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Let’s Talk About… Game of Thrones Season Seven

Hello everyone and welcome to TV Tuesday. On this fine Tuesday I will talking all about Games of Thrones season seven. I apologize in advance for how long this is. Sorry!

First off, what a season, like all seasons before hand. I did and I didn’t like this season. You’ll see why I liked it as a go through it, but why I didn’t like it was because this whole season was just a giant set up for next season, so now I have to wait for the big battle… like the season finale disappointed me in the fact that it was so dialogue heavy, and no action to be had really. But I’ll get to that in a bit. But I do like how much work they put into the set up to this battle so that’s a big factor to why I liked it. I also really loved that there were so many reunions, as well as there were a lot of characters who have never interacted with one another are now interacting and it’s awesome to see.

Related imageWe open on a character that Arya killed last scene who is alive and well. He gathers all his people and poisons them… which we find out as she pulls off the mask that it really is Arya, yes Arya! This was an awesome opener!

We then see the White Walkers coming… which is Bran’s vision, and a big foreshadowing as to what’s to come this season. No one believes that they exist, the only ones who believe are Jon Snow and his people because they have seen and battled them. A lot of this season is trying to get everyone together to battle against the White Walkers because they will kill everyone, but if all seven kingdoms come together they have a chance of beating the Walkers.

Related image

It’s good to see Sansa and Jon working together… even if they don’t always agree on things. Jon gets a raven from Cersei to bend the knee or else suffer the consequences.

It’s pretty much battle of the two queens: Cersei vs. Daenerys.

We see Cersei after last season and her big spectacle and losing her last child; she and Jamie have this argument about her taking over the world. I don’t think he really agrees with her motives, and wants to stand by her side.

Euron Greyjoy then shows up to bend the knee to Cersei, we find out that Cersei was the one who called upon him, which she never told Jamie, so going back to her motives, I don’t think he’s on board with this. Well when Euron prances around the throne room and Cersei isn’t really feeling I, but I know why Cersei likes him, it’s because he’s ruthless and will (and has) killed his own people, he will do anything.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 Euron Greyjoy gif

I love that we get to see Sam so early in the season, and he’s learning and preparing to a be a Maester …. But it’s kinda sad because he lives this repetitive life where he puts books away, feeds the men, and cleans their shit, by the end he can’t even tell what’s what anymore. It’s gross, yet funny at the same time. You can see that this place isn’t what he thought it would be. He was so happy to start and now that he’s there the reality of it is not what he thought it would be. He keeps trying to do more, but they won’t give it to him.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 sam gif

So what does he do? He becomes a badass and steals a book from the library to learn more. He finds out about dragonglass, which he has to tell Jon about. Apparently with the dragonglass they can defeat the White Walkers, but it can only be found in Dragonstone… which is where Daenerys is.

One day while doing his duties, a hand pops out of one of the isolation rooms, a grey scaled hand asking if he’s heard from Daenerys … so we know that it is Jorah! He’s alive!

Related image

I have to just say that I love Brienne and Podrick they don’t even have to say anything the looks say it all, and it’s hilarious!

Image result for game of thrones season 7 Brienne and Podrick gif

Little Finger is so blah. You can tell how much he loves Sansa and how much Sansa doesn’t like him.

The weird Ed Sheeran scene is kinda weird, although he does fit the part, he looks like he really belongs so I like that they gave him this small part. So his character (who I don’t even think he has a name) is sitting with a group of boys and Arya runs into them and she stops and sits with them. At first she’s on guard but as she sits and eats with them she eases up and she admits to wanting to kill the queen, they all laugh, which I knew they would.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 ed sheeran gif

We get to see The Hound again…  I really like his character. They are stealing from the dead things to try and survive, but he knows they probably won’t survive the winter. He is asked to look into the flames of a fire, at first he gives a smart ass answer, but then he says he sees a large mountain and snow and the White Walkers…. More foreshadowing, which is in the same line as Bran’s vision.

In the end the Hound buries the dead bodies they were stealing from, which really shows his humanity, he has so many sides to him, and that’s why I really like him.

It takes quite a while into the first episode to see Daenerys coming home. I have to say it’s incredible to watch, not just cinematically, but emotionally too.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 daenerys coming home gif

Now we get this beautiful map room where Daenerys meets with her people to discuss the same thing Cersei is discussing… how to get everyone to bend the knee to her and have them on her side.

