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Let’s Talk About… Brooklyn Nine Nine Season Four

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! Today I’m going to be talking all about season four of Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Okay so we start the season in Florida… it’s only Holt and Jake because they are in hiding because the mofia are after them now. So they have to take on new personalities, Jake is Larry and Holt is Greg.

Related imageLarry is this beach bum with bleach blonde hair, not going to lie looks good on him. He’s depressed, but decides that he doesn’t want to wait for others to find the guys who are after them so he’s bought a rental unit to start the search on his own.

Greg is this ‘stoner’ guy who works at this arcade. All he wants is this promotion to become senior manager, but he can’t seem to get it. He’s also supposed to be straight and he has joined a ladies walking group, haha it’s perfect.

Related image

Greg finds out what Larry is doing and he tells them he can’t, that need to wait in witness protection. But a few missteps and Larry gets Greg to start working the case too.

Holt is so deadest on not asking the 99 for help because they’ve already helped him before, but they seriously need help. They get arrested for having guns, then they escape jail by kissing each other, haha.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 4 jake and holt in jail

Back at the precinct: uhhhh so the they need a new captain and now they have captain CJ… who wears sweatpants when he meets them all. He’s like the captain version of Sully and Hitchcock. But everyone seems to like him because he gives them all what they want, Gina an assistant, Charles a desk, Rosa walls to her desk, and Terry a yogurt fridge. The only one who really can’t stand him is of course Amy.

Related image

So Amy gets them all to tell the captain that he should say no to them once in a while; well that backfires on them because Holt calls them up for help so the team asks for 72 hours off to go to Florida… well that’s when captain CJ says no. Oof.

Related imageSo what does the team do? Oh they go… in a minivan. They get there and Amy punches Jake in the neck, ha…oof. They are super awkward; I hope we get over this awkward period.

Holt has to stay behind while the rest of the team go and create a plan as he landed on a pipe that went through his leg, ew.

The team lure the mafia to the arcade where they create a plan to take them down. Guess who it is who takes him down? Gina and Holt in a truck, yes! Now they can come out of witness protection and back to New York.

Related imageRelated image








Related image

The team’s punishment for disobeying the captain is having to work the night shift. It sucks and the morale is low. Holt tries to lift morale, but nothing is working. When he admits that he’s as miserable too, the team think that he’ll fight for their day shifts back.

We get to meet Boyle’s adoptive son, Nikolaj, the centre of his universe.

Related imageI have to say this season isn’t as great as the past seasons; here’s to hoping that the Halloween episode will put this season on track.

This year it’s Jake against Holt and Amy. They’ve locked an plaque in a box… seems easy, but it’s all about the attempt. As Jake almost gets it, but Gina falls on her skates. Then a load of pizza deliveries come in and it is Rosa who steals it for Amy. Then Holt gets his dog Cheddar to steal it from Amy. Haha, well Jake gets Charles to tell him where it was so Jake steals it… but they all end up with a plaque! HA! WHAT?!?

The lights go out and a black light shows that they say ‘Heists are Dumb’ which makes you think it’s Terry because he says that about everything, everything is dumb to him. But damn it was Gina who planned the whole thing! Damn! The only thing with Gina is she thinks it’s discriminatory what the plaque says as she’s not a detective and she won… so she gets them to change it to say she’s the best human/genius.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 4 halloween heist gina gif
Pimento is back and comes back in the creepiest way ever… in Boyle’s son’s closet, so random. So now that he’s reconnected with Rosa they want to get married once and for all. Now they all have to plan a wedding in a day. Jake takes Pimento to find these earrings, and Rosa has left Amy in charge of creating everything for their wedding, meanwhile the whole time neither one wants to get married. So in the end they decide they are just going to start dating instead. They are such an odd couple, but they work.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 4 rosa and pimento gif

We get to meet Amy’s dad, played by Jimmy Smits, oh yeah, I like that casting. He’s just as detail oriented as Amy, go figure. So what does Jake do, he creates a binder just like the Santiago’s so that he can learn everything about him, and get him to like him. It works for quite a while… that is until Mr. Santiago finds the binder. Oof. They end up working a twenty-year-old case and after all the yelling and not getting along, the two figure it out and somewhat get along.

