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Review: While the City Slept

Hello! Happy Monday! I hope everyone’s week started on the right foot! 🙂 Today I’m going to be posting my review of Eli Sanders’ book While the City Slept.

While the City Slept

While the City Slept by: Eli Sanders: One night in Seattle, 2009 three lives were altered. Teresa and Jennifer, a couple in love, and a young man, Isaiah. One night Isaiah, dealing with mental health issues, broke into their home attacking the two women and later killing one of them. This book is the accounts to that night and everything that came after. Told in an order that really helped the reader figure out the story, and really got the reader to know who these ‘characters’ if you will, were. This book was an example and an exposure to what happens when people who need help, don’t get it. The way this was written was really well done; it was organized and complied that made it engaging to the reader, but also in a concise manner that made time frames easy to follow. The way everything was introduced, and how we were eased into the story was done nicely. There were some spots throughout the middle of the book that felt a little dragged out, and very technical to the trial, but for the most part this was an eye opening read.

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