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Let’s Talk About… You Season One

Hi guys, welcome back to TV Tuesday! Today I’m going to talking all about the first season of Netflix’s You.

I don’t even know where to start with the show. The moment it starts, there is this creepy vibe, but I’m living for it. After the first episode I’m hooked.

Penn Badgley plays Joe SO well, I can see just after the first episode how much he’s just like Dan Humphrey and why people have said it’s the Gossip Girl reboot that we all needed.

happy i love you GIF by Lifetime

First of all, the narration is perfect. Joe is sarcastic and it works so well. It also makes you really think about security and how people can just stalk one another with social media, my gosh it’s quite scary.

Second, you have no idea if he’s a good guy or a bad one. He comes off as super charming and warm and nerdy. He’s really nice to his neighbour’s kid, giving books and food, and genuinely caring about him. But at the same time he’s got this weird stalker vibe, as he stalks this girl he just met and it’s so creepy and you’re not sure what his intentions are.

penn badgley smile GIF by Lifetime

Now, is his name Joe like a “John Doe” type name? I wonder if that’s even his real name.

So the show starts in a bookstore where Joe works. Enter the girl, Beck. They flirt a little, and he narrates the entire thing in his head, which I love. After they meet and he seems to think everything she does she wants him to know, and this is where his stalking begins.

He ends up outside her apartment, and this is where we find out Beck has this on-again, off-again boyfriend Benji who is trying to get his soda company off the ground. Seeing Joe’s perspective and what he thinks of Benji is hilarious because he hates his guts… and yet you still don’t know if he’s jealous and thinks he should be with her, or if he just wants to kill her.

Related image

He continues to follow her throughout her days, giving his thoughts on her professor boss, and her fake friends, and he even finds his way into her apartment by pretending to be her boyfriend to the service guy, just so that he can stalk her computer. Talk about creepy.

He almost gets caught, but he stalks to her when she goes out with her friends, and when she gets too drunk and she falls on the subway tracks, he saves her. My god, talk about heart-pounding television. You have no idea if she’s going to live or die and with the tone of the show, it could go either way. Well he does save her, and she does remember him. He acts all cute and charming and asks for her number, she realizes she doesn’t have her phone so she just gives him her email… well guess who has her phone? Joe does of course! I knew it as soon as she said it was missing! Now he can stalk her even more!

new york wtf GIF by Lifetime

Wow, watching how good he is with these books and refurbishing them, it makes me wonder what else he’s good at. I feel like he’s going to murder Beck, but I can’t tell. Oh god, he’s not going to murder her but Benji.

Huh? Joe is pretending to be this big wig guy from this food magazine to corner Benji, my god, and yep he kills him… maybe he’s not dead yet, but he soon will be… is he going to eliminate everyone from her life until it’s just her?

Related image

Yes, so Benji is still alive, kept in a box in a soundproof basement. Confronting Benji hard because he remembers him, boy in that moment he wishes he were Dexter so he could kill him, but Joe can’t.

His neighbour almost finds Benji when he wanders into the basement. He doesn’t but wow. So I think he cares so much that little boy because he was abused as a child. We see that the previous owner of the bookstore used to lock Joe in it as a kid.

Ah, god no. Beck’s professor tries to make advancements on her and when she says no, he fires her from the TA position… all because she wouldn’t sleep with him, ugh. I’m glad she’s threatening to blackmail him.

Hmm, I have a feeling that Beck isn’t the first girl Joe’s stalked. When he and Beck go to a party he runs into this girl he used to know, and it seems she wants to threaten and expose his past to Beck without saying too much. Apparently his last girlfriend, Candace, left really abruptly and she thinks it’s his fault.

Even, Beck’s friend thinks it’s suspicious how he just showed up to save her life in the subway.

Well, Benji does die, Joe puts peanut oil in his coffee and it turns out he’s very allergic to peanuts. So he takes his phone and puts it away. How many phone does he have in his ceiling?

Benji's face after Joe killed him.

Wow, he really gives the kid a list of things to get rid of Benji’s body… and the kid’s step-dad finds it. Now he’s onto Joe, he really thinks he’s some kind of sicko, but he can’t prove it. It’s really sad to see that this drunk can see the psycho in Joe.

