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Let’s Talk About… Dexter Season Eight

Hi all, and welcome back to TV Tuesday! This week I’m coming at you with the last season of Dexter.

So the final season opens 6 months later and just from this first episode it looks like it’s going to be a long season.

So LaGuerta is dead and they have put up a monument, a bench in her name. Image result for dexter season 8 laguerta bench

Deb has left her job for a smaller private sector job, choosing cases she wants to do and reporting once she’s done. Although at first when we see Deb we’re led to believe that she’s let go and is just doing blow and living life in a motel with a low life. But we learn that she’s undercover trying to book the guy she’s with.

Image result for dexter season 8 deb new job

Dexter hasn’t talked to her in months and he’s worried about her so he tries to talk to everyone he knows who’s in her life, and it’s not many. When he does find her, she tells him to leave, which makes sense. Deb is so mad at Dexter that she doesn’t want to be around him, or see him.

Image result for dexter season 8 dexter and deb gif

But Dexter can’t stay away, he needs to protect her and so he goes back to her once more when the guy she’s with steps in and that’s when Dexter kills him. Go figure. Dexter tells Deb that she’s lost, but she’s not, it’s Dexter who is lost and can’t live without Deb. Dexter is starting to really loose it, yelling and just blurting out really rude things, it’s almost like he can’t filter himself anymore.

Image result for dexter season 8 jamie and quinn gif

Harrison can now talk and he’s a child who Dexter can’t just throw away to someone else. You can tell, and well you could tell that he doesn’t want him around. Like I get it’s because he doesn’t want Harrison to know what he does, but he just never wants him around, he’d rather kill than be with him, it’s just so sad.

Related image

Related image






Quinn and Jamie are seeing each other, but no one knows yet. They had a thing going at the end of last season and I guess they ran with it. So far I have no issues with that relationship. I have a feeling when Angel finds he’s either going to flip or be calm and good about it.

Image result for dexter season 8 jamie and quinn

Speaking of Angel, he decided after LaGuerta’s death that he should go back to the police force, he just wants to take down bad guys. He now has Deb’s job as lieutenant.






So who is this new woman?!?! She knows about Harry’s code?!?

Related image

So our new serial killer is a guy who cuts opens his kill’s head and takes out the part of the brain that feels empathy. Matthews (who has taken LaGuerta’s place) brings in a serial killer specialist Vogel? She has studied the brain and is super knowledgeable about it. When she sees Dexter she’s super into working with him and wants to know all about the Ice Truck killer, I swear that will never go away. He finds it odd that she would care so much. Later she delivers a picture to him, a drawing and this makes Dexter want to kill her, but she tells him he can’t kill her because she doesn’t fit Harry’s code. What?!?Image result for dexter season 8 vogel gif

Turns out that she and Harry knew each other, and she’s the one who came up with the code, Harry just put it into action. Dexter never met her, but now he’s getting to learn more about his own life as much as a little more about Harry.

Related image

So Angel knows about Jamie and Quinn. Damn. So I had a funny feeling he would be okay with it. Angel wants Quinn to clean up his act and think about his career more, and by that he wants Quinn to take the Sergeants exam. Only this makes Quinn and Jamie to have this big fight. Jamie is jealous about how much he talks about Deb; Quinn is worried about Deb. He doesn’t want to make anything of his life, but both Jamie and Angel think he should. I kinda hope they don’t break up. I like them together.

What has Deb gotten herself into? So she was never supposed to go undercover that was never part of her deal with her new job, so Deb just totally wanted to get away from everything.

So the guy she was with, who Dexter killed, Briggs had a guy who he was dealing to, and they had a deal with some jewelry. El Sapo was after Briggs and when he finds Deb he knows to go after her. So when Deb goes to get the jewelry from a storage container El Sapo shows up to take it from her, and knock her out. He won’t kill her because he wasn’t paid to do that; then hours later El Sapo is dead. Dexter is worried about Deb now that more people may be after her. But Deb still wants nothing to do with him.

Related image

So Vogel is now helping Dexter to fight crime pretty much. I don’t understand her purpose yet. Like is this to put Dexter back on the right path, as he’s gone off the rails.

