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Review: The Dark-Hunters Series Part I

Hi guys! Happy Monday, today is a holiday here and I’m very happy about that! Today I’m going to be posting part one of my reviews to Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter‘s series, part two will be coming later this week!

Before I even start with my reviews I just want you guys to know that this has been sitting in my drafts folder since June of 2016… I started reading this series back in 2014 and four years later I am finally all caught up… holy hot damn! I was on her website this past weekend and apparently there are four more books to be still released… the never ending series! 😛

Night Pleasures
Night Pleasures

Night Pleasures by: Sherrilyn Kenyon: The first novel in the Dark Hunters series. Kyrian Hunter is a Dark-Hunter, they are sort of like vampires because they have fangs and can’t go out in the day, but they are more than just your average vampire, they don’t need to suck blood to stay alive. Amanda Devereaux is just your ordinary, boring accountant. All she wants out of life is a normal life with a boring guy, she almost had that until her boyfriend Cliff walked out. But it wasn’t until she met Kyrian that her world was turned inside out. She never thought she could love someone as much as she does him, and he never thought a woman could love him after Theone. Having to fight off his past Kyrian’s powers are gone, it’s with the help of Amanda that they take down the bad “gods”. The novel was action packed, fun to read. Kenyon teased her readers, as they debated whether the two would end up together. The writing was really well done. The plot kept the reader guessing, even though some scenes were a little predictable, but then Kenyon’s writing came out on top, and just made the scene great, even if it was predictable. The characters did have a bit of a character arc. It feels like the characters will develop over time throughout the novels. Overall, the first novel was enticing, and makes the reader want to read more.

Night Embrace
Night Embrace

Night Embrace by: Sherrilyn Kenyon: The second novel in the Dark Hunter series. This novel is much like the first novel; we meet Talon, a Dark Hunter, who stumbles across a girl, who inevitably he’ll fall in love with. In this novel, the reader finds out that the girl he meets, Sunshine is his soulmate. She is an incarnation of his wife from fifteen hundred years ago. As the story goes on Talon’s past keeps coming up to bite him in the butt. His choice of killing a huge war god’s son has him cursed. Anyone who loves Talon is faced a horrible death right in front of him. This leaves Sunshine a vulnerability. This novel was definitely filled with lots of action, and one heck of a lot of romance. The romance plotline sort of takes over, the author tries to equally write both, but it’s definitely not equal. More characters are introduced, and they are quite the characters. Fully rounded, and a bit intrusive, these characters really help the novel move along smoothly. They also really give depth to the dark hunter world. Overall, it’s another introductive novel into the main characters that will be seen in further Dark Hunter novels, which was done well.


Dance With The Devil
Dance With The Devil

Dance With the Devil by: Sherrilyn Kenyon: The third novel in Dark-Hunter series. In this novel we meet Zarek a Dark-Hunter who has known nothing but torture his whole life. Never asking for help from anyone he lives his life alone that is until he is being tried for murder. His judge, Astrid, is blind to judge him purely, and without anything to sway her. But the more she finds out about Zarek, the more she comes to care for him. She knows she shouldn’t be with him, but she opens herself up to him completely. The same goes with Zarek, he opens himself up to her but obviously there are things dragging the two apart, say a few past demons. There was quite a bit of action, but overall, not enough. The plot was good, but it could have used a bit more action, and a little less sex scenes. Yes the sex scenes were used to show Zarek and Astrid becoming closer, but it just felt over used, and over played. The end of the novel, like the past two novels before it, hints at more to come with these two characters, but the reader doesn’t know when it’s going to happen. So far the novels in this series have been introducing all the characters. It makes it out to seem like it’s going to get better, and hopefully it does. Overall, this novel was good, not as strong as the first two, but still good.

Kiss Of The Night
Kiss Of The Night

Kiss of the Night by: Sherrilyn Kenyon: The fourth novel in the Dark-Hunter’s series. Just like the previous three novels the reader gets to meet yet another character. In this novel we meet Cassandra, an Apollite, who is destined to die at the age of 27. We also meet Wulf a Dark-Hunter with a curse where five minutes after a person has left his presence they forget who he is. But that all changes when Cassandra remembers. The two are forced together without their knowledge, where they fall in love and she has his baby. Not wanting her to die, Wulf wants her to become a Daimon, a supernatural who kills humans to stay alive. Characters from the past novels make an appearance to help in this big battle against evil, and it’s all written very well. This novel was set up very well, leaving the majority of the action towards the end so there is a big build-up towards what is a quite satisfying ending to this novel. Everything from plot development to character development was spot on, definitely one of the best so far. Overall, Kenyon wrote her readers an action-packed novel that was never boring nor too wrapped up in the romance, like previous novels. It was very equally balanced.