Image result for you netflix season 1 beck and peach gifEw Beck’s friend Peach, goes ‘you need someone to take care of you’, as if Joe isn’t good enough because he works in a bookshop and can’t support her. What utter bullshit. I’m glad that Beck sees through this.

Beck also has a new TA position, and this new class and it’s even tougher than where she came from.

Yikes. That’s interesting that when he almost gets caught burning Benji in the woods that the people walking in the woods just say “nice bonfire” like it means nothing. I would have thought they would have thought it weird, but I don’t know where he went in New York to have this bon fire. But his body is finally gone. Crisis averted.

penn badgley love GIF by Lifetime

Beck and Joe have a little bit of a blow out, Beck thinks he isn’t opening up and showing him his life, so he shows her the basement, and that seems to be enough for her. So I guess now they’re dating. But damn, their first interaction is so awkward.

I still see that Peach is suspicious about Joe, she notices a book he was looking at, at her party is missing. She’s annoyingly cliché but perceptive.


Hello, new character alert: the Captain, who is this creepy guy in Beck’s life?

penn badgley omg GIF by Lifetime

I like the two perspectives we get, Beck and then Joe right after their awkward, awkward encounter.

My god, he just ups and leaves his job to follow Beck.

Oh. My. God. The Captain is her dad… but we’re told her father is dead. Ah, so apparently yes it’s true her father OD-ed and she found him, but he did survive, but it was Beck who had to pick up the pieces and things didn’t always go so well, so she decided he was dead to her. But years later her father wanted to help pay for her schooling and to see her, hence why she went to this Dicken’s convention. We also get to meet her father’s new wife and wife’s kid and they are the typical step-mother, step-sister combo. Obviously there is a big blow up, but it does get her to write so progress in some respect.

Now, obviously Joe follows her there, and it was this oh shit moment where we weren’t sure if he was going to be found out. Peach goes to the bookstore looking for Joe and inquiring about her missing book, when Joe’s co-worker, only co-worker, can’t help but spills he’s away, the same time Beck is away, Peach already knows they are together. When Joe’s co-worker calls, Joe knows Peach knows, so he plays it off all cool, says he did follow her by stalking a picture she took so they could talk. Well, they’ve definitely made up.

over it love GIF by Lifetime

Peach is on the prowl, she is very skeptical of Joe, and really it’s for the right reasons. Yet here I am going, leave Beck and Joe alone, they’re so cute, but I know he’s a creep, who is now capable of murder! Why are we conditioned this way?

Alright, so Peach is sabotaging Beck by setting her up with this agent who doesn’t think Beck is any good. In fact he just wants to get with her and for her to do drugs so that her work is better, woah what a friend.

Image result for you netflix season 1 joe steals laptop gif

And yet it gets better. So Joe wants to do some snooping on her because he needs to understand his enemy. So he steals her laptop, it takes some work to figure out what her password is. Once he’s in, he finds all these photos of Beck, like she’s super obsessed with her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she put those there for Joe to see, because I feel like Peach is always one step ahead of Joe- but I feel like I wrote that too soon.

So Joe already knows that Peach set Beck up for failure so when he tells Beck she freaks, but when she finds out she’s actually mad at Peach. They have a blow out and then Peach tries to kill herself, or does she? Does she make it look it for show, because she knows Joe is watching? So many freaking questions.

What, the, fuck? Just when you’re wondering where this show is going, bam Joe fucking killed Peach. He follows her and then beat her with a rock. My god. Oh, but she’s not dead. This show!

shay mitchell wtf GIF by Lifetime

I need to mention that I love how Peach always calls Joe, Joseph, it sounds so sinister when she says it too.

So, yes Peach does make it out alive, and she believes, or I should say “believes” Joe when he says she has a stalker. I think she’s still onto him as the one who did it.

shay mitchell wtf GIF by Lifetime

Well, Joe gets his payback because his neighbour beats the shit out of him when the kid gives him too many sleeping pills and Joe tries to save him.

