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Review: Zodiac Series

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! Today I’m going to be reviewing the final novel in Romina Russell’s Zodiac series Thirteen Rising.

This novel is part of my Goodreads challenge. When I first saw it, I figured okay this should be an interesting novel, it’s about the zodiac signs. And don’t get me wrong it was interesting, I just didn’t realize it was a series. It says “a novel” on the cover, which indicates usually that this is one book deal. This novel tricked me, and so there is a second novel, Wandering Star, that came out later this year, (which is in this review). Who knows if there will be more afterwards, judging by the ending there looks to be more.- Jan. 18/2016.
ED: I am still trying to play catch up on this Goodreads challenge… 3 years later. Mar. 19/2018.

Hopefully you, reading this review, find this novel to be captivating and a great novel, here is my review.


Zodiac by: Romina Russell: In a world where the zodiac is the solar system and each sign represents a home, or planet, comes the series Zodiac. The first novel in the series the reader meets the main character Rhoma Grace, a sixteen-year-old girl who is made Guardian of the Cancer house. She fears Dark Matter is being used by the thirteenth house, a house that hasn’t existed for many years and is just a myth to everyone. She tries to warn Virgo and Gemini that an attack is coming after Cancer has been attacked by Ochus, the thirteenth house. She has to make all the signs come together as one, to become the zodiac, but things take twists and turns. The novel definitely is an original story that encompasses the reader with the author’s storytelling, and the details and prose she uses. The characters are dimensional and feel like they could be real people. It’s vey action packed, and adventurous, romance, and love triangles are even thrown into this novel for good measure. Overall, the writing was really well done, though the novel was very fast-paced, the author could have slowed the story down a little, it made the story feel rushed. Hopefully the second novel is just as good, if not better.


Wandering Star
Wandering Star

Wandering Star by: Romina Russell: The second novel in the Zodiac series. Rho receives a message from Ochus, which makes her determined to fight. The Marad are invading and willing to attack the Houses at any moment. And between the battles Rho has to deal with subploted romances, and a love triangle. The novel was thrilling, and took the reader on a whirlwind of emotions. The backstabbing, and betraying that also happen really threw the reader for a loop. It was a really intense read. The romantic plotlines were all right. Used for dramatic effect they didn’t really enhance the plot. The ending though makes readers really excited to find out what Russell has planned next for this series. It ended on a high that hopefully will only continue to grow. Overall, this novel was a step up from the first; it was very engaging and entertaining.

Black Moon

Black Moon by: Romina Russell: A terrorist group called the Marad has made its way into the Zodiac Galaxy. When they disappear without a trace, Rho is very suspicious and believes they haven’t left for good. When she is sent on a mission, she takes that opportunity to find them, and possibly find out more than she possibly thought she could. This novel was alright; it wasn’t as intense as the past two novels have been. This was more subdued, like the reader is in a waiting period before everything comes crashing down, everything with the thirteenth planet. This book felt like it dealt with more background stories and the romances. Although that ending was rather epic, and very spectacular. It was definitely not seen coming, and that made it perfect for the reader to go into the next novel; if only the rest of the novel could have been as exciting. The characters were alright as well; this novel felt very standstill for them. There were a few parts where there were lots of emotions, which let us learn a little more into the characters, but for the most part nothing really changed. That being said, the next novel should be a good one.

Thirteen Rising

Thirteen Rising by: Romina Russell: The end is near and Rho must face her final battle, but is it worth fighting? Everyone is set up against her and everyone she loves is in danger and Rho doesn’t know if she has it in her to fight the good fight. This novel was definitely action packed and the plot was just go, go, go, which was really good because it made the story flow and helped with the pacing. There were a few surprising plots that threw the reader for a bit of a loop, but in a good way. Russell’s writing was very enjoyable and overall a good read; her characters on the other hand just felt too generic and predictable. That made the novel a bit of a drag, but because of the intricate plots they were thrown into made for an engaging read. This was a good ending to this series; it was just enough action and just enough resolution.


4 thoughts on “Review: Zodiac Series

  1. Amazing review, Meghan! I’m glad the series got better as it progressed… Well, up until the third book, I guess. A shame it wasn’t consistently awesome throughout, but nice that it had an epic ending!
    I’ll definitely give these a try one day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m still waiting for the last novel to come out. I guess I should have mentioned that in the post 🙄 I was in a rush to post it yesterday :\
      But I do encourage you to read it, the series so far as been really good, and it’s interesting, it’s fast-paced. I hope the last book is just as good! 🙂


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