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Let’s Talk About… Dexter Season Four

Hi all, and welcome back to TV Tuesday! This week I’m coming at you with season four of Dexter.


Related imageThe season starts with Dexter’s world turned around. He and Rita had their baby, baby Harrison, and he’s keeping them awake. This is ruining Dexter’s ability to keep things straight. He has to go to court and he gets roasted. He brings the wrong files to court and this lets a killer walk. Now Dexter needs to find him and kill him himself.

But he’s got a slightly different code this season, he’s doing everything right because of his son, as he likes to say, he’s killing for two.

When he does finally manage to capture him, Dexter has a bit of a time staying awake. Yikes!

Related imageQuinn is on his ass too, but he’s also got this reporter after him. It’s a little weird, but Quinn has always been weird. Now he’s trying to be all buddy buddy with Dexter. I can’t figure him out!

Our first murder of the season is this old guy who murders a woman in a bathtub by cutting an artery in her leg. It’s really gruesome, probably the most gruesome yet.

It isn’t until they find another blood sample under the tiles that leads to a murder 30 years ago, where the woman died the same way. I believe we have our new serial killer of the season: The Trinity Killer. Although we technically have two, we also have the Vacation killer, a guy who kills people in motels as takes all their ID and money.

FBI Lundy is back and tells Dexter about the Trinity Killer he’s been working on for 15 years. We also learn that Lundy is retired, so when he sees Deb things are a little awkward. She better not leave Aton for him because I like Aton.

Image result for dexter season 4 lundy gifs

And I’m so happy that she realizes she loves Aton. She thinks that Lundy has come back to get close to her, but he tells her it’s because of a case he’s working, a case he wants to solve as the last thing he does as a cop. Deb feels stupid for thinking it’s because of her, but it leads her to her feelings for Aton, so I’m okay with it.

Deb is still after her father’s informant I still don’t really know what she’s going to learn.

We also see Angel, but he’s sleeping around with LaGuerta? I guess he and Barbara broke up. He’s really got a thing for office romance.

Image result for dexter season 4 angel and laguerta

Dexter is so sleep deprived that when Rita asks him to go out to get medicine for their sick baby, he falls asleep and crashes the car. Like really crashes it, it flips over, rolls and everything. He comes out of the accident without a scratch obviously. But now he’s going crazy, I swear he’s going to drive himself to suicide.

Image result for dexter season 4 dexter car crash

So he lies to Rita saying it’s just a fender bender and that he’s completely fine. When she goes out to look at the car, it’s a complete wreck. She charges to his work begging him to come home. Man he is so good at lying; he tells her the only reason he didn’t say anything was because he didn’t want her to worry. And he’s so convincing when he says this.

But Dexter has a lot on his plate, a new murder that LaGuerta has them locked up until they make a break, when all Dexter wants to do is find a body he can’t find.

After killing Benny, the guy he let walk, he can’t remember what he did with the body, as it was right before he crashed the car. He’s searching everywhere for this thing. In the end he never had it in the car, so it never fell out, but he left it where he killed him at a boxing arena inside a punching bag… well no wonder he couldn’t find that.

So Dexter has a concussion due to the accident so everyone is driving him everywhere. Coming from someone who had a concussion, it sucks because you can’t do anything, although Dexter thinks he’s superhuman and is still working and living. I only mention this because Vince drives him home and of course he drives this monster truck of a vehicle; its bright blue with lightening bolts, of course. To go with his big ego.

Related image

Rita and Dexter have moved to this big family neighbourhood. This really puts a damper on his killer side. They have someone vandalizing properties so they start a community watch. So when he gets chased for trying to teach the kid who’s been vandalizing a lesson, he really curses all of the security, added lights and all. Poor Dexter.

Related image

So the Trinity Killer has struck again. This time he’s copied yet another case from years ago: making a woman jump off a high warehouse window. Lundy knows it’s his killer, but he has to prove it.

Image result for dexter season 4 lundy and deb kiss

So Lundy makes a bad move by telling Deb he still has feelings for her this just messes everything up because now Deb has gone and kissed him. Ughhhh. I. Hate. This.

Rita watches Dexter knock out the new security lights and so she thinks he needs a vacation. So Rita takes the kids with her to a wedding she’s going to.

While away, Dexter spends this time hunting out this cop. I wasn’t sure if he was going to kill her. Well she’s just like him, likes to kill people, only she’s a cop so it’s easier for her to kill and make everything look accidental. He finally gets one step ahead of her and captures and kills her.

I love moments when Dexter realizes how much he loves the people in his life. He’s about to kill the cop because she killed her family because she wanted her freedom back- what an asshole, but thats when realizes he loves his kids so much. Heartwarming 🙂

Image result for dexter season 4 loving dexter

From heartwarming to complete WTF moment.

Holy fuck! So after Deb admits her feelings to Lundy she gets fucking shot, two seconds later he gets shot. I’m sure it was the Trinity Killer, as the killer saw him and knows he’s after him again, and I think he worked it out that deb’s working with him. Holy crap!

Related image

So it’s pretty obvious it was the Trinity killer. But he used the Vacation killers MO to make it seem like it was the Vacation killer. So when they catch that killer, they think it’s all over, but Dexter knows better. Now he’s after the real killer.Related image

Deb survived, but poor Lundy didn’t make it. Deb is an absolute wreck. We find out that she slept with him, blah, and that’s when she breaks up with Aton. Boo!

Rita learns that Dexter has still kept his apartment, and now they’re fighting. He tries to explain why he kept it, claiming it’s because he doesn’t want his chest where he keeps Harry’s old police weapons (and his equipment underneath) in the house with the kids. Rita sees through this bullshit and says he’s getting better at lying. Interesting.