So Dexter finds blood at El Sapo’s murder scene, when he runs it, it he finds out it’s Deb, so Deb did kill El Sapo. Oh boy. Dexter finds a gun in the glove compartment and he thinks it’s Deb’s. She thinks that it could be, so she asks Dexter to switch it out. Dexter then feels like he means something to her. But she makes it real clear that she doesn’t need him.

Only Deb is spiralling out of control, drinking all the time and Dexter tries to reach her yet again, and right when he thinks he’s gotten through to her she goes to the police station drunk as fuck and wants to confess to killing LaGuerta. She happens to run into Quinn who thinks she’s crazy and calls Dexter. That’s when Dexter brings Vogel into it to try and help her. Dexter has to drug Deb to get her out of the station, and they pull it out so smoothly. Image result for dexter season 8 vogel gif

Vogel is definitely helping Dexter with the brain case. Only those two know the real killer is out there since he’s started to attack Vogel. Their relationship is quite interesting. I had to say she kind of is like the mother he never had, she’s so accepting and wants to make life better for him. She tells him he’s the perfect serial killer, and at first that just sounds weird, but I guess he’s perfect since he has the capacity to love Deb (like a sister) and care for her, which no serial killer has.

But things change, the killer they are looking for is a previous patient of Vogel’s and so Dexter is knocking them off one by one. Each one has something seriously wrong with them. When they come across Yates they truly believe he’s the one. That’s when the truth comes out about Vogel’s real intentions with Dexter. It turns out Yates has taken Vogel’s notes and Dexter realizes that “patient 0” is him. He gets very mad that she’s been keeping notes on him, and some of the notes Vogel hasn’t been honest with him. She tells him she’s surprised he’s capable of love, and believes in him and is hopeful, but in the notes she talks about how his love for Deb isn’t real and she doesn’t believe anything she’s actually said to him. Dexter is over the moon furious, now he never wants to see her again. Although I doubt that will happen; he’ll probably try to kill her… again.

Vogel has taken over getting Deb to realize what happened the day LaGuerta died. She is trying to get Deb to see the truth, and all Deb wants to see is that she killed Dexter instead. But as time goes on, she learns to accept… or so we think. Vogel shows Deb the tapes she showed Dexter of her and their father and his reactions to Dexter. One day when she’s alone in Vogel’s house she snoops and finds the last tape recorded where Harry says he can’t live with what Dexter is becoming; that’s when Deb realizes that their father killed himself.

So what does Deb do, she pretends she’s alright so she can talk to Dexter. She asks to take a ride with him and she asked about their father and how he committed suicide. Dexter tells her the truth and that’s when Deb looses it. She tells him if their dad couldn’t live with it how could she, and that she killed the wrong person, but not anymore and she turns the wheel and crashes the car into a river.

Related image

Image result for dexter season 8 dexter and deb car gif




This random guy saves her once she gets to land and Dexter is still in the car, she feels bad and she goes to recuse him. Well then all that was for nothing. Maybe they’ll both die and that will be it.

In other things, Quinn passes the sergeant exam. Now Angel is in a dilemma about who to choose with Matthews on his butt because Matthews doesn’t like Quinn all that much.

But when Quinn gets into a bar fight in a family restaurant over guys talking smack about Deb, Angel has his doubts again, and Jamie is pissed… again.

Related image

Also really, really weird plot but Vince finds out that he’s a father. It’s creepy yet sweet; I don’t know how else to describe it. Back in college he donated his sperm, now 20 years later Nikki shows up. Vince is happy about it, but at the same time he doesn’t know what she wants. We find out her mother died recently and so now she’s reaching out to him, so Vince takes it upon himself to hire Deb to find out everything she can about Nikki.

Okay so now Dexter and Deb have survived there little car crash and are now getting therapy from Vogel? The one who tore them apart? Okay. Well she manages to help them this time as they’re back to being siblings again.

Image result for dexter season 8 vogel gif

At first Dexter was pissed as hell, but shortly came around. Especially when Vogel goes missing the two have to work together to find her. The cops have gotten wind of Yates for his other crimes (taking women and killing them). This time around Dexter does his own research into finding Yates but also uses the cops work to help him.

In the end they do find Yates and that he’s taken Vogel. It’s Dexter that kills him in one ferocious sweep, as Yates is hiding under the bed and he’s just about to cut Deb’s Achilles heel when Dexter takes the curtain rod and slams it through the bed and into Yates back. It’s crazy.

