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Review: Morgue: A Life in Death

Hello, happy Monday! I hope everyone is having a good start to the week!
I just realized this is a rather bleak topic for a Monday, but it was a really, really fascinating read! Today I’m going to be posting my review on Dr. Vincent Di Maio & Ron Franscell’s book Morgue: A Life in Death.

Morgue: A Life in Death

Morgue: A Life in Death by: Dr. Vincent Di Maio & Ron Franscell: This book takes a look inside Dr. Vincent Di Maio’s medical examiner career and highlights some of his most interesting cases. From Lee Harvey Oswald to a woman who killed children to Van Goug, and many more in-between; this book was far from boring. Even though this book dealt with death, and some of the stories were rather grim, there was this fascinating undertone that left the reader wanting to know more about the cases. The pacing throughout the book was done really well; the way the reader got to see how Di Maio’s mind worked was truly captivating. Each chapter was a different case, yet each story felt connected to the next. Franscell, a bestselling crime author, really helped capture Di Maio’s voice and bring all of these stories to life. The way this book ends was very poetic, which is ironic once you’ve read the whole thing, and it brings everything full circle, just like life itself. This was definitely a riveting read, and a different perspective on life and death.

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