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Let’s Talk About… Brooklyn Nine Nine Season Two

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! Today I’m going to be talking all about season two of Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Chelsea Peretti as Gina Linetti, Jo Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle, Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz, Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago, Terry Crews as Terry Jeffords, Andre Braugher as Raymond Holt and Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta

Peralta had become one with the mob but now that he’s back with the NYPD and he talks to Santiago to tell her that what he said before he left was all a mistake… then he takes it back and tells her he meant it. But she’s still with Teddy so this is going to be a long drawn out plot, I feel it.

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Gina is super worried that Charles is going to tell Peralta they slept together. But Charles manages to keep that secret, surprisingly. Gina thinks they are out of the clear… until they sleep together again. And to add to this plot, Charles films himself working out… only he was working out in Gina’s apartment and she starts talking about sex with him… while the camera is rolling. Now Charles forgot to take the tape out, and Hitchcock took that camera… yikes!

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The Deputy Chief has come to inspect them… turns out she and Holt used to work together, and she ruined his career.

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He thinks it’s because he told her he’s gay and rejected her come-ons, but it turns out it’s because he wasn’t doing his job and not following orders.

Well she’s still around. We find out that she’s the one who can take his job away.

They have these annual games ‘the Jimmy Jams’. They all compete against each other to pass the time; this year Peralta is betting against Rosa for her friend’s number. Rosa doesn’t want to give him the number because she still thinks he’s after Amy. So now on top of the first bet he has to prove that he’s no longer into her. Weeeeell Santiago wins the game, and Peralta let her, he’s still into her.Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 2 the jimmy jams gifs

It’s Halloween again and so Holt and Peralta have made yet another bet, Peralta has until midnight to steal Holt’s watch or else he’ll have to do five weeks of unpaid overtime. Things go really well to start, he gets the team to help him, but he hires a pick-pocketer to steal the watch… he does that, but then he actually steals the watch from Peralta. The plot twist, the theft tells him it’s in the glove compartment of his car… the car that is towed away. I swear every possible thing happens to this car.

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Daaaaaamnnnnn. Holt was in on the whole thing! He got the team to work for him and ever since last Halloween ended he has planned out everything, even givingJake the idea to steal his watch. Wow, well played Holt, very well played!

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Gina gets danced out of her dance crew, because she’s missed practice due to going to school at night; I don’t think we’ve seen Gina so low. That’s when the team comes to her rescue and Terry dances with her.

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So Santiago and Peralta need to stop by Gina’s to pick up files and guess what they find… Charles and Gins together. Oof. So now Gina breaks it off with Charles, I have a strong feeling they will try to get back together again.

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Now that Jake is moving on in his love life he meets a woman, Sophia, who he then finds out is a lawyer on his case, yikes. Things get messy, but as soon as the case is over they resume their romance. I like Eva Longoria’s role in this show she plays the part really well.

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When Thanksgiving rolls around Holt needs to go out on assignment and leaves Peralta in charge; an interesting choice but I like that Holt trusts Jake enough to do this, their dynamic is developing really well.Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 2 jake and holt gifSo while in charge the precinct is under lockdown. Someone brings a suspicious box into the office and they don’t know what it is. Now Jake has to deal with everything that comes up; a fire, everyone getting out of line and so Holt becomes disappointed in him until Jake really steps it up and really gets everything taken care of.

Santiago is trying to quit smoking… who knew she even smoked? They don’t really mention it and now she’s trying anything. I wonder if any of it works.

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Santiago and Peralta have to go upstate for work early in the morning, so what they do is go up the night before to a BNB. Peralta invites Sophia, who I find is like the woman version of Peralta and I think that’s why they get along so well. Peralta thinks he’s being the best friend ever by inviting Teddy for Santiago’s sake. He doesn’t tell her until they get there and Amy gets really angry because she wants to break up with him because there’s no spark anymore.

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So Jake and Sophia agree to get Amy through the night, but well they don’t even make it through dinner. It’s quite awkward and when Teddy says the problem in their relationship is Jake, everyone is confused, turns out Amy kinda likes Jake back. Oooooof. Although this was kinda seen coming. Now Sophia is pissed but they manage to make up when Jake shows up at her room and not Amy’s. Please tell me we are not doing a love triangle because I cannot do this!

So last season they tried to find the Pontiac bandit only to find out that the guy they had helping them was in fact the theft. Well he’s back, Doug Judy (a play on Judge Judy possibly?) shows up and when he says that he can help them catch Giggle Pig this big drug bust. Well he does do that, but he gets away when they catch Giggle Pig. I’m kinda glad that Judy got away because I can’t wait for him to come back; he really adds to the show, he’s funny and is perfect with Diaz and Peralta.

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When Gina and Charles broke up they had a room that was not refundable and so Gina gave it to her mother, and Charles gave it to his father… yikes! Well the two met and fell in love… now Gina and Charles are doing everything they can to break their parents up.

All of the characters get tested. Charles and Jake have to go out on a stake out, everyone keeps telling them eight days is too long to be together, but they say they never fight. But as the days go by every little thing starts to irate each other. They get so mad at each other that they blow their hideout. But once they separate for a bit and come back to catch the guy and they have a bit of a scuffle Jake worries about Charles, and that’s when they make up and Jake claims they are brothers. I’m glad that turned out nicely.