Image result for dexter season 8 dexter kills yates gif

That’s when Dexter takes both Deb and Vogel on his boat to dispose of the body; a first for Dexter.

So now Vogel has a new patient and it’s the same person that Dexter knew killed a woman, Zach Miller. Vogel thinks that he could be their next project, teach him the code but Dexter is not about that, he wants to kill Zach because he’s killed innocents. Vogel points out that if it wasn’t for her and harry, Dexter would have killed innocents.

Image result for dexter season 8 zach

Dexter still wants to take out Zach, only Dexter’s problem is that Quinn is now on the case and thinks Zach is the killer too. Dexter doesn’t want Quinn in on it.

We find out that the women Zach goes after are his father’s mistresses. Only this time he wasn’t going to kill the woman, he was going for his father to protect his mother. But Dexter gets the truth out of him, that he loves to kill.

Image result for dexter season 8 zach gif

That’s when Dexter decides that he’s going to take Zach on as an intern if you will. I love when Dexter goes “you never had a Harry” and Zach goes “a what” ha!





So Angel doesn’t choose Quinn for sergeant, which is such a disappointment. And even seeing it on Quinn is so sad, I can’t lie I’ve kinda gotten attached to Quinn. He’s become a good guy.

I don’t know why Jamie is pushing this new girl on Dexter because they have nothing in common, it’s so hard to watch them because it’s painful. I hope she goes away.

Image result for dexter season 8 dexter and neighbour

Related image

Is there a new beau in Deb’s life? Is there something happening between her and her boss, Jake? They go undercover to catch his sister’s boyfriend cheating. Deb decides to be the bait and the guy is totally into her. When they plan to go up to his room, Jake knocks the guy out. He says that he didn’t like how he man handled her. I think they’re cute.




WHAT THE FUCK?!?! So Hannah is back? What?! And she’s poisoned Deb again?! What?

Image result for dexter season 8 hannah gif

Turns out that she drugged both Deb and Dexter to get a message to Dexter. Deb wants nothing to do with any of it and she wants her gone as fast as possible. So she makes Dexter get rid of her. Well that’s easier said than done. He stalks her and finds out that Hannah is now married to a very rich guy, who helped change her name to Maggie.

Image result for dexter season 8 hannah

When he first meets her new husband we find out that Hannah has told her husband, Miles about him. It isn’t until Miles confronts Dexter at a gas station that Dexter begins to wonder if Miles is a threat to Hannah. He asks Hannah to meet at her garden and that’s when Hannah tells him that she drugged him so that he could get rid of Miles for her, but then she changed her mind. You can tell they both love each other; they make more sense rather than his neighbour, Cassie, who Jamie sets him up with.

Dexter gets jumped after his encounter with Hannah, most likely Miles’ men. Then we see how dominating Miles is and that’s when Hannah snaps and she kills him with a sharp object. Dexter has a bad feeling after the attack that he goes to check on her, that’s when he helps her clean up the body.

Meanwhile, Deb has tracked Dexter to the location and is watching them because she doesn’t trust Dexter to let Hannah go.

She also admits to her boss that she knows he likes her, and she tells her that he deserves better. I think they’re cute together, I’d like to see them try.

Then there is Zach. He’s an eager beaver and wants to kill badly. When he get can’t ahold of Dexter he flips and it’s poor Cassie that gets in the way. She can hear him pounding on Dexter’s door and tells him that she doesn’t think he’s there. Hours later they find her dead. How is Dexter going to cover this up?

Related image

So Zach didn’t kill Cassie? What a turn of events. So now that she’s dead Zach has gone missing which makes it look very suspicious. No one has heard from him and Dexter has found his blood under Cassie’s fingernails.

Dexter goes to help Hannah escape by getting her a new passport, he then tells her to come with him to find Zach. When they do we learn that Zach was after another guy. We also learn that he’s a quick learner and has set the motel room he’s bought just like Dexter does, covered in plastic. Zach wanted to kill the guy in the room but he didn’t get that far as he killed the guy when he kept hitting him trying to knock him out. That’s when Dexter kinda flips because Zach is such a rookie and didn’t even use gloves. That’s when Dexter gets this weird idea, whoever did kill Cassie, tampered with Zach’s car to get blood to put under her fingernails.