Related image

That same episode Holt and Pimento spend an afternoon together watching a dog race and watch to see if the dog Pimento bet all his money on, wins. It’s a very interesting pairing.

I have to say that Holt is a completely different person these days… he’s all fun no serious anymore; I don’t know how much I love this version of him.

Riiiiiiight CJ is still a character, ugh. So Holt and Jake are working a case with him, and he couldn’t be anymore useless. He’s thinking about transferring (which is what the team wants) but when he took one drug dealer… by accident which then makes him realizes that he can do the job, now he doesn’t want to leave. So what does Holt do, he makes sure he gets a medal for it and invites a lot of reporters… because he knew that CJ would hang himself. So does that mean he’s leaving? YES, HE IS 99!

Doug Judy is baaaaaack! Like I knew he would. This time the team is on this hunt, and the person they’re hunting is none other than Judy’s brother. They use Judy to help catch his brother; in order for him to full cooperate they tell Judy they’ll give him full immunity.

Holt thinks he’s playing for the other team, but Peralta doesn’t think he’s wavered. It looks like it when he sets a fire and takes off in a car, with his brother in tow. But when they track him down, and Judy looks to be giving Peralta a hard time, it’s Judy who knocks his brother out.

I have to say I love Judy and Peralta’s relationship; they are funny together.

So Gina has been hit by a bus, and she’s been away for two months… this comes in handy when an auditor comes around because no one can say no to her… I haven’t said it in a while but I love Gina; so fierce!

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 4 gina hit by bus gif
So all the Brooklyn precincts are under an audit, and everyone wants to keep the 99 so when an auditor comes around, guess who it is… Teddy, Amy’s boring ex. Her and Jake try to convince him that he’s not boring so that he won’t give them a bad review… meanwhile Charles and Rosa are trying to get rid of rats and Terry is trying to fix a 21-thousand-dollar printer/copier.

But what does Teddy do? Ugh I can’t stand this guy, he proposes to Amy because he thinks she and Jake aren’t in love… but they’re just fighting to get out of this jazz date Teddy set up to prove he’s not boring. Obviously Amy says no, but Teddy’s girlfriend witnesses the whole thing, what a guy, he will forever be hung up on Amy.

Because of the whole thing with Amy, Teddy is no longer their auditor, but this woman that Terry dated is, Veronica… and she wants to take the 99 down, oh boy.

We spend the whole episode trying to figure out why she hates Terry (the timing of his breakup with her and the date on the gift certificate are off by a year… meaning he meant to break up with her a year prior, yikes). Meanwhile Jake and Rosa are on the set of a cop show to solve a theft crime and Jake gets sucked into all the antics. They get Nathan Fillion to play a detective… and it’s pretty much a mock his Castle character. That plot was interesting… and a little weird if you’ve seen any Castle.

Related image

I find this show likes to poke fun of a lot of shows… like the whole TV drama that they had was a total play on Law & Order… only Serve & Protect.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 4 serve and protect

Anyways so because they think that the 99 is being shut down Jake and Charles go on one last ride together; even if it’s the most basic catch they don’t care. Well their basic catch turns into a complete drug bust… in the end the 99 is saved, although we’re left to believe that Veronica said something bad, but it’s never followed through.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 4 teddy auditor gif

I have to say that the next episode was a hard hitting episode that dealt with black lives and I think they handled it perfectly. So Terry gets stopped on the sidewalk on his street while looking for his kid’s toy; we all know it was for being black (as the cop was white) when the white cop finds out Terry is a cop, he’s super apologetic, but he’s only apologetic because of the fact that he’s a cop. Terry wants to do something, but Holt is too chicken to want to get involved. I love that Terry stands up for him and his fellow black people, I love that he stands up for his daughters, this episode was just really well done.

