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Let’s Talk About… The Crown Season Two

Hello! Welcome back to TV Tuesday! Today I’m going to be talking all about season two of Netflix’s The Crown.

Season two starts with Elizabeth and Philip fighting and trying to make things work. Well they seem to make up quite quickly because scenes later they are back to being in love, which is so much better to see. Seeing them argue was getting tiring.

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So the Prime Minister didn’t die, so he does drugs? I’m still unclear about that.

We spend a lot of time seeing the Egyptian and the Israeli army, as there is a war going on, a war that Queen needs to get involved in to keep the peace.

Margaret has turned into a very bitter person, now she’s trying to put thoughts in Elizabeth’s head about Philip… bad thoughts, meh I’m sure he’s got his reputation because everyone seems to be asking about him, but I’d like to think he’s a good guy. Well so much for them getting back together, she sends him away to places like Antarctica on royal missions… like dude even the bedding is gone from his bed, like geez.  Aside from his royal missions he’s become part of the navy.

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We’re finally getting some backstory on Philip; his parents kinda abandoned him and he had to move to Germany for a bit to stay with his Nazi sister. He obviously gets super agitated and annoyed when a reporter wants to dive deep into his story.

We then get this side plot on his private secretary Mr. Parker; his wife wants to divorce him, but back in those days you can’t just divorce one another. So now she has to try and prove that he is cheating on her, she kinda gets some traction, but if the other woman comes clean that ruins her life too.

Damn, what is with Philip and that beard? Sorry but Matt Smith, you don’t look good with that beard… you can grow a really good thick beard, but it doesn’t suit your face.

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Gosh, as much as I want to continue with this show, some of these episodes can just drag. I’m not one for politics and I don’t find them interesting at all, so episodes can be very bogged down by them and I find it so hard to watch. Season two has really been politically heavy, I want the drama to be interwoven a little bit better.

So now Mrs. Parker is suing her husband, and because he is the Duke’s private secretary they are not only going to be questioning him, but also the Duke about his own marriage because of association. Damn the Queen goes to visit Mrs. Parker, to one finally get an answer to why she wants to leave her husband, and two, to tell her to hold off on telling the news. This woman is so tired of waiting that she releases the news and the papers go crazy. So now Michael has to resign because as Philip puts it, there is no room for scandal, humility or room for error in the royal family. It almost looks like it pains Philip to say that.

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So the PM went away to deal with his health “issues”, which I just think is a drug problem. He comes back, but clearly can’t handle it, so he goes to the Queen to resign. So now we’ll be getting a new Prime Minister.

So what I’ve noticed is that Philip doesn’t know how to hide his feelings; they are always marked on his face.
Gosh, that reunion was so sad. He’s so happy to see Elizabeth, like he shaves and everything, and she is a stone cold bitch pretty much. It doesn’t help that rumours are flying.

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Okay, so that opening scene from the beginning of the season is now in context. The two are fighting and need to hash things out.

WOW, so ok, just wow. So their fight leads to Philip feeling outranked because he claims that even his eight-year-old son has more rank and respect that he does, and Philip hates that. He hates that he means nothing, so what does Elizabeth do? She makes him a Prince. What? She can do that? Is this going to really solve things, and make him feel better? Because it doesn’t look like it; he looks nervous.

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Margaret is just so moody. She’s at a wedding and an old friend asks her to marry him, and she reluctantly agrees. She lets Elizabeth know and she and Philip couldn’t be happier (although Philip could care less). Elizabeth tells Margaret that she’s planning this 10th anniversary party for her and Philip and that she should announce her engagement then too. It’s all settled, until the doofus goes out and gets shot in the leg while in a duel. Geez Margaret sure knows how to pick them. She immediately calls off the engagement and never wants to see him again.

Back to the party though, Philip actually makes a really sweet speech, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him talk so sweet, or look so in love. I appreciated that because Philip has not been my favourite.

Image result for the crown season 2 margaret and tonyBack to Margaret, at that said wedding she also met a photographer, Tony, who guess what, she meets again at this function where no one stands up or really acknowledges her presence when she walks in. You can tell she is very intrigued by the photographer. He doesn’t care that she is royal and she likes that about him. See I think Philip is a lot like Margaret in the sense that I think both of them would rather not be royal but normal people.

Oh my! Margaret is so scandalous! When she’s with Tony she gets him to take her photo. All he does is pull the shoulders on her dress down, but from the angle of the photo it looks like she’s naked. Well guess where she sends that photo to? The press of course; now there is this quite large photo of her in the paper. I love it. I’m loving this new Margaret that Tony is bringing out in her.

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So now the Queen has given a speech to labour workers and some people are not happy with it, namely a journalist, Lord Altrincham who wrote a nasty news article about her. Related imageHe’s now getting more press than he bargained for, and the nation seems to think he hates the Queen. He doesn’t hate her but thinks the royals are very out of touch. Now this guy is trying to tell her how to rule her kingdom, so that “normal” and “real” people get to know her as well. I made that sound ruder than it was; he was just trying to help the monarchy out, and according to the show, which is based on history by 1963 most of his suggestions were implemented and after that he became a whole new person. How do you become a whole new person? In 1964 he became John Grigg, where he discarded his title pretty much. How fascinating, I kind of wish we knew a little more about this guy.

