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The Stephen King Project: Carrie

Hello! Happy Friday! Man, am I glad it’s Friday! Today I’m posting something a little different. The Stephen King Project.

I’ve mentioned it in my monthly recaps that I’ve started a Stephen King Project reading all his books. For the past 5 months… which was longer than I anticipated, I’ve been reading Carrie. Finally last weekend I finished it and today I’m here to recap all my thoughts on the book and the three adaptions that were made!

These won’t be in my normal review style, I’m just going to do point form.

The Book (1974):

Image result for carrie book cover

  • From the first few pages the reader really gets a glimpse of who Carrie is.
  • The backstory is starting to take shape and the reader can see things starting to form to create the story arch.
  • The way King writes from the outside perspective looking in on his characters is creepy, yet so fascinating and very well done.
  • We’re getting to meet our antagonists in which King writes them with so much humanity that the reader almost feels sorry for them.
  • We’re slowly, slowly starting to see some rising action; we learn about Margaret White, Carrie’s mother, a little bit more, but it just doesn’t feel like enough.
  • We now see where our antagonist gets her personality from; King is developing things really well.
  • The rising action is really starting to ramp up and the reader is completely hooked. Carrie is starting to come out of her element and it’s like sunshine, so wonderful to see.
  • The plot is definitely starting to thicken… literally!
  • Carrie is becoming her own person and it’s really good to see.
  • We’re now entering the rising action and the reader’s senses have been heightened.
  • The back and forth jump in points of view are really growing the anticipation for what’s to come.
  • Having the main action told in third person by a witness is quite eerie.
  • The reader is finally getting to the meat of the story; the way it’s told from different perspectives is highly engrossing. Not only being in Carrie’s mind, but hearing it from outsiders who witnessed it all is incredibly haunting.
  • The plot is slowly entering the falling action, but it wouldn’t be surprising if there’s something else up King’s sleeve.
  • One last final crescendo to the plot leaves the reader curious how this will all end, other than dead.
  • The plot has wound down, of course with one final kick to the horror gut.

Final thoughts: The overall story was good and creepy. King kept his readers invested and entertained throughout, even when they started to waver he found a way to bring them back in. He used different writing approaches and that really helped him with keeping things interesting and scary. His ending was a little boring, but it tied up ends so it worked.

The Movie
Carrie (2013):

Image result for carrie 2013 movie poster

  • A modern day Carrie, although Carrie looks like she could take place in the 70s, the rest of the world has phones and you know, modern technology.
  • At first the girls don’t look to be very mean, but then when they start to film her and post it online, wow that’s mean.
  • The movie does follow the book well, and at times the movie does a better job just because it has the medium to expand what the book did so well.
  • The camera angles start off really weird and seem to try to be creepy, but they’re just off putting.
  • It’s unclear who is supposed to be scarier Carrie or Margaret. Carrie’s mother Margaret is incredibly scary and her scenes are so well done, Carrie is more creepy than anything else.
  • The major scene of this film were shot well and portrayed the book well. It was creepy, with just the right amount of gore that worked well.
  • The ending to this film wasn’t any better than the ending to the book. It felt so Hollywood, much like this whole movie, but the ending was just so clichéd and unsatisfying.

Carrie (2002): 

Image result for carrie 2002 movie poster

  • The film starts after everything is said and done and they are interviewing Sue Snell about the events. This film is almost in her point of view and it’s really good to see this part of the story. They also decide to show interviews of the other survivors and it really brought the story full circle, and felt really close to the book.
  • The girls are definitely mean and the acting is very of the time.
  • The girl who plays Carrie is good, but it feels so over the top. Her character looks almost insane, it’s not that fun to watch. She has her good moments, but when it gets too much it’s bothersome to watch.
  • The weird camera angles and special effects were a bit much and they use music a lot to make things scarier than they really are and for the most part it really works, but it also feels cheesy.
  • This film really drags things out, running just over 2 hours even though it’s only 5 days before prom, it feels like weeks.
  • The acting between Tommy and Carrie’s characters are so awkward it’s really hard to watch.
  • The whole lead up to the big moment takes close to twenty minutes to build up to and it’s supposed to make it scarier but it really drags out the film even more.
  • This film ends with some open ended plots, and it just doesn’t feel over at all.
  • Overall, really slow, but it does follow the book quite well. The actors don’t really have chemistry with one another so the acting feels really wooden, but this version added things the 2013 version left out that really worked. This is worth it if you’ve read the book, and you’re invested in the story.

Carrie (1976):

Image result for carrie 1976 movie poster
  • Sissy Spacek plays Carrie so well. She gives it her all and it just works so well.
  • The slow-mo camera angles that are used either actually enhance a scene, otherwise it’s a little weird and kinda creepy.
  • The music queues are so overly dramatic. They work, but at the same time they didn’t need to use so many.
  • The relation between Carrie and her mother was done really well; the acting was very good and the way Margaret almost foretells what’s going to happen at the prom was a nice touch.
  • The plot had a nice pacing to it, everything moved with ease.
  • The major scene(s) with Carrie were the closest representations to what happened in the book.
  • Sissy, again, does a really good job of being freaky and quite scary.
  • The ending was creepy, and done very well.
  • Overall, this was a good adaptation

It’s funny, all of the adaptations did something a little different, so I couldn’t even pick a favourite. They each took an element from the book and spun it their own way which I really enjoyed.

Up Next: ‘Salem’s Lot

3 thoughts on “The Stephen King Project: Carrie

  1. I find your Stephen King Project fascinating and I’m definitely looking forward to your future posts for it. 😀 I have read Carrie as well and I agree with the many points you made. I enjoyed the book overall, but it definitely wasn’t the best King that I had read, sometimes I found the book to be boring in places. I have only watched the 2013 adaptation, which I liked for the most part aside from the ending which was very clichéd. Great post! 😀 I’m also really looking forward to your next one, as ‘Salem’s Lot is the first Stephen King book I read and one of my favourites.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Anna! 🙂 Yes, it was a good book overall, but not the best. We have to take into consideration this was his first novel, so he could only go up!
      Right! That ending to the movie was the worst! Ugh. The other two have better endings! It doesn’t help the book’s ending wasn’t the best either!
      I won’t be finished ‘Salem’s Lot for a long while, but thank you! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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