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Review: The Land of Stories: Bonus Stories

Hi everyone, welcome to Wednesday! I hope you’re all having a good one! Today I’m going to be posting my reviews to the companion novels to The Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer.

The Curvy Tree

The Curvy Tree by: Chris Colfer: A companion story from Colfer’s series The Land of Stories, which takes the reader on a short, but beautiful journey of the curvy tree. There once was a little girl who was picked on for being different, but as the tree told his story, she began to feel as if she weren’t alone. The story had a lovely lesson to be learned, and it’s that no matter how different you are, you should know you are never alone. The fact that the tree mostly spoke in rhyme was fun and enjoyable. The illustrations were quite exquisite to go along with Colfer’s words; it really brought the little story to life. It was a great read to give the characters in the Land of Stories a little more background, as this was a story they were told. Even though it’s short, the reader still felt like they jumped back in to the world, if only for a second.

Trollbella Throws a Party

Trollbella Throws a Party by: Chris Colfer: It’s Trollbella’s birthday so she celebrates by throwing a party, only she isn’t having any fun at her party. Thinking she is too old for parties, when she meets a goblin boy who turns everything around for her. This story was wonderfully written, and wonderfully illustrated. The message in this story was so beautiful and it was executed so well. Colfer is seriously a master of his craft; not only can he write middle grade books, but this picture book was so heartwarming and just outstanding. This companion book to his Land of Stories series was fun to read, and a little inspiring to do good to people.

The Mother Goose Diaries

Mother Goose Diaries by: Chris Colfer: This novel takes on Mother Goose’s diaries over the centuries showcasing where she’s been and who she’s met. The reader gets to go on a bit of an adventure as we read her entries from falling in love with Leonardo Da Vinci, to being friends with Amelia Earhart. The novel was like a little history lesson as Colfer wrote Mother Goose’s life around history and it was done really well. The way he interwove the real history with his own story was very well crafted. At times he did write Mother Goose a little crassly, but for the most part Colfer wrote her well. This side novel was a lovely addition to the already amazing Land of Stories series.

Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide to Royalty

Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide to Royalty by: Chris Colfer: A short story that is written in the point of view of Little Red Riding Hood. This story gives her account on how to run the kingdom and all the ins and outs she has encountered. It was a fun, light read, giving the reader a little more of a backstory into Red, as well as more into the person she is. As much as we get to see her in the Land of Stories novels, we see a somewhat of a different side to her. This novella was fast-paced and fun to read. This was an enjoyable little addition to his series that gave readers just a little bit more.

A Treasury of Classic Fairy Tales

A Treasury of Classic Fairy Tales by: Chris Colfer: This companion book to Colfer’s well-loved series is the book that started it all; it’s the actual Land of Stories book that is referenced in the series as the book that Alex and Conner fall into. This book contains all the beloved stories everyone knows and cherishes, from Cinderella to Snow White and everything in between. There are also lesser known stories such as the Princess and the Pea, and nursery rhymes to enjoy. All of the stories that Colfer chose to include were wonderful and it was good to read the original stories that set all of this up. The illustrations were also really well done and really complimented the stories quite well. This was just one more way for the readers to enjoy a little more of the Land of Stories.

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