Melisandre shows up to give a prophesy about who will rule, that it can be a prince or princess. That’s when Daenerys gets the idea to send a raven to Jon Snow. This leaves Jon in question because he doesn’t trust Tyrion… but he knows that Sansa knows him, she thinks he should meet them. I like how Jon trusts Sansa’s opinion.

When Jon gets Sam’s raven, that solidifies his need to go and meet Daenerys to join alliances to use the dragonglass. So off he goes. This is the real meaning of ice and fire coming together.

Related image

Daenerys already has the Tyrell’s on her side, and part of the Greyjoy’s meaning Yara and Theon and everyone who is with them. Daenerys doesn’t want to destroy King’s Landing, but she wants to take out their armies… which I know she is very capable of. I love how Olenna is giving her advice; I would take her advice because she’s outlived everyone, plus she does have really good advice.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 Olenna and dany gif

We get to really meet Sam’s younger brother Dickon (which I feel everyone sniggers at his name) and his father Randyll who are fighting for the Lannisters.

Speaking of Sam, he wants to do something for Jorah, so he brings him to the doctor to get checked, and the doctor refuses that there is anything that can be done. Sam is not taking no for an answer so he starts to look for a cure. When he thinks he’s found one he goes to see Jorah to try to heal him. This is where we learn that Sam knew Jorah’s father and was with him at the Night’s Watch, he liked his father and he feels like he owes Jorah and Jorah’s father.

So he shows up and proceeds to rip and peel off the grey scale. I love how Jorah goes have you done this before, and Sam goes ‘no, but I’m the only hope you’ve got’. God that scene is so disgusting.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 sam and jorah gif

I love how Greyworm and Missandei are still together, they are cute, even if what we get is a sex scene, they do have a very honest conversation beforehand.

After Arya leaves the group of boys on her way to King’s Landing, she runs into Hot Pie! It’s been so long! He’s the one who tells her that Jon is king of the North and so that changes her path. Off to Winterfell she goes.

Related image

Ugh, I hate Little Finger, speaking his lies, trying to get into everyone’s heads. I kinda love how Jon almost kills him, instead he just threatens him.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 jon and sansa gif

Then while Yara and Theon are off at sea, the Narrow sea they get attacked by their uncle Euron. Man is it a gnarly fight, in the end Euron takes Yara and tells Theon to save his sister, but instead he jumps in the water like a coward; after everything Yara did to save Theon, he does nothing, wow. So now Yara has been taken prisoner.

Related image

Jon makes his way to Dragonston to meet Daenerys, his reactions to the dragons is hilarious; he totally drops to the ground when they fly overhead. I guess it takes some getting used to when you’ve spent your whole life believing they aren’t real.

Seeing Daenerys sit in her throne is awesome, she totally fits the role. I love her and Jon’s first meeting. She knows what she wants and she’s not backing down, even if Jon doesn’t agree on everything. I like that when they talk to each other they’re both smirking, it’s so cheeky. It’s like they both don’t take each other seriously, but Jon realizes that they need each other’s help.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 daenerys throne gif

You can see Daenerys taking Olena’s word to heart and taking her advice, and that is ignoring Tyrion and doing what she thinks is right. She has sent Greyworm and the Dothraki to make a sneak attack on the Lannisters… only when they get there, the Lannisters aren’t there and it’s more of a trap.

Euron returns back to King’s Landing once he’s captured Yara and Tyene and her daughter to show his victory. Of course Cersei approves of this because she hates Tyene (since she killed her daughter last season). Cersei then goes to visit Tyene in her cell and kisses her, which is the same way Tyene killed Cersei’s daughter, letting her daughter watch her die slowly, oh poetic justice.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 Tyene gif

Jamie on the other hand, really despises Euron as Euron loves to dig at Jamie.

When Sansa gets told that Bran has come home, man oh man, the way she moves to see for herself. Their reunion is beautiful; the combination of the music and the acting uh so good. When Bran tells her he’s the third eyed raven, she’s confused, he tries to explain it to her, but you can kinda see he hasn’t fully grasped it yet either. When he tells her of her wedding day and gives her details, she freaks out because she doesn’t believe it.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 sansa and bran gif

Jorah is now being tested because he looks to no longer have the grey scale. I love Jorah’s excuse, it’s the weather, he just slept it off, so nonchalant. You can tell the doctor who looks at Jorah knows something is up, and he calls to talk to Sam alone. The doctor asks who gave Sam permission to do what he did, Sam thinks he is going to get rewarded, instead they tell him to do what he’s supposed to be doing.

The parting of Sam and Jorah is wonderful; you can tell how grateful Jorah is.

