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Review: Before I Go to Sleep

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! Mid-week, almost through the week. Today I’m going to be posting my review on S.J. Watson’s novel Before I Go to Sleep.

Before I Go to Sleep

Before I Go to Sleep by: S.J. Watson: For two decades Christine has woken up every morning with complete memory loss of where she is and who she is. After an accident that took her memory, all the memories she forms throughout the day she loses once she goes to sleep. Now, with the help of Dr. Nash, Christine tries to regain her memory once and for all, but the more she learns, the stranger it sounds. This novel definitely takes the reader on a rollercoaster journey. The plot was definitely engrossing and every step of the way the reader was trying to figure out and piece together the story. Even the reader gets swept away in the plot and has to do a double read to make sure they are remembering events, and times correctly, which shows how strong Watson’s writing skills are. The characters are detailed and developed. The reader enjoyed reading and finding out more and more about them, and who they are, piece by piece. The way this novel was written, in the form of journal entries really helped to keep the mystery alive and as the novel continued, a hint of the thriller genre was thrown in for good measure that really did add to the plot. The ending left the reader definitely wanting more, as it was a page-turning, nail biting ending. This was a good, haunting, fast-paced novel with mysteries hidden around each corner.

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