Night Play
Night Play

Night Play by: Sherrilyn Kenyon: The fifth novel in the Dark-Hunter series, and the first novel in Kenyon’s Were-Hunters series. This is the first novel where her series start to overlap. In this novel we meet Vane, a werewolf, who has lived for hundreds of years hiding who he truly is. One day he meets Bride, an average girl from New Orleans who owns a little shop. Vane starts to fall for her, and soon they are mated. This freaks Bride out, as this all can’t be real. The two learn how to be with each other, all while Bride learns of Vane’s past, present, and future. This novel was really well done; the plot and characters were really well done. The plot wasn’t focused purely on sex, like past novels have been, but on true romance, and the act of falling in love with someone. The characters were strong and well developed. Even if you haven’t read the previous four novels, you could start with this one because it’s the best so far, and plots don’t heavily intertwine with each other, yet.

Seize The Night
Seize The Night

Seize The Night by: Sherrilyn Kenyon: The sixth novel in the Dark Hunter series. In this novel we meet Valerius, Zarek’s brother. He’s a Dark Hunter who falls for a vampire hunter named Tabitha. The two know they can’t be together, because of the hatred among their families, but still want to be together. It takes death, and a huge battle for a truce to be held so they can fall in love without hatred. This is the main plot, but this novel also addresses minor characters becoming Dark Hunters and what creatures others are. It’s full of surprises and plots that are truly predictable. This novel follows the same convention as the previous ones, the only difference is more action happened in this one, and the plot wasn’t focused on just the two main characters, Tabitha and Valerius. The characters from her previous novels are starting to show up and become prominent characters throughout the series. Overall, this novel was just another addition towards her series; it was nothing more or less than previous novels.

Sins of the Night

Sins of the Night by: Sherrilyn Kenyon: The seventh novel in the Dark Hunters series. In this novel we meet Danger, a Dark Huntress, and Alexion a Dark Hunter. Together the two meet when rouge Dark Hunters start killing humans. They have to find out who is behind the attacks, but somehow end up falling in love with each other, and by the end have to save each other. This novel has the same set up as her previous novels in this series; what it did differently was that the two main characters were both Dark Hunters, although it is believed that Alexion is more than just a Dark Hunter, and the demons Simi and Xirena get slight plots and that’s interesting to read about. Kenyon’s writing was done well, but she used too many clichés that her style got stale fast. Also most of the action didn’t happen until the end, which made some parts a little dry. Some of her other characters from previous novels either made an appearance, or were mentioned which was nice for readers. Overall, this just felt like another instalment where two more characters are introduced, and the reader is left waiting for all the stories to come together.

Unleash the Night

Unleash the Night by: Sherrilyn Kenyon: The eighth novel in the Dark-Hunter, and second in the Were-Hunter series. Maggie is your average smart, rich girl who hangs out with bad guys. When they end up at Sanctuary, a bar, that’s where she meets Wren, a character readers have read about before. As like all of Kenyon’s novels thus far in the series, things proceed in the same fashion; they meet, they fall in love, they can’t be together, they overcome a big obstacle, they end up together happily ever after. The plot and writing was the same as past novels, even the pacing was the same that it made the plot stale and quite frankly, very overused. Keyon tried to bring in new plots by tying her novels together, with which she did a good job doing, it was just everything the reader has seen before and that’s what made it boring to read. The characters both have daddy issues which they need to resolve, and that is what built their characters, and brought them together, which was very unoriginal. For an eighth novel in a series, things have to progress, and they just didn’t feel like they did here.

Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon by: Sherrilyn Kenyon: The ninth novel in her Dark-Hunter, and her third novel in her Were-Hunter series. We meet Susan, a journalist whose reputation has been shot, and Ravyn, a Were-Hunter. The two meet when she agrees to adopt a cat, who happens to be Ravyn. This novel started off different than Kenyon’s previous novels. Although she tries to fake out the reader into thinking Susan will be Ravyn’s squire instead of his lover, well that plot turns right on its head. Of course Susan had to open the human part of Ravyn and make him want to live again. That aside, it was so good to see Nick again, even though his plot is getting crazier and crazier, it’s still nice to know Kenyon didn’t just kill him off. It’s also really good to get sprinkles of past characters as well. The characters, like most of her characters are generic; what makes them cool is they can turn into different animals. This novel also had less sex scenes and more action, which made it a better, faster read that leaves the reader wondering what could possibly happen next.

The Dream Hunter

The Dream-Hunter by: Sherrilyn Kenyon: Megeara is set on a finding Atlantis and proving it is real. Arikos is a Dream-Hunter, and he has been condemned to travel through dreams for eternity, until he makes a deal with the devil to become human for two weeks. He’s met Megeara in her dreams, but now he gets to meet her in real life, and help her find Atlantis. The novel is definitely interesting and entertaining; although plots seemed to move all over the place causing a bit of confusion for the reader, as well as the title for characters were just thrown in there, and that was hard to follow. It was like characters had two names. Otherwise the characters were enjoyable to read; the meeting between the main characters was almost the same as all previous novels, but with a little flair. We also get our old characters back for a chapter, who give insights to the future, which was good to see.

