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Review: Dodgers

Hello, and happy Wednesday friends! We’ve hit the middle of the week… we are almost there! Today I’m going to be reviewing Bill Beverly’s novel Dodgers.


Dodgers by: Bill Beverly: At only fifteen, East has spent a lot of time on the streets of L.A. and when his uncle gets arrested he feels the need to step up and be a man for him. This entails getting in a van with three other guys to go and kill the key witness all the way in Wisconsin. This was a good novel; the plot was good and engaging, although it may not be everyone’s favourite read. There were moments during the plot where the reader lost interest and things progressed slowly. The writing was definitely on the darker side, but the dialogue between the characters was raw and real, which made it compelling for the reader. The characters were shaped and created with precision and they were interesting to read; they really gave the plot life and watching East find himself on this journey was fascinating. Overall, this was story with good, compelling characters.

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