want kids or not.

Jake doesn’t think he’d make a good father and he’s so scared he doesn’t want to be a father, but Amy does. This whole structured debate happens, with Holt, then Kevin, and then someone named Gail playing as moderator. This truly doesn’t get them anywhere because they seem to be squashing how Jake feels. It was a great episode because it shows that you have to talk about these things before you get married, or else it could lead to a lot of disappointment.

I’m glad that the two of them could come to some sort of compromise, in which Jake comes around to the idea, he just hopes it’s in the distant future.

Related image

I don’t think it was really fair that he had to come around to the idea, because I feel like if this comes up again, he may revert back to what he truly feels about children. As much as I want them to have kids, they both have to be on the same page from the beginning.

I hate this plot when Terry and Amy go against each other about whose team is better and has more fun. They go for a multiple different lunches, that become lunch competitions. It’s gets so heated that the two teams end up leaving them. I don’t really understand the point of it, it wasn’t really fun to watch either. I’m glad that in the end they were able to see that the rest of the team didn’t appreciate it and they actually got things for their lunch room that everyone can enjoy, chargers and headphones, so they can look at their phones at lunch.

Kevin recruits Jake to help solve a thief crime at the university. He doesn’t want to ask Holt because he knows how Holt gets, but Holt finds out anyways.

So now Jake and Holt are on the case, but everyone at the university thinks that Holt is a bimbo and isn’t very smart. Holt doesn’t do himself any favours when he clams up in front of the dean, then tries to pin the robbery on the dean, causing a kerfuffle.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 6 bimbo gif

This leads Jake to go back to the drawing board, as even though the dean thinks the janitor solved the crime, there is still something fishy. So they investigate some more, and Jake takes being underestimated to help motivate Holt to solving the crime and finding out that it was in fact that janitor who committed the robbery.

When Holt outs him, Kevin takes it as an opportunity to praise his husband for how smart he is.Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 6 bimbo gif

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 6 bimbo gif
The end when they are “embracing” (holding hands) and Jake goes “y’all are hella specific” I burst out laughing, such a great ending.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 6 bimbo gif

Gina’s back!!!! It’s so good to see Gina, but when fame goes to her head, it’s sad to see.

While Gina has been away she’s created this empire for herself and now she has one million subscribers, but with a the good comes the bad too. There is someone who wants to hurt her and so she enlists Jake and Terry to help out.

Nbc Brooklyn 99 GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

When they try to catch up with her she pretty much blows them off. It isn’t until she almost gets killed, and then stabbed that this puts things into perspective for her. It was really great to see Gina again. I wish we could see more of her. They haven’t caught the guy who was trying to kill her… sooo maybe she will be back.

nbc brooklyn 99 GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Wow the girl power that comes out of Amy when Rosa has both her hands bandaged and gets locked in a room. Amy thinks she’s teaching Rosa a lesson about asking for help when you need it, since we all know Rosa never asks for help. But really Amy realizes it’s Rosa teaching her a lesson about perseverance. In the end Rosa does open the door with like her chin and muffin hands.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 6 return of the king

Then there’s this other small plot with Nikolaj and Holt. Holt thinks he’s a genius and wants to tutor him and give him the best tools to get his mind going, instead he finds out that what he thought was a genius move was just doodling. It’s funny to see Holt so passionate about it.

These small plots just help to move the main story along, sometimes they’re better than the main plot.

I was wondering how they were going to do the Halloween heist in the middle of the year… the cinco de mayo Halloween heist.

I love how nothing ever goes as planned. Jake thinks he’s smart by using Scully’s twin to confuse everyone, but when Scully finds out his brother is here he breaks glass to try and kill him… yikes!

Related imageOh.My.God. Jake creates this elaborate plan… some of it was planning in the making for a few weeks, and would have had to mega specific, but that aside, he makes Terry become a giant golden statue… he looks like a freakin Oscar all so he can steal the dog’s toy that has the bracelet they’re trying to obtain.

I have a strong feeling Jake is not going to win, even with the banner he has all played out to drop when he does.

Oh man, it drops at the perfect time. When everyone gets mad at one another for betraying each other just to win the heist Terry yells you all suck which triggers the banner to fall… just when Jake says it’s not his fault.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 6 cinco de mayo

TERRY!!! It was Terry all along. He spent months planting seeds around the office, talking shit about the heist so that it was on everyone’s mind and they were all excited. He pretended he needed to take the lieutenant exam because he knew all of them would think the heist would be a great distraction from studying. Turns out he took the exam weeks ago and he’s made lieutenant!

Wow, Terry did a great job! AND it was Terry who sold Jake his sign so Terry had the same one, how genius. Heist episodes are truly the best!

Related image

It takes a lot for Holt to say he’s sorry when he wants the commissioner to fail while solving a case because of this app he’s using that helps to send and receive hot tips. Jake and Charles are failing at finding any clues; they even enlist this guy that Jake knows from jail who is a cannibal to help out and that doesn’t even help.

Related image

Jake wants to use the tip from Kelly, but Holt would be furious… and he is, but they do end up catching the killer they’re looking for… only to realize that the commissioner was behind the tip. That’s when they find out Kelly is spying on civilians … so Jake puts a “suicide squad” together, oh no. It’s got the vulture, CJ, remember that guy!? And the past almost commissioner that Holt can’t stand, Magdalene, hence this whole suicide squad.

Together they bring in Amy, Rosa and Terry to come up with a plan to pretend to kidnap CJ so that Kelly will use his stingray to spy on civilians.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 6 suicide squad gif

Well, CJ completely messes up he forgets that he’s going to be kidnapped. The vulture ends up putting his best instead of his worst detectives on the case and they end up bagging Jake’s hair and get a sketch of him. Then when Magdalene finds out the rest of the team doesn’t trust her she leaves the squad… damn what a hot mess.

And things don’t get any better as it goes back and forth betrayal of this suicide squad.

Oh damn! So Magdalene turns out wasn’t on either Holt or Kelly’s side but with Jake! And so in the end it was Jake and Magdalene who took down Kelly. That was actually brilliant and I liked it. Because of this, she becomes commissioner for the time being which means she has the power to let Terry stay at the 99, because she feels the need to rectify a few things with Holt. Apparently it’s against the rules to be made detective after one case so now he’s on traffic control. Oh damn!

Related image

Terry finds out now he’s made Lieutenant they can’t afford to pay him so he’s being transferred to Staten Island. In order to keep him they try to get this guy we’ve never heard of, Brian, fired. Brian has big dreams of singing so Terry tells him to follow his dreams and sing. So he quits…  but Brian can’t sing. Now Terry feels bad and tells him he can’t sing and he shouldn’t quit. Poor Terry, at least he did the right thing.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine terry loves yogurt gifNow they have to figure out how to keep Terry, I don’t want to Terry to go. Who’s going to love yogurt as much?

Glad to know he’s going to be sticking around, it wouldn’t be the same without him.

I have to say, this season has been very up and down with everything that has happened, but that season finale was what we’ve all come to love from this show. I hope that season seven steps it up, but I guess time will tell.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 6 gifs

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