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Review: The Two-Family House

Hello, and happy Monday friends! Today I’m going to be reviewing Lynda Cohen Loigman’s novel The Two-Family House.

At the beginning of the month I did a First Impression Friday of this book. I thought I was going to rate it 3 stars; I ended up rating it 4 on Goodreads.

The Two-House Family

The Two-Family House by: Lynda Cohen Loigman: In the middle of a blizzard in December 1947 Helen and Rose, sisters by marriage, both manage to give birth. Helen with already four boys, and Rose with three girls, the two women have raised their families as one. But now that their family has gotten just a little bit bigger, the two start to grow farther and farther apart as the secret they share from that cold winter night looms over both their heads. What a truly heartwarming story. The ups and downs that this novel takes its readers through is astounding and yet so beautiful and full of life. The writing was so graceful, yet it was also true and gritty, finding the perfect balance. The plot was surprisingly good; the fact that the reader could figure out the major twist early on at first felt cheap, and left the reader wondering what the point was to finish the novel, but after reading on the reader realizes that it’s not about the actual plot but about the characters themselves. These characters just flourish; they are so real and the way they transform is so magical and moving, making this novel worth reading every word.

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