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Review: The Kopp Sisters Series

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! Today I’m going to be reviewing the fourth book in the Kopp Sisters series, Miss Kopp Just Won’t Quit by Amy Stewart.

I loved these books SO much… I hope I can convince you to read them too! 😝

Girl Waits With Gun

Girl Waits with Gun by: Amy Stewart: The story of Constance Kopp and her two sisters who get into a little trouble when their buggy collides with another. All the girls want is their money, but the man who hit them, Henry Kaufman, doesn’t want to fess up; this leads down a spiral of escapades that the police and detectives have to sort out, with a tad bit of help from Constance. This novel was not only beautifully written, it had spunk and amazing girl power. The Kopp sisters aren’t your typical characters, Constance especially, they say and do what they want like it’s nobody’s business. This novel is based on true events and real people and Stewart really shined in telling the story. Her pacing of the plot was perfect; the way she captured every character was phenomenal. The female empowerment was so good to see, especially in a plot that takes place in 1914. Miss Kopp wants everything in life, and boy does she show the world she’s capable of getting it.

Lady Cop Makes Trouble

Lady Cop Makes Trouble by: Amy Stewart: Constance Kopp has made deputy, only to get her title stripped from her when things go wrong. Now she has to prove herself once more that she is good at her job, and that she deserves to have it. This novel was fast-paced and extremely entertaining, just like the previous novel. This time around Stewart really proves how strong willed, confident, and defiant Miss Kopp can be, but in the best ways possible. She’s a fun character to read; her sisters are just as fun because they can be just as stubborn. These characters are so flushed out and individual that it leaves the reader wanting more. This novel takes the girls on another journey, although not as exuberant as the first, but still exciting. On top of Stewart’s amazing characters, her writing really propelled the story as this novel was easy to read and fun to follow along in all the shenanigans these girls get into.

Miss Kopp’s Midnight Confessions

Miss Kopp’s Midnight Confessions by: Amy Stewart: Constance Kopp is at it again, now with her sheriff’s badge she wants to do good with it, along with doing something no one else is willing to do: investigate and defend the women who enter the Hackensack jail. On the flip side her sister Fleurette has run off to try and be one of May Ward’s dancing girls; this puts Constance’s detective skills to the test, could her own sister become like the woman she is investigating? Stewart again spins the Kopp sister’s stories into these highly interesting and entertaining tales. The fact that most of these novels in this series have been based on real events and people, and at some points taken word for word from newspapers is incredible; it’s amazing what Stewart can accomplish. The plot was definitely entertaining; the characters that Stewart has brought to life also really make the novel worth the read. This is like reading the history of these ladies, with a few twists and turns thrown in for good measure. The pacing was also really well done, everything moved with ease, nothing was too jarring to the reader and it was never dull. This trilogy is very awe-inspiring and something definitely worth the read.

Miss Kopp Just Won’t Quit

Miss Kopp Just Won’t Quit by: Amy Stewart: Constance Kopp has been at her job a year, but that doesn’t stop things from being difficult. One night when transporting a woman to an insane asylum, Kopp realizes that something isn’t quite right, but before she can investigate further a man escapes from jail. Trying to do right for both, things take drastic turns and Constance is left wondering what next. This was another amazing instalment to the Kopp Sisters series. The plot was so engrossing; the reader never knew what to expect or where anything was going to lead to. The pacing was excellent; the chapters were just long enough for the reader to zip through, plus the writing was so well done. The characters were just as badass as they’ve always been. Near the end Norma really outshines them all and the way the novel ended, there really needs to be another novel because the reader is dying to know what will happen next. There is so much excitement and mystery surrounding all the events in the novel that this was a completely captivating read.

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