Now Beck and Peach are getting away for the weekend, and that’s when Joe says Peach is just using her and that she’s in love with her. Well Beck is a little freaked out about that, but goes anyways.

I am hating every moment of this. Of course Joe follows her, gets into an accident, runs into a cop, talks his way out of anything, then breaks into the house, and stalks them, all while looking like a crazed killer.

uh oh wtf GIF by Lifetime

Wow, Joe, in his head mind you, calls out Peach for watching Beck take a bath, when he’s doing the exact same thing!

Ha, now Peach wants her and Beck to move to Paris. I’m really starting to wonder who is more crazy, Joe or Peach.

Image result for you netflix season 1 joe sees candace gif

It’s interesting in his comatose state he keeps seeing Candace, his past lover. I’m wondering if they are memories or not. Well in his state of mind causes him to talk, I should say yell out loud so Peach finds him. That’s when she puts it all together that he stole her things, that he’s her stalker. Of course Joe can’t have her exposing him, so he tries to blackmail her, but that isn’t going to fly, so a shoot-out it is.

Oh.My.God. He actually does kill her. And he sets it up like a freakin’ suicide… but that cop he’s now onto him. Dear lord.

This show’s webs are weaving thicker and thicker as we get through each episode. How long can Joe keep on lying? How long until Joe gets jealous and kills Beck, because I have a strong feeling that’s what we’re leading up to. From the memories we get from Candace, he got jealous of an A&R guy and I think he killed her because of it. These characters are so tightly woven, only time will tell if they survive.

UNCLE JESSE WITH A BEARD! Let’s back up a moment.

john stamos lol GIF by Lifetime

So now Joe’s narrative has turned into him actually narrating out loud… to a shrink… who is John Stamos… with a beard.

Ah! This is why he’s in therapy, Beck. Beck opens up and let’s Joe in that she’s going to therapy and it’s helping her cope with Peach’s death. So guess who’s seeing her therapist… oh good ol’ Joe. I wonder what will end up cracking.

true love lol GIF by Lifetime

He pretends to be this gay guy named Paul, and Beck is Ronaldo. Is there a significant reason he’s gay?

Oh dear, his crazy is starting to show. He’s demanding to see Beck’s phone, going crazy that she’s doing things, obsessed with the notion she’s sleeping with her therapist, stalking her. But guess who finds him stalking her, oh yeah Beck finds him. That’s when she calls their relationship off.

oh no wtf GIF by Lifetime

Of course he thinks and almost attempts to kill the therapist, but when he digs a little deeper he finds that she wasn’t cheating, but Beck resented him for being with him all the time instead of being out writing and living her life. But that’s how Joe operates, he smothers people because he’s so obsessed with them. Uhhhh. I’m glad Beck is trying to get out.

break up love GIF by LifetimeI’m actually shocked that he’s letting her go so nicely and so peacefully after killing Peach and almost killing her therapist. I feel like there is catch here.

Uh-oh. So it’s three months later, Beck is now getting somewhere with her writing now that Joe is out of her life. She’s writing about Peach’s death and that gets her a book deal.

Joe on the other hand is now dating Karen, his neighbour’s friend. It’s interesting he’s actually a decent person to her, and I think he may care about her, but he’s still hung up on Beck. He stalks her online profiles at least twice a day, but when she goes dark, he freaks. Although he’s hard to read because he looks like he genuinely cares about Karen.

happy i love you GIF by Lifetime

I wonder if their therapist will figure out if Joe’s “Ronaldo” is really Beck, since they’re both going to the same guy and tell the same stories with different names. The therapist is also telling the same metaphors to each of them. I also wonder if he genuinely likes therapy.

Okay now Beck is trying to get back with Joe now that he’s with Karen. I am hating this plot. They start to have this affair, and now Joe is breaking it off with Karen… to be with Beck. It’s only been an episode and I like Karen more than Beck.

happy i love you GIF by Lifetime

Wait, did I miss something? Karen is warning Beck about Joe. Telling her that she better watch out, because she doesn’t want what he did to her to happen to Beck. But what did he do to Karen? What are we missing here? Karen knows about Candace… we really need to find out more about this girl.