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry by: Sherrilyn Kenyon: Sin has lost his powers thanks to Artemis, wanting revenge to get it back isn’t so easy. Meeting and falling in love with Kat turns into a bit of a problem when he finds out who her parents are. It’s yet another installment into Kenyon’s Dark Hunter world. It was good to see new developments with old characters, namely Ash, and it was good to see new characters introduced that fit so well into the story and the world. The character development in this novel was great, only it was happening for characters we’ve already seen, why is it taking eleven books to get some good development? Her novels feel like so much happens, but nothing happens at the same time. This novel, like all past novels had the same plot, we meet two characters, they have a thing for each other, something gets in the way, so they have to fight to save their lives. The writing is alright, but there is nothing that’s different. And each novel feels like it ends the same way; this one ended on a cliff hanger, with an epilogue about how happy the two main characters are, are we going to find out what happens? Possibly.

Upon the Midnight Clear

Upon the Midnight Clear by: Sherrilyn Kenyon: Aidan is a human who used to be a celebrity, but now trusts no one. Leta is a Dream-Hunter who enters the human world when she is summoned to protect Aidan from danger. The two become close, and when it comes time to fight, they protect each other, even sacrificing their lives for each other. As most of Kenyon’s novels go, this was yet another instalment to her series of Dark/Dream Hunters. The plot was the same, nothing was very different so the reader knew what to expect. The characters, for the most part had the same characteristics as some of the characters in the past, although Aidan is a famous celebrity so that gave the plot a little, tiny twist. The end of this novel gave an insight into where the main characters are and a little preview of what will happen to them, which was really nice and refreshing to read. The fact that this novel took place around Christmas was also different and sweet.

Dream Chaser

Dream Chaser by: Sherrilyn Kenyon: Simone, a medical examiner meets Xypher, a Dream-Hunter, the two become bound together. At first they can’t stand each other, but over time, the two begin to get to know one another, they start to form an attraction. Xypher needs Simone’s help; he has been sent to Earth for a month to redeem himself by doing a good deed, otherwise he will be sent back to his hell in Tartarus. This novel had the same set up as her past novels so nothing was all that surprising. The reader could gauge where the plot would end, but it was still a good read. The writing was predictable, and a little corny at times, but she also had witty dialogue for the characters she created, and that really helped to keep things rolling. As the reader got to the meat of the story, it was hard to put down; between the characters and the plots things got really interesting. Her characters had some of the same characteristics and backstories as past characters, which wasn’t that original, but somehow it worked in this novel. Overall, it wasn’t the best novel in the series, but it had its little piece of the puzzle in the world of Dark-Hunters.


Acheron by: Sherrilyn Kenyon: Ash has lived a long and tortured life. When he meets Tory, things start to change. He starts to feel love again. The two spend a lot of time pouring over an ancient journal that leads back to Ash’s life, only he doesn’t want her to know. It isn’t until they get attacked for having the journal in their possession that Ash has to make a decision. Not only does this novel cover Ash in the present day, but we also get to see Ash as he grew up. The beginning of the novel is journal entries, where we learn so much about this character we’ve been reading about for fourteen novels. The second half is Ash finally becoming the person, god, he’s wanted to become, or try to become. This has got to be one of the best Dark-Hunter novels yet. Mixing past with present to give the reader a true story from start to finish. Ash is a main character who we’ve yet to have his full story, and it was good to watch him fall in love and become somewhat human. We get to see the backstory and even though it’s long, it is all worth reading because he is such a flushed out character. Kenyon did a really good job creating and playing him out. As always it was good to see past characters. The writing was done well; plots and characters were more descriptive and intense this time around. This novel, like all novels before it, ends with a storm brewing and we have to continue reading to find out where things are going to go.


Check out Wednesday for part two of my the Dark-Hunter series reviews. 

8 thoughts on “Review: The Dark-Hunters Series Part I

  1. Great review for all these books Meghan. I used to love the Dark Hunter series but after a while too many books were released and it started to feel like the same old story all over again. I also got kind of bored of being introduced to new characters just to extend the series you know.
    I loved Ash’s story though, and definitely agree with you it’s one of the best of the series (that I’ve read at least!)
    Again great reviews, and I’ll be looking forwards to part two of this post as well. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thank you Beth! 🙂 Haha when I was proofreading my reviews before putting them up I feel like I said the same thing in each one haha, so yes I understand what you mean… I still don’t really know how I managed to read all the books 😛

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