Theeeeeen we get a weird episode. I don’t talk about Scully and Hitchcock a lot because they are kinda main characters but they never have their own actual storylines, they’re just kinda there for comedic effect. But this time around Scully falls in love with a woman who is just like him… like exactly, they even have the same choice in wardrobe, but he’s too nervous. It’s fun to watch him get the girl; and it’s fun to watch the team help him out. I liked this plot way better than the rest of the story for this episode; the party just seemed so forced and the trip and the whole powerpoint plot was meehhh.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 4 Cindy Shatz

Amy is trying out for her sergeant’s test; she disappears when she gets super nervous about it and Jake and Rosa spend the day trying to find her. It’s a hilarious plot to see Jake pretending to be Amy. They eventually find her on the roof a building and Amy is freaking out because she doesn’t want anything to change between her and Jake. If she passes the test she’ll technically be Jake’s boss. I love Jake he tells her to go for it and chase her dreams; they are adorable.

Oooo we get to meet Holt’s mother; who is an honorable judge. She is just like Holt, got a stick up her butt (even though Holt has been reeeeally laid back this season). Holt needs someone from the team to help solve a break in at her house. He wants to choose Amy, but she freaks and he ends up choosing Jake. Getting somewhat close to Jake Mrs. Holt tells Jake that she’s been seeing their main suspect for two years (she doesn’t want Holt to know) so she tells him it can’t be that guy. When Holt is deadest on it being him, Jake has to confess to Holt the truth. It kinda crushes him, since he and his mother don’t talk about those things. It’s Jake that gets them to open up… slightly.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 4 holt mom

Then get thrown a gender equality episode; not as hard hitting as the person of colour episode, but still important. So Jake and Rosa are competing to work with another detective: Hawken’s. They pretend to not compete, but Rosa tells her that her captain is a man, the sergeant is a man, she is wants to work for a woman; it would be a nice change. Jake realizes this and gives it to her…

… Only Jake finds out that Hawken’s a dirty cop selling drugs, now Rosa, Jake and Holt are on the case. Then they bring in Pimento for extra help, it’s great to see Jason Mantzoukas again!

Related image

Jake and Rosa are still pretending to work with Hawken’s. Then they get invited to a party where they have to bring coke… and do coke, then as the night goes on the end up becoming part of a bank robbery. Shit that escalated fast!

So they are working it into the show? I realized the actress who plays Gina looked a little pregnant; and yes I googled it because I am a curious person, she is pregnant in real life. So the team thinks Gina is pregnant, they don’t want to say anything, but of course Charles spills the beans because he’s so excited to be an uncle. Well she tells them that she is in fact pregnant, now they want to know who the father is… but she won’t, apparently he’s famous… or not, she slept with a Boyle cousin… ooooo.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 4 gina pregnant

But they are cute as he comes to the precinct to pick her up, and they dance haha, of course!

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 4 gina pregnant dance

OH SHIT! Hawken’s turns the tables on them and arrests them as the bad cops! WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!

Well now the team has to come together to prove that Jake and Rosa are innocent. Rosa almost skips town, it’s Holt that convinces her to come back because her family will miss her, her 99 family that is. Jake on the other hand is trying to prove they are innocent and when they find a man who used to work with Hawken’s but she destroyed his life. Jake gets him to agree to come to court to prove their innocence… only this backfires really badly!

Terry and Charles are working with hackers to get any information they can; that’s when they learn that that guy they brought in actually works for Hawkens. GAHHHH!

I also wasn’t prepared for that to be the season finale so when it just ended I was like WHHHHAAAAAATTTTT. I need season 5 now please and thank you!!!

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… Brooklyn Nine Nine Season Four

  1. Great overview.I really like this show, some episodes aren’t great and miss the mark but overall each series is always good and you get lots of laughs.

    That black episode about Terry was fantastic, similar to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air episodes, one where Will’s father leaves again and another where Will and Carlton are accused of stealing a car just because they are black and goes to show that a comedy show can really nail it with emotion and deep issues. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Yeah some episodes aren’t up to par, but for the most part it’s really good and I’m very glad NBC decided to pick the show up!

      I haven’t seen all of Fresh Prince, so I don’t remember that episode, but I agree with you, they really did it right and it was so good to see!

      Liked by 1 person

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