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Review: Before the Fall

Hello, and happy Wednesday! I hope you’re all having a good week so far! As short week’s go, this one is going terribly slow. 🙄 Today I’m going to be posting my review on Noah Hawley’s novel Before the Fall.

Before the Fall

Before the Fall by: Noah Hawley: When a private plane flying from Martha’s Vineyard to New York City suddenly crashes fifteen minutes into the flight, questions are raised. Then when Scott, a last minute guest to the flight helps save a four-year-old boy making them the two survivors, more questions are raised as to why Scott was even on the flight. From the moment this novel started the reader was intrigued by the dynamic of the characters and the role they play in the grand mystery that is the plot. The plot was well told, filled with dips and dives, the reader didn’t know what to believe as the story unraveled around these characters. The backstory that Hawley gave to all of his characters is what really completed this novel because it helped the reader get into their heads and to understand their motives and just who they are as people. It definitely added to the mystery because even though for most of the novel Hawley made us believe it was one person, when really it could have been anyone for any reason. The ending was actually really sad and pathetic, yet was not even a thought in the reader’s mind, so they never saw it coming. It was also so realistic because this was like stories heard in the news. This novel was intense at times, but also so engrossing the whole way through.

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