The Totally Should’ve Book Tag

Hi guys! Happy Thursday! We’re so close to Friday, and it’s the last day of summer! ☀️ Today I’m going to be doing the Totally Should’ve Book Tag in which I was tagged by Anna @My Bookish Dream. Thank you so much for tagging me, and let’s get started! 🙂

1. Totally Should’ve Gotten A Sequel

Love Lies Beneath by Ellen Hopkins. The way it ended makes it seem like there is more, and supposedly there could be another book, but it should definitely happen!

2. Totally Should’ve Gotten A Spin-Off Series

Gone series by Michael Grant, I could see a spin-off series to the kids who left that weird dome they were in. Their point of view of what they see.

Image result for gone series

-*ed: apparently there is going to be a spin-off, I just found out this week, how crazy is that?

3. An Author Who Should Write More Books

I know he’s a new author, as his debut novel came out a few years ago but I would love to read more from J. Ryan Stradal.

4. A Character Who Totally Should’ve Ended Up With Someone Else

I’m going to use a cop out answer here and say Katniss shouldn’t have ended up with Peeta. Total cop out answer right here.

5. Totally Should’ve Had A Movie Franchise

I’m going to have to go with the Ramona series by Beverly Clearly. I know they did a movie a few years back where they jumbled all the books together and I know they did a TV show back in the late 80s, but a movie franchise would be nice.

6. Totally Should’ve Kept The Original Covers

The Mortal Instruments. I loved the original covers.

Image result for the mortal instruments books


7. Totally Should’ve Stopped At Book One

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. Those books just went downhill after the first book.


I’m just going to do a few because I really don’t know who’s done this tag. Please feel free to do this if you’d like, or feel free to ignore if you’ve already done it!

Heather @The Sassy Book Geek
Kristin @Kristin Kraves Books
Birdie @Birdie Bookworm

15 thoughts on “The Totally Should’ve Book Tag

  1. omg did red queen really? im still stuck / hangover with the first book since its release back in 2015 😅

    i also agree with the katniss-peeta thing. i just didnt ship them (neither did i w katniss-gale). i just didnt see katniss ending up w someone 🙁

    im mind of so-so w the book covers of tmi. all editions are gorgeous no matter what 😍 but i didnt like the books tho. just love to drool over their perf covers


    1. In my opinion I didn’t care for the books as they kept going, but you may still enjoy them!
      Haha, I agree with you Katniss was really good on her own!
      They are all really pretty, I just enjoy the original ones. That’s too bad you didn’t care for them.

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  2. Katniss definitely shouldn’t have ended up with Peeta! They just didn’t work for me as a couple. I actually like the new covers for The Mortal Instruments – the one where the spines build the city panorama. But I’m a sucker for illustrated covers so there is that as well! 😀

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  3. Oh wow, I got so excited reading your comment about a Ramona movie franchise. I loved those books so much when I was a kid and think they would make wonderful movies as well. I’m also right there with you on Red Queen. I struggled with the second book and haven’t even bothered to pick up the third one. Fun post!

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  4. Great answers for this tag Meghan. 😀 I haven’t read all these books but I do agree with some of your answers. I would have actually preferred Katniss not end up with anyone, I mean the story was about her love for her sister more than her love to Peeta or Gale? Why couldn’t Prim have just survived?
    Also definitely definitely agree with you about Red Queen, granted I haven’t read King’s Cage but I couldn’t stand the second book in the series.

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