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Let’s Talk About… Brooklyn Nine Nine Season Three

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! Today I’m going to be talking all about season three of Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Damn, this season starts off with so much drama, I’m not really a fan of it all; it’s not as funny as some of the past plots.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 3 dozerman gifWeeeeell, it’s not Holt. I am so disappointed. The new captain is the guy named Dozerman and he’s a complete weirdo. He yells at everything, insults everyone, and thinks they need to do everything now, now, now.

Amy and Jake don’t know how to deal with their feelings, so they keep hiding in the evidence room to kiss, and guess who finds them… Dozerman, and what happens, he has a heart attack and dies, damnnnn! I’m really happy that, that character is gone, he was annoying for the whole half episode he was on the show.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 3 dozerman gif
So now the new captain is a character we’ve seen before: The Vulture. He’s this guy who comes in and steals all the fame for their cases, hence the name. He’s also annoying, bleh can we get Holt back?

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Speaking of Holt, he is this whole new guy, when he gets to the precinct and no one cares he’s there, well that hurts Holt on the inside. So he and Terry get drunk and hash out their feelings. Holt is now working in PR and it’s noooooot what he wants at all.

The Vulture is also threatening Jake’s job unless he and Amy break up. They try to trick the vulture, but everything they try isn’t working; in the end it’s Holt who fixes it all, YES Holt is (somewhat) back!

Related imageJake and Holt hate their bosses and their jobs so much that they team up to solve a long-time coming case, the oolong killer… well that goes well until they get caught. Now Holt wants nothing to do with it, but Jake tries to convince him to come back. All his attempts seem to fail… until the very end when Holt comes to his rescue. That’s when Jake makes a plea, give over all the evidence to catch this oolong killer in exchange for captain Holt back… AND IT HAPPENS. HOLT IS BACK BABY! 😀

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It’s Halloween round three! This year Holt and Jake want to even the score so they are planning to try and steal the same object: a crown. They choose teams but neither of them want to choose Amy 1) Jake is dating her that could get in the way 2) she is willing to suck up to the captain so she’s left out. She is hurt by this, but the heist still proceeds.

There are some crazy heist moves that occur and when they both loose the crown they turn to Amy for help. They both realize this janitor has stolen the crown and they need the address; they both know that Amy would have it. She gives it to both of them because PLOT TWIST: she was the janitor (which I kinda saw that part) but what I didn’t see was that she orchestrated the whole thing. I love how she came through, and that she proved that she is her own person, not Holt’s lackey or Jake’s girlfriend, good for her!

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Charles wants to set Gina up with someone since she is alone. What does he do, he finds a man that Gina thinks is hot, but we find out that her date is Charles’s girlfriends’s twin brother, yikes!

Related imageNow Rosa wants to break up with Marcus, it’s Holt who figures it out, and now she goes to him to figure out how she should do it. They both are so emotionless it’s sad, but funny? I really don’t like that Rosa wants to break up because he wants to get married, I liked them together… even if we didn’t get to see them as a couple very much. It’s funny after all is said and done Rosa and Holt are crying, what a pair.

Jake and Amy are on their first case together as a couple; they do well, as they claim to never fight, but it’s not the case that gets them in an argument it’s Jake’s mattress. Amy wants him to buy a new one, but Jake thinks they are too expensive. Well this gets them into trouble with the case as they blow their cover. I love how it’s Holt’s personal story that makes Jake realize he needs to buy a mattress.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 3 jake and amy mattress

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 3 jake and amy mattressTerry’s wife is at the precinct waiting for Terry when her water breaks. Jake makes it his mission to make her as calm as possible, but the precinct is anything but calm. They lose internet and things go crazy, a fire starts and a mob happens, but Jake is there to save the day on every account. In the end Terry has a baby girl and Jake is the godfather! 😀

When they have to work with the Swedish team on a case and it seems they beat Jake and Rosa over and over again. I don’t think it’s mean to be a contest, but I think this was to show that the States likes to make everything a competition to prove they are at the best at everything, because when Jake wins and solves the case, he doesn’t really feel good, and The Swedes don’t make them feel good either. Overall, it was an interesting plot.

When Christmas rolls around again Jake, Gina and Charles end up in a lockdown situation as guys have decided to take over a department store; well the whole plot is like a recreation of Die Hard, Jake’s favourite movie ever. I thought this to be a really good plot, it was highly entertaining and to watch Jake so happy over this, is pure hilarious.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 3 pimento gif

Charles goes from wanting children in one episode to losing his dog in the next; his life is rough. So he wants to have children with his girlfriend, who he’s been seeing for all of three months… yeah. Well he had a vasectomy, but it’s Charles so of course he stored sperm, his only (giant) hurtle: his ex-wife. Why she even cares about any of this is beyond me; she claims she hates him, but loves to torment him all the damn time. I can’t stand her. So the company that was storing his sperm contacted his ex-wife because the account still has her name on file, and she doesn’t want to give up the stuff. Instead she’ll give it if he uses his cop powers to scare this person she hit with her car to drop the charges.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 3 hostage situation gifWe find out that she hit a 90-year-old priest who was sitting on a bench… uhm, and of course Charles wants to do it!!! I’m glad Jake has some sense to him and tells him what a bad idea it is. In the end, the sperm gets ruined and Charles and his girlfriend are looking into surrogates.

Then Charles’s life takes a bit of a drastic turn: one of his 3 dogs died and he’s completely broken up about it. Rosa doesn’t get it at all and just wants him to move on… it isn’t until she gets a dog of her own (a dog that was supposed to be for Charles) that she gets why he’s upset. Rosa is really becoming more of a softy and I kinda love it.

