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Review: Lab Girl

Hello, happy (chilly) Monday folks. Here we are, another week ahead of us; I hope you all got a good start to your week! Today I’m going to be posting my review of Lab Girl by Hope Jahren.

Lab Girl

Lab Girl by: Hope Jahren: This is Hope Jahren’s memoir about growing up and becoming a scientist, building different labs in different parts of the world, and watching the relationship with her lab partner, Bill, grow. The reader also learns things about trees, flowers and seeds and finds a new appreciation for these living organisms that we take for granted. This is definitely an entertaining biography. Jagren takes her readers through the different stages of her life, and her relation to her career. The way that she breaks up the stages using plant analogies is brilliant. Not only do we get to learn about plants, but we get to learn about her as a person and she’s lived a very fascinating life; at times it almost doesn’t sound real, but that’s real life, right? Her book is not filled with scientific terms, and anything she does reference she explains thoroughly and concisely which doesn’t disrupt the narrative in the slightest. She takes her work and relates it to her own life, and how her life is growing and it really brings out the creativeness in her work. The reader gets a sense that she’s a no-nonsense type person, but the imagery that she evokes with her writing is imaginative making this a captivating and absorbing read.

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