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Review: The Hunger Games (trilogy)

Hello! Happy Monday, hope you’re all off to a good start to the week! 😎 Today I’m going to be reviewing The Hunger Games by: Suzanne Collins.

I thought I had already reviewed these books, but after searching high and low… I actually haven’t, and I’m very okay with that because when I did my re-read last year I re-reviewed them. So here it goes!

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games by: Suzanne Collins: It’s the 74th Hunger Games, a survival game competition that involves all the children aged 12-18 in all 12 Districts. When Katniss Everdeen’s younger sister gets called the only thing she can think to do is to volunteer as tribute. Now Katniss must fight alongside 23 other tributes in a fight to the death competition. There were so many twists and turns to this novel that the reader couldn’t put it down. The plot was so fast-paced and so unpredictable that it made the reader grip the edge of their seat. The way that Collins writes scenes is imaginative and well written. Nothing is ever seen coming and everything seemed so thought out and well developed. Her characters were well rounded and the side stories she uses to give them more background was brilliant. The one thing that could have been done better is the romance plot; it’s understood why it’s there, but at the same time it felt so sloppy and unnecessary. For the most part it did move things along, but at others felt forced. Overall, this was a great beginning novel that the reader only wants more after an ending like that.

Catching Fire

Catching Fire by: Suzanne Collins: It’s been weeks since the horrific Hunger Games; Katniss and Peeta are trying their best to adjust to this new life as victors. Just as things start to become normal, or as normal as they can be, their world is shifted when the 75th Quarter Quell games are announced and it’s the surviving victors who must go into the Games once again. This novel starts off slow, with a lot less action and a lot more exposition as to what is potentially to come. It isn’t until about the halfway mark that the action really starts to pick up again. The plot was good, and fast-paced near the end that when the reader finally did get there they craved more. The characters have definitely grown a lot since the first book, and the reader can see the love triangle Collins is trying to form; it has its good and bad moments, but for the most part it’s been done well. The ending leaves us with more questions than answers, which only means that the next book will be quite the ride. For the most part, this novel was set up well, even if it did take its time to start; it was full of drama and unexpected alliances between characters.


Mockingjay by: Suzanne Collins: The Quarter Quell games have been cut short; Katniss and her friends have been rescued and brought to a District was thought to be long dead, District 13. Now plans are in motion to overtake the Capitol, and everyone is on the ins… except Katniss, but she’s expected to play her role in guiding this rebellion. For the final novel, it was an alright novel. Sure there was a lot going on, and sure plots got intense at times, but it felt like nothing compared to the past two novels that were blood pumping, heart racing novels. This one felt rather tame. This was far more emotional, and it felt like the author was giving her readers the final goodbye of her characters. By this point, her characters are so distinctive that we feel so much when bad things happen. The ending was really beautiful; the send-off Collins gives most of her characters was well deserved. This trilogy as a whole was definitely fast-paced, it was intense, it was well written, the world building was something quite literally out of this world, and it’s definitely a trilogy to cherish.

7 thoughts on “Review: The Hunger Games (trilogy)

  1. Oh it’s been ages since I read this series but reading your review has made me want to pick up all three books again. In fact I think I’ve only read The Hunger Games once, the first and only time, since it was released so I probably need to get around to re-reading it soon.
    I’m really glad you enjoyed this books Meghan, it makes me think if I do pick them up again this many years after I first read them I’ll still love them today. This is definitely a fast paced series, and oh it may have been ages since I’ve read this series but I still remember how emotional and heartbreaking Mockingjay was at times.
    Great reviews. 🙂 ❤

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    1. I hadn’t read it in a while so I decided it was time for a re-read. Plus my review really needed an update 😛 I have a few other books on my shelves without reviews that I might re-read to give them some!
      Yes, they are definitely still good years later! I hope you decide to re-read them, and that you enjoy them! 😀 ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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