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Amy and Gina are mad at Terry for drawing them in his children’s book. The two have read the story and think that everyone sees Amy as a push over and Gina as a stone cold hearted bitch. That’s when they switch roles, but Terry catches on fast and as to tell them that his characters don’t reflect them.

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Omg talk about awkward; Holt’s nephew Marcus is staying with Holt and Rosa has a thing for him. Holt becomes the messenger between the two, and once Rosa and Marcus sleep together this makes the relationship between Holt and Diaz reeeeeeally awkward, yet funny at the same time.

I have to say those two are really cute!

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So a few episodes ago Jake stopped Terry from having a vasectomy so now Terry wants money and Jake figures it out really well that Terry’s wife is pregnant. Terry doesn’t want anyone to know so when the rest of the team find out Jake paid him, they want their money back too. Only he owes everyone thousands of dollars, and he can’t do it. Now they know something is up with Terry, so he does a bunch of awkward weird things for them all.

The team head out to Charles beach house (and by his I mean his ex-wife’s; he owns it part time, and he owns it in the winter) so the team head up there to let off steam… but Jake invites the captain and that really bogs the trip down. He kinda sucks the fun out of everything.

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They devise a plan to have a party downstairs and have some people upstairs keeping Holt busy. Well obviously that plan fails and Holt finds the downstairs party. I love how it’s Holt that apologizes to Jake and then they play a game where they guess if Holt actually said it. I swear to you I could watch that all day long. The lines are so hilarious.

Jake ruins it everything by hitting reply all to an email and now they all know, but Jake has devised a plan to make sure Terry doesn’t find out. Weeeeell Holt is the one to ruin it all by telling Terry his congratulations. Ooooooo.

So Sophia wants to press pause on their relationship basically because her job is more important than he is. She claims it’s because her boss isn’t giving her the good cases because she’s dating a cop. So what does Jake do, oh the most Jake thing to do- go to a party to get on her boss’s good side… only in the end he has to arrest him for snorting cocaine. Damn. Well Sophia does not like that and so she breaks up with him. It’s actually really sad. I’m going to miss Sophia.

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OOOO I think Deputy Chief still has a crush on Holt, as she doesn’t want to leave, she loves tormenting him and she kisses him.

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Charles and Gina’s parents are now going to get married… so much for breaking them up. Gina finally, after reluctantly giving her blessing. Their wedding day starts off as a disaster as nothing is ready, Jake loses the rings, and his long lost love (again), the cake says the wrong thing and top of it all Boyle’s dad isn’t sure if he’s ready to get married again. Yikes!

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But alas the two get married, Jake is still heartbroken, but the rings are found. We also get to see Diaz tell Marcus that she loves him. A collective awwwww is in order. Rosa has feelings… other than hate.

We finally get to meet Jake’s pilot father, Captain Peralta. (played by Bradley Whitford… I love that guy, he will forever be Josh Lyman from the West Wing :D) Anyways, his father waltzes into town from Montreal, where the show really has it out for Canada for some reason, ouch guys. They make fun of poutine, which uhm I’m sorry is amazing, don’t knock it until you try it. But I do have to commend them on using actual French… for a comedic show like this, it would have been very easy to just use gobblity goop words and pretend it’s French.

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So his father only really sees him because he’s being investigated by the Canadian police for smuggling drugs. He says he didn’t do it and Jake believes him. Charles thinks he’s being too naïve about it since his dad is and was never around, Jake is regressing. They make the trip to Canada with his father to find out the facts, which in the end point out that it was a girl he was seeing on the side smuggling the drugs because she’s mad that he’s seeing his real girlfriend.

Jake thinks his father is going to be so proud of him that he’ll want to go to the bar with him… well nope. Instead his father bails once more, and Jake isn’t really surprised. I love that it’s Holt who tells him he’s proud; those two!

And just when you least expect it… Sophia’s boss is back… only he’s not a lawyer anymore… he’s not much of anything. He’s trying to sabotage Peralta’s life since he seems to think that Peralta ruined his life. The urine sample that came back positive for cocaine should have tipped me off, but it was a good plot.

The end of season two has been SO good! Rosa thinks she may be pregnant and she shares with the Holt, man that was hilarious. The two don’t really know what to do but be awkward… really, really awkward. Turns out she isn’t, that would be weird if she was.

Jake still loooooves Amy! 😀 ❤ ❤ When another detective wants to ask Amy out, Jake gets suuuuper jealous! When the case is over the detective asks her out, but she isn’t into it. That makes Jake happy, but then she dumps it on him that she’s not dating cops anymore oooooof! BUT SHE LIKES HIM!

Terry is contemplating taking another job, that’s when Gina and Charles band together to make him stay. In the end it’s Holt who convinces him. I’m glad he’s staying… even if I knew he wasn’t really leaving.

Jake and Amy have to go undercover, as a newly engaged couple, well this fucks with their feelings now doesn’t it? Will they, won’t they get together?

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But Holt, oooof. The Deputy Chief has been up his ass (almost literally) about giving him a promotion, so he finally takes it which means he’s leaving, ugh, the heartache here! Now they’re getting a new captain, but of course they don’t show who it is!!!! I bet it is just Holt again, and he’s going to go ‘fooled you’ OR I really hope so!Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 2 johnny and dora gifs


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