I do like how this show just keeps pulling these punches and keeps the viewer on their feet.

break up lol GIF by Lifetime

We were led to believe that Benji was the first man he killed, but he’s not. Backing up a second, we learn that Candace was a musician and that she got herself a record deal, and she sleeps with her agent, Elijah. Elijah didn’t know Candace had a boyfriend, but Joe gets so angry he pushes him and Elijah falls to his death.

This of course starts the end of their relationship, and now Beck is all about finding out what happened to Candace. She can’t find any proof that she still exists. It isn’t until she confronts Joe about it that he tells her she made a new identity for herself when she left for Italy. Part of me doesn’t think it’s true. I still think he killed her.

So Beck did sleep with her therapist. I don’t know how Joe came to that conclusion, but he was right now that he attacked the therapist and found all the texts and pictures. When Joe confronts Beck, all is forgiven now that they confess their love for one another. Ugh.

Oh shit, Joe’s neighbour tells Beck where he hides his books, in the bathroom ceiling… well Beck’s been on a snooping escapade so can you guess that she’s going to go looking in his bathroom ceiling. Oh.My.God. she finds a box of all the things he’s kept, her old cell phone, Peach’s, Benji’s a dirty fuckin tampon, ew.

Well now Joe knows and he’s locked Beck up in his prison in the basement.

good morning lol GIF by Lifetime

Beck is trying so hard to get out of this cage; I feel so bad for her and so helpless.

So throughout the show we’ve heard about this ‘Mooney’ person, the guy who took Joe in after his abusive parents dumped him, but this Mooney guy was just as abusive and used to hold him in that same cage. I think that’s what truly fucked him up, not his parents. That’s why he’s felt the need to lock Beck in it. For her own good and to work through their problems, but they have more problems than a cage can fix.

Okay so Joe has pretty much told Beck everything, although he’s spun it to sound like he’s the good guy in all this. Now Beck knows he killed Benji and Peach, but it was all for some good.

penn badgley lol GIF by Lifetime

Good for Beck! She gets out by tricking Joe about her love, and that speech she gives him. My god, yes Beck!

get out lol GIF by Lifetime

NOOOOOO! He had a spare key! My god, these last few minutes were so intense, and for what, Joe ends up killing Beck. I’m so mad. Joe thought he was doing good for her, and the fact that she didn’t love him back, ughhhh.

Wow, he pinned everything on the therapist, but I don’t think everyone truly believes it. He even put her memoir together. Ugh.

NO, the season ends with a new girl walking into the bookstore…oh shit. It’s Candace! What an ending, I did not see that coming. I so thought she was dead… I think he too.

Image result for you netflix season 1 candace episode 10

This show is highly intense and involves the worst kind of stalking, yet it’s so addicting. I love the way it’s shot because you see into character’s heads, but at the same time you don’t really know their motives, it’s quite genius. I’m very intrigued about season two.

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      1. I love it!😂 I just tagged you in my sunshine blogger award if you want to check it out! I don’t know if my tags work so I’m just notifying you just in case☺️

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  1. Great post, Meghan!! Just WOW! The amount of work that went into it :O
    The moment I saw Penn Bagdley as Joe in “You”, I immediately started to miss Gossip Girl times and how addicted I was to that show ❤ Blake Lively will forever be one of my idols.

    Do you know when Season 2 is coming out? Now that GoT is over, I need something else to watch 😀 (I'm watching the new season of The 100 and it's quite good as well).

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    1. Thank you Alex! 😀 I enjoy writing up my TV Tuesday posts, this one was no exception!
      Haha right?! He’s perfect for the role and really brought me back to the Gossip Girl days! I enjoy Blake Lively too, plus she’s so gorgeous, she makes everything look so effortless!

      No I don’t, I wish I did! I think some time this year though! Ah right! I still have to watch the last season of GoT. Once I do, I’ll be posting about it! Oh I’ve never seen the 100, is it good?

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      1. I really like it (The 100)! I started watching it in 2017 when there were 5 or 6 seasons out and binge watched them in a week! The first thing I did after work, was running home to watch some more episodes. It’s every addicting 😀

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