Jamie and the Lannister army head toward Olenna and the Tyrells. Jamie goes to see Olenna personally to tell her that the battle has been won, the Lannisters beat them, which Olenna already knows, as soon as she saw them coming she knew her death was coming. In the end it is Jamie who ultimately kills her. He puts poison in her wine and she willingly drinks it asking if it will be painful, she tells him she doesn’t want to die like how his son Joffrey did, and she goes into detail about his death, which obviously gets to Jamie. But he tells her it will be painless and walks away… and then she dies. I am really going to miss Olenna, I loved her as a character but I can understand her wanting to die since she kinda has nothing to live for anymore; her whole family has been killed and same with her people.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 olenna death gif

I’ve noticed that this season, and well this episode alone is the Lannisters killing people the way their children died, a lot of poetic justice?

Now that Olenna is dead, Jamie then takes all of the Tyrell gold. He and Bronn, his right hand man, send the gold ahead of them to King’s Landing, they stay behind.

Ugh, Littlefinger is this master of deception and he tries to lead Sansa in ways that benefit him. Now he’s trying to use his charm on Bran, but obviously being the three eyed raven sees right through him. But Littlefinger does give him a dagger, the same dagger that was used when a cutthroat tried to kill him back when he was in a comma in season one.

I have to say that Bram was a complete ass to Meera. After everything she did for him, she lost everything to save him, she has every right to leave him to go and save whatever family she has left. He just says oh I’m not Bran Stark anymore, wow Bran, can you be any more of an asshole?

UH! Then Arya comes home! Although she gets stopped by the guards, who tell her to piss off and they don’t believe it’s really the long lost Stark sister. When they finally let her in to wait as they get Sansa, she heads off to the crypts. Sansa knows exactly where she is when she is told someone calling herself Arya was at the gates.

Related image

When the two finally meet, the hug is beautiful, but they are two different people from when they last say each other so it becomes a ‘can I trust you’ scene and a mini catch up. In the end it’s really good to see the two sisters reunited again.

Sansa let’s Arya know that Bran is home too so they go to see him. He tells her that he’s surprised she didn’t go to King’s Landing, and Arya has no idea how he knew that so the three eyed raven has to be explained.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 arya, sansa and bran gif

The last of the Stark children, it’s good to see them all together again.

Brienne is happy to see them all together and when Arya challenges Brienne to a battle. Gosh the two of them are so good together. The battle is incredible. I hate that Littlefinger is watching, when Arya notices, she can automatically tell something is up with that guy.  Sansa was watching, you can tell by the look on her face that Arya isn’t the same sister she used to know.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 arya and brienne gif

When Jon leads Daenerys through a cave to show the paintings of the Children of the Forest and how it showed that the Children and the First Men didn’t fight against each other, but together to kill their main enemy. Jon uses this to explain the White Walkers. I love this, I love them. They really work well together as actors.

Then Tyrion let’s Daenerys know the fate of what happened with Greyworm at Casterly Rock, with the Lannisters. So now Daenerys is pissed and really wants to use her dragons to get what she wants.

The scene with Missandei telling Jon why she believes in Daenerys is really beautiful because it gives Jon a new light on Daenerys, and what kind of person she is. Although that gets ruined when Theon shows up. Jon is pissed at Theon; he tells him the only reason he isn’t killing him is he saved Sansa last season.

This is also when we find out that Daenerys is no longer on Dragonstone, but has left to take on the Lannisters.

That’s when Jamie sees the army coming towards them. Here come the Dothraki! Man is it a blood bath. Then seconds later Daenerys comes riding in on her dragon, which throws everyone off because they have never seen a dragon before.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 dragons gif

I love how Jamie and Bronn are just watching it all happen around them. That’s useful. They only start to take action when the dragon starts to shoot fire. Everything is in utter chaos, we also then see that Tyrion has joined, I shouldn’t say ‘joined’ as he’s standing back watching the whole thing.

Bronn manages to shoot an arrow at the dragon and this takes it down. Once it actually falls down, Daenerys is trying to pull it out; Jamie sees this as an opportunity to kill the dragon, and possibly Daenerys. So what does he do, he lunges, on his horse, towards the two of them. Tyrion can see this happening and he just calls his brother an idiot, haha. Well Jamie gets close, but then he sees the dragon open its mouth, ready to spit fire, and it is Bronn who knocks him off his horse into the water.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 Jaime and Bronn gif

At first it looks like it’s led to believe that Jamie is dead; after watching it a second time I can see how that isn’t the case. I thought the fire caught him the first time I watched it, but in fact it didn’t.

