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Review: Caraval trilogy

Hello everyone, happy Monday! Today I’m going to be reviewing the last novel in the Caraval trilogy; Finale by Stephanie Garber.

Well, I expected more from this, and I feel like a lot of people did.


Caraval by: Stephanie Garber: Scarlett Dragna has never left her tiny island, always craving to go and see Caraval, as a chance to escape. Her dreams are now coming true, going to visit with her sister Tella, things take a drastic turn when Tella is kidnapped as soon as they get there. Finding out that this season’s Caraval revolves around Tella, the only way to win is to be the first to find her. The writing was well done, and it was enjoyable to read, but there was a lack in plot that left the reader not really satisfied. As much as the writing was well done, the novel was filled with a lot of fluff and purple prose. The plot had a great concept, but it wasn’t executed in the best way. It felt like so many things could have been explored like characters and getting more in-depth with the plot. Garber’s characters were alright; they were somewhat original, but a little forgettable. Their development was written well, but it wasn’t enough to make the characters relatable or memorable. The ending eludes to another novel to hopefully explore a little more.


Legendary by: Stephanie Garber: After getting away from her father and saving her sister, Tella is still not free from Caraval. She made a deal with the devil to reveal the Caraval Master, Legend’s true name. The only way to do this is by playing the game. Full of deceit and mysteries Legendary is a step above Caraval. The writing was really well done; it was suspenseful and that is what kept readers along for the ride. The plot was very fast-paced leaving us breezing through the pages. The shift in character perspective did a lot for this novel; seeing the story through Tella’s eyes was a different experience, it really shaped who she was and it gave the reader the distinction between the two sisters. When we read about Scarlett, we see her whimsical and impulsive ways, but with Tella we get her levelheaded determination. This novel let Garber explore her world better, as we get a little more background compared to the first novel. This was definitely a fun read full of surprises.


Finale by: Stephanie Garber: Sisters Tella and Scarlett have some decisions to make. Now that the game is over, a higher stakes game begins and the girls both have to face challenges that will alter their lives forever. Tella has to choose if she’s going to trust Legend or a sworn off enemy; Scarlett uncovers secrets and has the repercussions of knowing what she does. This novel was beautiful in all the right ways. The first and most important was the writing; not only can Garber write such intricate plots that weave through one another but her vivid visuals of everything was so good and real and tangible. Her descriptions of people and places are so whimsical and full of life that really draws the reader in, keeping them locked in and not wanting to leave. This was a great final novel that brought plots and characters together one last time and it was very enjoyable. The characters were fun to read and they were just so loveable. Reading through all the last adventures and final plots that they went through was entertaining and delightful. Everything tied up really well too, although the end left things a little open ended, which kinda leaves the reader hopeful that there could be more from this world one day. This overall trilogy started off a little shaky but really came into its own by the second novel and captured reader’s hearts.

10 thoughts on “Review: Caraval trilogy

  1. after seeing so many reviews by readers who disliked Caraval, I for one am glad I was rejected for it by Netgalley. Awesome review by the way. Short and concise 😀

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  2. I completely agree! I expected better from this book. The purple prose killed me. Since I’m not a visual reader, all the imagery turned me off the book instead of getting me more interested. I kept putting off reading it until it was due back to the library.

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  3. Lack of development issues are such a bummer… So much potential, wasted. I’ve been hearing that complaint a lot when it comes to this book and that’s part of the reason I haven’t reached out for it yet, I think. Too many mixed feelings!
    Loved reading your review, Meghan 😊

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