Related imageRelated image

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 3 holt mumps gif

Holt and Jake get the mumps when they work on a case together, a case that was closed and Jake only opened to give Holt some company while his husband Kevin is in Paris. This leaves them in Holt’s house for nine days. It starts off all fun and games and kinda crashes and burns once Holt finds out Jake is only there for pity.

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It’s Amy who has to break it to Holt that everyone at the precinct just wanted to help him out. In the end it turns out the case wasn’t as closed as they thought it was, and it is Amy who breaks the case. Talk about a fun, and well played out plot.

While Holt is away Terry takes it as an opportunity to see what it’s like to be captain as he’s preparing for the test. It’s definitely a lot harder than he anticipated; he wants to get all these chores done, but finds he has no time for it. He realizes that being captain is about taking care of his team, less about actual tidiness of it all.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 3 terry precinct gif

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 3 the cruise gidThen guess what?!?! JUDY IS BACK!!! I knew he would, I’m assuming he’s always going to come back. Jake and Amy win a cruise, which isn’t odd at all. Once aboard we run into Judy: The Pontiac bandit. Turns out he called them because someone is trying to kill him. Jake and Amy spend the trip catching that guy, once they do take him down… well doesn’t Judy escape once more. Jake is furious, but at least he spends the rest of the cruise with Amy doing what she wants… and he tells her he loves her awwwwwww!

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Also a slight side note you can totally tell that the actress who plays Amy, Melissa Fumero is totally pregnant! They kept this giant beach bag at her side the entire episode, making it super obvious!

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 3 the cruise gif

We learn that Holt has siblings and one of them is coming to town. He can’t stand the way she gossips so he tries to avoid her… it’s Gina who tells him he needs to fight her gossip with gossip. So he does, and it actually brings them closer together… talk about adorable. He even builds her a fort like they did when they were kids! 😀

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 3 holt sister

We get to meet Jake’s mom, and now we can see why Jake uses comedy as a defence mechanism. He and Amy go to his mom’s house for his birthday and she’s an airhead. Well his birthday goes to the toilet as his dad shows up; turns out his parents are dating each other and Jake couldn’t think of anything worse. The two of them together are just annoying, but Jake knows he can’t do anything, he tells his mom as long as she’s happy. Jake is a good guy.

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JASON MANTZOUKAS!!! I love that guy! I already knew he had a guest appearance on the show… I’ve kinda been waiting for it, and he shows up as detective Pimento. He’s crazy and erratic… like most of the characters he portrays.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 3 pimento gif

He is coming straight off an undercover case and damn does he have some PTSD issues. He tries to kill Jake and well a lot more other people. Jake doesn’t want to work with him, but Holt has to prove to Jake that he’s a hero.

I like that Pimento is staying around. He and Diaz have this weird, weird thing for each other. Like he’s hole punching things, stapling things and that becomes sexual; the best part Terry always catches them!

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 3 pimento gif

Did I miss something? Why is Charles pretending to be blind? When Jake and Amy agree to look after Holt’s house when he goes to Paris to visit his husband Kevin, things go south fast. Holt and Kevin’s dog Cheddar rips all the clothes, then escapes, Charles catches fire, so now the 99 team come together to help put everything back together again before Holt turns around and gets home.

Turns out that Holt cancelled his trip because every time he talks to Kevin they fight, he’s afraid that if he goes to Paris they will fight and it will be over. Awwwwww. It’s Jake that says that he thinks they are one of the best, strongest couples ever. This show as so many emotions!

So now Pimento and Rosa are engaged!! WHAT?! Now they’re planning a wedding, but first the bachelorette/bachelor parties! Well one goes better than the other. Rosa has three parties as Gina takes them paint balling, Amy gets them super drunk, and Charles lets them destroy shit; talk about a great night.

Let’s take a dramatic turn to Pimento’s party where Jake has been instructed to make Terry like Pimento. Well he tries, but the whole night Pimento is going insane thinking someone is trying to kill him. Terry doesn’t believe it, but when someone actually tries to kill him, he thinks he needs to leave. At least he knows he needs to protect Rosa. Turns out the FBI have hired someone to kill Pimento, now the whole team are involved in solving this.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 3 pimento gif

Pimento leaves, and they have to pretend he’s dead.

Jake and Amy have this really sweet moment while working the case; Amy has to go undercover in prison, to find out who the connection is in the FBI. She goes in pretending to be pregnant (although she’s pregnant irl and she finally doesn’t have to hide it because it’s getting weird the amount of things they keep using for her to hold to hide it) Jake is really worried about her, so worried he’s always bringing her back which frustrates Amy so Jake is the bigger person and gets off the case. Talk about really sweet moment.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 3 pregnant

Holt’s friend from the FBI, Bob, is also helping them finding out who is hunting Pimento… or is he? When they think they’ve stolen the FBI file on a guy they’ve been following it turns out it’s a fake file… we find out that it’s Amy’s connection in prison tells Jake that Bob is not on their side.

The season ends on getting Bob to talk. They go to Rosa’s house and it’s not what anyone thought it was, she’s got happy things, which is SO not her.

WOAH. So they all come to get together to get Bob to talk. It’s Amy who cuts the power, and Charles and Rosa shoot snipers at the apartment to get Bob scared, and it works. So Holt takes Bob into the panic room Rosa has and that’s where he confesses like they knew he would. That bonding moment between Holt and Peralta is SO awesome! “You don’t work with Peralta for three years and not know what the Funky Cold Medina.” Loved it!

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After all is said and done, Jake and Amy are going to move in together… I love them! 😀

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WHAT?! We end on this weird suburban street where I think the gang are undercover… or in hiding. Damn what does season four have in store for us?

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