Image result for dexter season 8 zach gif

Image result for dexter season 8 zach gif








Deb is pissed at Dexter for falling for Hannah again that she follows him only to get Hannah instead. She was going to arrest Hannah only Hannah makes her case as why she didn’t kill her or Dexter, and it all leads to loving Dexter. That’s when Dexter shows up with Zach and Deb wants nothing to do with any of it so she leaves.

Image result for dexter season 8 zach motel room gif

She has roped her boss into helping catch Hannah, so when she gets back and just drops everything he begins to question why she’s even in this job. That’s when Deb starts to really think about what she wants. I wouldn’t be surprised if she went back to the force.

Well her boss isn’t going to let Hannah go, especially with all the money that would lead to her arrest, he’s going to continue looking for her, which sucks for Dexter.

Dexter was going to let her go, but they sleep together and when he finds Zach dead in his apartment, he wants Hannah to stay with him.

Related image

Holy shit, the brain killer is still out there! So Dexter finds Zach in his apartment dead, with his head cut open and part of his brain missing. They aren’t safe. Oh man. That means Vogel isn’t safe at all.

Related image

So Vince finds out that his daughter had some debt and that leads him to believe she’s reached out for money. When he gives her a check, she flips and that’s how we know it wasn’t for the money.

Instead he goes to visit her at work and she’s not just a waitress but a topless waitress. He’s shocked, haha it’s funny to see Vince turned off by boobs, as he refers to them as “daughter boobs”. He decides he’s going to get her a part time job with him in the lab to do paper work.

Image result for dexter season 8 nikki

Okay so the brain killer, or as they’ve been calling him: the brain surgeon turns out to be non other than Vogel’s son. We find out that she had two boys, her oldest killed her youngest and so they sent the older one away. Then the oldest died in the institute he was in, supposedly. Well he didn’t die and he’s back under a different name, Owen Saxon. He’s the one who’s been killing because he’s a psycho killer. Now Dexter wants to kill him. But Vogel doesn’t want him to even though she wanted him to kill the killer at first. Now that it’s her son she has to give him a second chance. So when Dexter drugs her to kill Owen, things don’t go as planned. Owen gets away thinking that Vogel sent Dexter to kill him. So when he leaves that’s when Dexter realizes Owen is going to go back and kill Vogel so he goes to make sure she’s okay, and when she says she is, and not happy about being drugged, we find out that she’s proving her son that she didn’t send Dexter. Holy the two of them both look like a pair of psycho killers. What if Vogel has been a psycho killer this entire time?!?Image result for dexter season 8 vogel and her son

On top of this Dexter still has to worry about Hannah since he asked her to stay. There’s a cop after her and Dexter has to come up with all these lies to protect her. He even gets Deb to keep Hannah at her house, Deb is not happy, but in the end she gives in.

Related image

Deb’s boss is pissed, like royally pissed that Deb never mentioned her brother dated Hannah. That’s when he tells her that she should figure out what she wants to do because it looks like he doesn’t want her there anymore. And then Angel wants to hire Deb back as a detective, but shit there is too much history there for her. For one trying to weave around all Dexter’s lies, and then there’s Quinn. Quinn fucking kisses her, ugh, what about Jamie? I did not like that. But I have to say, Deb understands Quinn a lot more than Jamie does.

Related image

Ugh then what does Quinn do? Oh he breaks it off with Jamie. So Jamie says he can now go run off to Deb. I hate that she compares herself all the goddamn time. Someone is quite insecure. That whole dynamic is so stupid, I hate watching it. Deb is angry because she didn’t want him to do that.

To be honest I knew he still has feelings for Deb, but I didn’t think he’d break it off with Jamie. I thought he felt like he was letting Jamie down, especially now that she got a job offer in Atlanta. She doesn’t want to take it because of Quinn, which I think is stupid. She shouldn’t put a guy before herself.

Well when Deb finds out about the break up she confronts Quinn and, well they get back together, because why not. But then I did say they make a better couple than he and Jamie.

So Hannah has always had this vision to travel to Argentina, and now Dexter has this notion that he and Harrison will move there with Hannah to get a fresh start. He’s planning it all, and it would all go well if 1) people weren’t on the lookout for Hannah and 2) the brain surgeon weren’t after Vogel.