Ugh, why is the King’s brother, David such an ass? So he’s trying to come back to Britain so he can get a job. We also go back in time to learn about letters and telegraphs that the royal family has been hiding since the war in 1945. It isn’t until the Queen speaks to David that it’s completely spelt out and it makes sense. Apparently David was in communications with the German’s and he wanted to pretty much become a Nazi. Well this document is popping back up again and the news wants to report it. Britain doesn’t want to, but there is nothing stopping the Americans from publishing it.

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The Queen is thinking about forgiving him, I’m actually on Philip’s side for once and think she shouldn’t forgive him. It’s also later that the Queen finds out the whole story. Apparently he made his political agenda public, he met with Hitler and all this stuff wanting the British to fall in line with the Nazi Germans. Apparently he always wanted to be King and rule, but the government caught on to what he was trying to do and they wouldn’t stand for that. Also, apparently his now wife was sleeping with one of the Nazi’s and that’s how a lot of information got travelled. I’m shook; the photos that they showed in the episode (the real photos) it’s crazy to believe this is true, history!
Now the Queen is truly conflicted. I wouldn’t forgive him and let him serve to represent Britain. Oh I’m glad that she’s no, but of course he’s mad, but it gives the news the ok to publish.

Wow he thinks he’s last royal to have a “brain”. I like how sharp Claire Foy plays the Queen, she’s so good!

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Margaret gets a letter from Peter saying he wants to break their pack (not to marry anyone since they couldn’t get married) as he wants to get married. She brings this up with her lover, Tony, saying she’d like to get married, but he isn’t into that sort of thing. So they have a bit of a spat.

Tony has a talk with his mother and he really thinks it through. He tells his lover goodbye, and his friends who has a three way with that he thinks he will marry her, and he sticks to his word because he doesn’t want to lose her.

Now Margaret goes to tell her sister, but Elizabeth doesn’t seem so excited about it. She wants to tell the world, but she’s told she has to wait six months because Elizabeth is going to have a baby and they can’t have two announcements, lord no!

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I can get where Margaret is coming from; if I was her I’d be just as pissed. But Elizabeth also has her suspicions about Tony, which she has rights to. She gets her men to do a background check on him and they learn of all his relationships that he’s still in. Lord, even at a party the girl he has a three way with tells him that she’s pregnant with his child. He wants to believe it’s her husband’s, but she feels it’s 99% sure it’s his. Ugh.

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Now that Elizabeth has had her baby, Prince Andrew, Margaret wants to announce her engagement. Elizabeth kinda hints at the man Tony is. When Margaret finds out I wonder who she’ll be more mat at, Tony or Elizabeth.



Well, she goes ahead with it and Margaret and Tony get married!

So the Kennedy’s are coming to England and eveeeeryone is very excited. Elizabeth can’t see the big deal. Instead she feels lesser next to her. Who would have thought that the Queen would feel so small compared to Jackie?

Michael C. Hall as Kennedy was interesting. He did a great job, but what was that accent? It did not sound natural coming out of his mouth.

Image result for the crown season 2 the kennedy's

So apparently the Kennedy’s take drugs to make them feel better, so much so that Jackie opens her big mouth and starts spewing bad things the Queen.

Oh damn, their meeting happens just before his assassination because once they go back home that’s when they see all the news outlets talking about it. He dies as we all know, but that leaves Elizabeth and Philip to get close for what feels like the first time ever; it’s quite cute!

I like how we’re getting to see more Prince Charles. He’s probably 12/13 and it is time to send him off to higher education. Charles wants to go to one school and you can see how excited he is about it, but his father wants to send him to another, no if ands or buts. I don’t really know why because it looks like Philip hated it there.

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Okay, did we always know that Philip’s father was a Nazi? His whole family were supporters but I’m not really sure he is. His father sends him away to the Scottish Islands to go to school, but everyone teases him, plus he seems to think he’s better than everyone else; typical Philip.

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While he’s away his sister and family are on a plane to visit him, when it crashes and they all die. Of course his father is furious with him, and so he has to turn to the school as his family. But I still don’t understand why send your own son there if he doesn’t want to go.

Hmm, so he sent Charles there to make him a stronger person, and less of a coward. I get that because Charles has everything done for him but Philip just pushes everything too far.

Image result for the crown season 2 prince charles

Ever since there was mention of this ‘mystery man’ I had a feeling it was Philip; he seems sketchy that way to be associated with Russian spies. This of course doesn’t bode well with the Queen. On top of this both Elizabeth and Margaret are due to have babies; Margaret’s pregnancy is going a lot more smoothly than Elizabeth’s.

You go Elizabeth. The current Prime Minister wants to resign because he can’t deal with everything going on, she doesn’t want him to. She tells him that she hasn’t even been Queen for 10 years and she’s already gone through 3 PM’s. She calls them brilliant and hard working men, but they were also to old, to sick and too weak. Oof, she does have a point though.

Damn, I’m not surprised that Philip is denying knowing anything. Instead he wants her to forgive him for all his misgivings pretty much, since their marriage hasn’t been the best, and there were rumours that he had an affair with one of the Russian spies. But of course she forgives.

The season ends with Elizabeth having the baby, christening it and then taking a large family photo. I have no idea if there is going to be another season, or where it plans to go, but I’m sure it’ll be just likes these past two seasons: very scandalous and full of drama.

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