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Review: Evicted

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! Today I’m going to be reviewing Matthew Desmond’s book Evicted. 


Evicted by: Matthew Desmond: Author and professor Matthew Desmond takes his readers to the poorest neighbours in Milwaukee and tells their story. Focusing on solely eight families, the reader learns of their everyday lives and how they all found themselves in the situations they are in. This was definitely an impactful book; it opens the reader’s eyes into poverty in America and it shines a light on a different perspective, one most people don’t think to look at. Not only does Desmond find himself telling the story of this community through the people who live there, but about the landlords too. This story is heartbreaking, but it’s also got hope written beneath its pages; hope that the future can get better; hope that the people he’s met along the way are doing better. The way Desmond organized his thoughts was done well; it was concise and clean. It told personal stories, while also being able to give the facts and stats in a way that didn’t bog down his writing or slow the reader down. This book was definitely thought provoking and really made the reader think about the way society treats people who may not be able to afford all of life’s luxuries.

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