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Movie Review: Moana

Hi everyone, happy Monday! Today is a holiday for me so I’m taking the day to relax, no I actually went out and was able to get a lot of errands done! 😀 Today I’m going to be posting my review of the movie Moana.

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Moana: In order to save her people, Moana knows that she should mission out into the roaring seas. Her father is against it, but her grandmother knows she must do this. On her journey she meets the demigod Maui, and she recruits him to help her. Travelling against all odds the two face a lot of obstacles to get what they want. This film was good; it was rich in history of ancient Polynesia and it was told in an entertaining way. The journey was action-packed, but it did feel a little long. The characters were also well written, but Maui’s character got annoying halfway through the film as he’s supposed to be this really old demigod but he sounded more like a whiny child than anything else. What was done really well was the chicken’s comic relief throughout the film it was hilarious. Seeing Moana’s growth and finding out who she is was something worth watching.


14 thoughts on “Movie Review: Moana

  1. Great review for this film Meghan. 🙂 I haven’t seen Moana myself but everyone I know who has seen it has LOVED it, and so many people have recommend it to me now that I need to get around to it soon. Every Disney film that’s been released so far, even the live action ones, has been an all-time favourite of mine, so I know it will be the same story with Moana! 😀

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