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Review: Blackhearts Duology

Hi guys! Happy Monday! Today is a holiday… and instead of relaxing I’m helping my brother move out 😛 Today I’m going to be posting my review of Blackhearts and Blacksouls by Nicole Castroman.


Blackhearts by: Nicole Castroman: Anne has had to make some sacrifices and working as a maid for the Drummond family has been one of them. When she meets Teach, Mr. Drummond’s son who has been off to sea for a year, the two don’t get along at first. Over time they start to form a connection, a connection that isn’t supposed to happen. For the most part this novel was consistent. What was thought to be a high action novel turned into a complete romance with a lot of instalove. This novel was just filled with a lot of tropes that didn’t really need to be used. The plot was alright; it was readable and there were storylines that were enjoyable to read, but there was nothing completely amazing about it, it was rather average and things started to get predictable near the end. The characters were also predictable, and they felt very cookie-cutter. There wasn’t anything unique about them, and it’s unfortunate because they could have been so much more. This novel did end on a cliff-hanger, which leaves the reader wondering what is to come next.


Blacksouls by: Nicole Castroman: Both Anne and Teach have set sails on different ships both hoping to see each other again. When the time does come, the two are set on a dangerous mission that could end either one of their lives. It’s a dangerous game of fate that tests all of their relationships. This, like the first novel was fast-paced and action packed. The plot moved quickly, which gave it that intense feeling. Castroman’s writing was good; this novel was a step above her first. The conflict was better and far more interesting than the previous novel. Now that the reader knows the characters, things didn’t feel so rushed and forced. The main character’s relationship took time to develop and it wasn’t as insta-lovey. It was good to expand a little more into this world and to meet more pirates and sailors. The way that this story ended makes it sound like there is more to come, which only time will tell as it wouldn’t be completely unwelcomed to see more.

9 thoughts on “Review: Blackhearts Duology

  1. Great post! Sounds like the first book is okay but it gets better in the second one. It’s one of the few pirate books I know about so I still wanna read it ❤

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  2. Great reviews for both these books. I saw a lot about Blackhearts when it was first released but nothing since then. The fact that the first book is very insta-love-y is not my thing at all, and that you said it’s full of tropes that don’t really need to be used kind of makes the book sound like not my thing at all either. Still I’m glad the second one improved somewhat. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Beth! I got a little crazy & requested the second book from a different city library before I even read the first one so I felt obligated to read the second one… kinda glad I did! To be honest I just wouldn’t suggest the first unless you’re really into tropes, but I don’t think anyone wants to sit through that! 😛
      I’m also reading all the 2016 releases I missed, that’s why all these old books are resurfacing! Haha!

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      1. That’s all right, and oh we all do extreme things for books don’t we? I guess at least you were rewarded somewhat when the second ended up being better.
        Really not into tropes, I don’t mind them if they’re written well but I feel like in a book with that many there wouldn’t be you know?

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