Vogel still doesn’t want Dexter’s help, she feels she can change him. She thinks he doesn’t want to kill. When Dexter shows her the video of Owen killing Zach, well that changed everything. Now she wants Dexter to kill him, to save him. Since all Owen wants is to learn to kill like Dexter, she can’t let him kill innocent people.

Vogel wants to say one last goodbye and well that doesn’t go so well. He knows something is up, and so Dexter has to change his plans (as Vogel already messed them up by inviting Owen to her house) Dexter gets there and that’s when Owen slits Vogel’s throat. Talk about gruesome.

Related image

The detective who was on Hannah has backed off, only when he overhears that Dexter is leaving to travel, that makes things sound suspicious. So he goes to Deb for answers. Only Deb protects them, it’s Harrison who may just foil the plans. He cuts his chin open playing on the treadmill, Hannah has to take him to get stitches. A nurse does in fact recognize her and the detective is back on the hunt. Oh boy.

Image result for dexter season 8 harrison gif

Everyone is getting ready for Dexter’s leave. Why do I have a feeling that he won’t make it to Argentina? The chase is still on for Hannah, even though they thought it was over. The detective thinks Deb is lying so they start to question her more, and visit her place, and now they’re going to tail both of the Morgan’s.

Then in top of this Dexter still has Owen Saxon. Dexter doesn’t want to kill him himself, he just wants someone to kill him before he leaves. This is new, normally he’s so annoying about having the killer all to himself. But as he catches Saxon he tells him that he’d rather be with Hannah than killing. Who is this Dexter? Instead of his normal stab to the chest, he’s going to kill him using an electric chair? He lets Deb take him and arrest him, and they’ll use the electric chair on him. Dexter has finally done the right thing.

Holy crap, why is Harry so annoying? Normally I’m used to Harry in the back of Dexter’s head, but all through the last episodes he keeps telling him he thinks he’s doing the wrong thing, and telling him this isn’t the same old Dexter. Ugh so annoying.

Oh fuck. That stupid detective who was tailing the Morgan’s finds Saxon and starts to set him free, that’s when Deb steps in and Saxon shoots her and gets away. Is Deb going to die? Is that really what this series is going to come down to?

So the series ends.

Deb makes it out, but then there’s a complication where she’s become brain damaged. Who knows if she’ll ever wake up.

This tears up Quinn so much because when they finally catch and bring in Saxon he looses it on him.

Image result for dexter season 8 quinn and deb

It also tears up Dexter. When he goes to the hospital in his kill clothes, I knew he was going to essentially kill Deb. He tells her he couldn’t leave with her like that so he begins to pull out of the tubs keeping her alive.

Image result for dexter season 8 deb dies gif

He then proceeds to bring her outside and onto his boat… like no one noticed this? I find that hard to believe. Is dexter going to kill himself? They make it so final when he talks to his son, it’s a little frightening.

The hunt for Hannah is still on. Deb’s old boss is still onto her. She blocks them from getting on the plane to Argentina, Dexter creates a bomb threat distraction to get him off the chase, but at the same time there is a storm coming so all flights are being grounded, what are they to do.

So they change their plan, they are to get on a bus to Daytona and then take a flight. Only knowing Saxon is still out there, Dexter cant leave so he  tells Hannah to take Harrison so that he can finish what he started.


Well he does kill Saxon. He goes to do some report, tells him he’s going to kill him with the pen, that leaves saxon to lunge for the pen and for Dexter to “defend” himself when he pounds him to death with it. It’s also the excuse he uses when Angel asks him why he did it.

Image result for dexter season 8 vogel gif

And along the way Hannah gets a lovely visit from Jake, Deb’s boss, and Hannah still manages to get away. She hits him with a tranquilizer and leaves him on the bus, leaving them free.

Image result for dexter season 8 hannah escapes

Shit he did kill himself. He took his boat out into the storm and let the storm kill him. Damn. I had a feeling that this show was going to have a breaking bad ending where he would be dead… BUT WAIT HE ISN’T DEAD, he’s lumberjack now? Michael C. Hall looks awful with a beard. Off to start a new life I see. Well what an ending. Everyone said the ending was shit, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but still how could he bring himself to leave his son? How sad. Uh.

Image result for dexter season 8 dexter gif

I enjoyed this show a lot. It made me feel all the feels (although it never made me cry) it was extremely interesting to get into the mind of a serial killer!

Image result for dexter season 8 dexter

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