As I said, Jamie does not die, and Bronn helps him out. There is dust and ash everywhere but now that it’s starting to settle Daenerys makes her speech to the remaining army. She wants them to bend the knee to her. No one in the army wants to do this. This is also where we see Dickon and Randyll again, they pledge their alliance to the Lannisters… which really does them no good, like at all. Daenerys is not happy about this.

Related image

That’s when she uses her dragons to help them make their decision. Her dragon blasts fire at Dickon and Randyll, burning them to ashes… well now everyone is bending the knee.

Jamie has to go back to King’s Landing to inform Cersei of the loss. Of course she’s not happy about it, this is also the scene that Cersei finds out that Tyrion is innocent of killing Joffrey and that it was really Olenna… and that Olenna is now dead.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 jon dragon gifUH! Seeing Jon touch a dragon for the first time is remarkable. He’s so nervous and a little terrified, but he does it and really well done.

Daenerys has just come back from her victory and she’s speaking with Jon (which I like those two together) and guess who shows up: Jorah! Their reunion is so beautiful! Knowing that Jorah is going to be okay and is back to serving his queen, everything is falling into place.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 jorah and dany gif

We find out that Bran has sent a raven to the Maesters warning them about the Army of the Dead. They kinda laugh at it because they don’t believe it’s real. Sam just happens to overhear the conversation and he tries to defend Bran’s visions but the Maesters just aren’t listening.

Now Sam is just mad about everything he’s doing that he takes Gilly, after she’s asked if he’s sure he’s willing to leave behind his studies, when he says yes, they ride off into the night.

Then back at Dragonstone they are all trying to figure out what they should do about Bran’s warning (which is when Jon finds out Bran and Arya are alive). Daenerys knows that if they do anything Cersei will try to take over. So Tyrion makes the suggestion to bring the dead to Cersei, make her believe they are real. Varys doesn’t think it’s the best idea, but then Jorah volunteers to go to the north to capture a Wight, and Jon wants to led that expedition because he’s faced them before, Davos thinks he should stay behind because he is King of the North now not a man of the Night’s Watch, Daenerys also tells him she hasn’t given him permission to leave.

They agree for Tyrion and Davos to sneak into King’s Landing to meet with Jamie, kinda like a peace offering. The two have a little spat, but Tyrion gives Jamie Daenerys’s terms as she’s willing to make peace with Cersei.

After their meeting, Cersei asks to speak with Jamie, she tells him that she knows that he met with Tyrion, she tells him not to betray her again. She also then tells him she is with child… which I think I had the same reaction as Jamie, complete and utter shock. But I still think he’s excited to be a father again.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 jaime and cersei pregnant gif

While in King’s Landing, Davos travels into the city a bit to see Gendry. I completely forgot about him! This is Robert Baratheon’s bastard son. Davos manages to talk him into leaving with him. But before they get out, they get stopped by two men, who Davos tries to sweet talk away, but it’s Gendry who smashes their heads in. Ew.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 Gendry gif

Once they get back to Dragonstone that’s when the men take off for the North. Seeing Jon and Daenerys part ways you can see the feelings they have for each other.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 jon snow and daenerys gif

Haha, seeing Tyrion and Jorah back together for a scene was really nice to see.

The men first head out to the East Watch, to grab those men to better their armies. I love how they really have to convince The Hound, haha. In the end he’s in and they take off for the North, and boy is it snowy!

I don’t like to see Sansa and Arya fighting, but I guess after all this time these two are going to have different of opinions. I also hate that Littlefinger is putting the sisters against each other.

Arya overhears a conversation with Littlefinger, that’s when she goes into his chambers and finds the scroll Sansa sent to Rob to bend the knee to Joffrey. Arya is incredibly angry, but she doesn’t have the background information as to why Sansa did what she did. So of course Littlefinger is happy to see then fight. Ugh that creepy smile he has when he sees that Arya found the scroll, ass.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 arya and little finger gif

When Arya finally confronts Sansa about the scroll, the two get into this fight where one thinks the other did the wrong thing or could do better; ugh seeing these two fight like this is so sad, they haven’t seen each other in seasons and this is the reunion we get? Boo!

Then when Sansa finds Arya’s face, damn does the plot thicken; it also terrifies Sansa a little bit.

We can see Daenerys getting restless at Dragonstone. She wants to be part of the action, but Tyrion is advising against going out.

