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Photo Blog: Niagara Falls, ON, CA

Hi guys! Happy Friday. You have no idea how happy I am that it’s Friday and finally the weekend! Today I’m going to be showing off what I did last weekend.

Last weekend, me and one of my best friend’s set out to Niagara Falls. We’ve been saying it again and again over the years, but finally we cracked down and actually did it. It was so much fun, and lots of drinks were consumed; it was definitely a girls weekend!

What we did:

  • Obviously see the falls! That first shot is actually from our hotel-not our room, but our floor (15th).
  • We were desperate for food so our first official stop was Margaritaville. Yum!
  • There are some shots of the American side, then the horseshoe that is the Canadian side.
  • We made it our mission to ride the Maid of the Mist… which we found out is called the Hornblower on the Canadian side, who knew? It was definitely an adventure and worth the 30$. Even though you can’t really see a lot because there is so much water, it’s still a lot of fun!
  • Our second day we pre-paid for a Wine Tour (Wine Tours of Niagara) they first took us to Oast Brewery where I loved their dark beer!
  • We then went to three wineries. The first was Jackson Triggs a very popular wine in Ontario. We actually got a tour of the place and it was really neat.
  • We then stopped at two smaller wineries, Pond View and Pillitteri Estates.
  • I should mention I bought 3 bottles: 2 from Triggs and 1 from Pillitteri. They are all good wines and all ones we tried! I also learned (which I’m not surprised by) I am not a fan of ice wine, ugh it’s so sweet, I like bitter.
  • Later that night we stayed and waited for the fireworks. I have a few photos, but at the end I have a few videos as well!
  • You’ll notice the Falls from above again; that was where we ate breakfast two mornings in a row. Great view!
  • The rest are pictures of the casino (in which I am not a gambler, also not surprised by this), and Clifton Hill where all the attractions (mostly for kids, but not subject to).
  • There was also Niagara Speedway, which in their pamphlet called it “go-carts, but on steroids”. We did it, it was a lot of fun.

I hope you enjoy the photos/videos! 🙂

Thanks for viewing! 🙂

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