Back in the North, those battles are intense. They get attacked by this giant bear, but that’s just the beginning. They finally spot the White Walkers walking around. They make a plan to ambush them from behind… totally coming out of left field. We learn that if you kill a Wight, the creatures that that Wight have turned die with him. That’s brilliant, so things go well. They are able to capture what they set out to capture (a Wight), buuuut they turn around and guess what, more Walkers show up. A lot die falling into the frozen water, but that leaves Jon and his men stranded on this piece of ice.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 jon stranded gif

Of course Daenerys goes against Tyrion’s pleases to do nothing and she goes off to see where Jon and his men are. Good thing because they are kinda in a sticky situation. Just when you think these guys are goners, the dragons show up! Things start to look up, until one of the Walkers shoots his icy spear at one of the dragons, killing it! Woah, that was not expected. This is going to affect everyone because this is a big loss… especially for Daenerys, they are her babies.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 jon stranded gif

The men get on one dragon, while Daenerys has the other and they hightail it out of there… leaving Jon, who almost dies, it’s Benjin Stark, his uncle, who saves him, but of course one has to die and it’s Benjin. He rides to catch up with his men to be healed. When he sees Daenerys again, it’s this beautiful connection without many words. This is also when he accepts her as his Queen.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 jon and daenerys gif

And just when you think the dragon is dead… not quite, it’s now a White Walker…WHAAAT!?

Related image

Okay so let’s unpack that finale because I wasn’t the biggest fan of it. There was SO much dialogue and noooo action. Because of this, it made the episode drag, lord it was so slow. Plus, it’s so much set up for next season that I am expecting a fight to death battle because this season was all getting ready for it.

Daenerys and her armies are now on their way to King’s Landing to meet with the Lannisters. Everyone arrives, and Cersei makes the comment that Daenerys is taking her sweet time to arrive, and of course she arrives fashionably late on her dragon.

The meeting is to get the Lannisters to side with them for the battle against the Walkers, that’s when the Hound brings out the Walker they caught to prove that what the Lannisters thought didn’t exist, actually do exist. They show them how they can kill them, and how they can do it together.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 the hound white walker gif

Jon also makes the bad move of declaring who his queen is to everyone. Now that he’s done this, Cersei is less likely to help them. Oh boy.

In the end, after Tyrion’s talk with Cersei, Cersei decides to lend her army to fight alongside them to fight the White Walkers, but we all know that she has something up her sleeve.

Theon tells Jon about the things he’s done wrong and how he’s planning to go and fight to get his sister back, and Jon, haha, tells him to stop talking to him and go out and do it. So he does. That’s when he goes back to the Ironborn man to get Yara back. It’s this guy named Harrag who calls him a coward and that’s when a fight ensues… a bloody fight that Theon wins, now all the men pledge allegiance to Theon.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 theon fight gif

In Winterfell things get real dark, but it’s probably the best scene in the whole episode.  So there is a trial and at first we’re led to believe it’s for Arya, for all the people she’s killed, but it turns out to be for Littlefinger, oooooo. He denies all the crimes Sansa pins on him by saying none of them were there, that’s when Bran’s third eyed raven abilities come in. When Sansa lashes out at him, it’s so good. Ugh when he declares his love for her, bleh. Then Arya comes in slits his throat GO ARYA! I’m so glad to see him dead! I like that Sansa and Arya are back to being friends again.

Related image

Cersei finally comes out with her real plans to Jamie. She lets him know that Euron hasn’t really left her and that the Ironborn are going to help her take over. Jamie is a little shocked to see Cersei working on her own without him. We realize that Cersei doesn’t need Jamie anymore now that she has a baby coming so she threatens to kill him. That’s when Jamie abandons her, he rides off and notices the first snowflakes in the south… Winter has come.

Image result for game of thrones season 7 jaime leaves cersei gif

Now the worst scene, and I just mean in terms of Jon’s life I HATE where they take him, ugh. So Sam and Gilly head to Winterfell and Sam goes to see Bran because he wants to help Jon in every way he can. That’s when Bran tells Jon’s story because Bran is the only one who knows the truth.

Related image

Jon’s father isn’t really Ned Stark but Rhaegar Targaryen… DAENERYS BLOODY BROTHER! OMG I CAN’T EVEN RIGHT NOW. Also while all of this is being told to Sam, Jon and Daenerys are fucking, fucking I can’t, WHY DID WE TAKE IT HERE!? I liked them as a couple, uhhhh.

Related image

We end with Walkers approaching and the ice breathing dragon breaking down The Wall. Season eight is going to be freakin’ epic!

Image result for game of thrones season 7 ice dragon gif

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