LaGuerta and Angel have made their relationship known to higher ups to follow all the protocols, but this just leads to them moving Angel and promoting him. Damn. Does that mean he’s going to leave the show? Maybe not. The two are having a hard time with all of it. That’s when LaGuerta decides to be transferred instead. But Angel won’t allow it, so they break up? I’m not sure whether to believe that or not.

So Dexter figures out who the Trinity killer is by using Lundy’s tapes to piece it all together. He watches him blunder a man to death; a man we’re lead to believe is the Trinity’s father. Dexter follows him, and finds out that he has a family and is a total family man- who would have thought? That’s when Dexter realizes that Trinity killer is just like him.

Image result for dexter season 4 arthur mitchell gif

Dexter is really getting to know the Trinity killer- Arthur Mitchell. Using a fake name, Kyle, Dexter learns more and more about him. He’s a church going, family man. We finally figure out why he’s been killing in threes and why it’s always the same three murder styles.

His sister died in a bathtub, his mother jumped off a building, and his father was blundered to death in the head. So now that’s why he kills in threes. How insane.

Since Dexter is having marital issues he’s looking into Arthur and seeing how he lives with his family while also silently killing.

We learn that Arthur helps to build homes for the homeless, and that is where he’s been storing all of his tools and weapons, sporadically around each place. Dexter needs to find a place of his own. Although he and Rita seem to work it out in therapy and he’s going to get his space in their house. Should be interesting.

But Dexter is spending a lot of time with Arthur, trying to figure out how he does what he does. Dexter’s father keeps telling him to kill him, but Dexter can’t.

Related image

I really don’t like how they have his father as part of him. I liked how they had him in season one as flashbacks, now he’s part of Dexter and it’s a little annoying.

Related image

Anyway, Arthur has gotten really weird. They go out to cut down a tree together and Arthur uses the wood to make a box… whose body is going in that?

Deb has finally realizes that it wasn’t the Vacation killer that shot her and Lundy, but the Trinity killer. Interesting. She’s gone to LaGuerta to get permission to open the case, and well she got partial permission which is a start.

She’s also done searching to find her father’s mistress, as she finds out there was more than one. So what was the whole point of that plot?

Quinn, oh Quinn is he the new James? He’s following Dexter around trying to figure out what his deal is, trying to find out what he’s hiding. His reporter girlfriend has gotten him into some hot water, but they’ve also been using her to leak things, using her for their own will to help catch bad guys. I’m not a fan. I’m also not really a fan of Quinn, I want to like him, but then he does something stupid and I don’t like him.

Image result for dexter season 4 quinn's girlfriend

When a new killer makes a very rude comment at Deb, Dexter makes him his next kill. Only it turns out he’s not the killer, and he’s killed an innocent man. Dexter is really broken up about it.

Feeling horrible about his kill, he goes out with Arthur to Tampa to finally kill him. Only things keep getting interrupted. But what we do learn is that he’s the one who killed his sister and mother all those years ago. Then he killed his drunk abusive father. He reveals this all to Dexter “Kyle” he tells him because he tries to commit suicide, but it’s Dexter who saves him.

Image result for dexter season 4 trinity killer

I think Arthur made that box for himself.

Image result for dexter season 4 cody and aunt deb gifWhen Deb is looking at her wounds she realizes something, the shooter couldn’t be the Trinity killer because the person who shot her was too short.

We get an inside to Arthur’s family and man was it a shit show. It’s thanksgiving and he decides to spend the day with them and his daughter is always kept locked up and he calls her Verra (his sisters name) and he beats his son. He treats his wife like crap and so when none of them say they’re thankful for him, he looses it. Dexter tries to save them and kill Arthur but instead all Arthur sees is the monster that is inside Dexter. Dexter leaves but is mad he didn’t get the chance to kill him. He now believes he’s nothing like Arthur because he actually loves his family. His father in his head tells him that living with his family for 18 years might make him turn into Arthur, but I hope not.

Image result for dexter season 4 trinity killer gifRelated image

So there is something totally weird and I believe connected with Christine, Quinn’s girlfriend and Arthur. And omg she’s his daughter what the bloody fuck, omg she is probably the one who shot Lundy and Deb. Holy shit is she working with her father because she’s just like him?!

Image result for dexter season 4 trinity killer's daughter

At first I didn’t think Arthur knew she shot Deb and Lundy. But maybe he does and they did it together. He clearly doesn’t know because when she tells him, he freaks. Is he going to kill his daughter? Apparently she’s known since she was 5. She witnessed him killing a woman in a bathtub when she was 5 then as she got older and the postcards she got came from cities where a woman died in a bathtub so she put it all together. She knew Lundy was caving in so she shot him and Deb to stop them, well obviously it didn’t keep them quite for long.

In the end they catch her.

So after Deb finally said yes to an interview with Christine (Quinn’s girlfriend, and Arthur’s daughter) Deb starts to notice things about her, like how she knew things about how Lundy died and how fast she got to the crime scene. They find out she’s related to the Trinity killer.

There is more to Arthur’s story. He doesn’t kill in threes, he kills in fours. To start the cycle he takes a 10 year old boy, a boy to represent himself when his sister died.

He’s taken another boy, and Dexter is so set on saving him. We find out that he’s been hiding all the bodies in cement at the houses he builds. He doesn’t even kill them before he buries them, how cruel.

Image result for dexter season 4 trinity killer on the runDexter does end up saving him, but Arthur runs off. Now Dexter is on this wild goose chase trying to get Arthur because he wants to kill him himself. He’s gone so far as to try and find someone to frame it on.

They try so hard to get Christine to confess, but she’s playing hard to get. It’s her father that actually gets the ball rolling.

She calls him over and over and each time he shuts her out; the last time he tells her that he regrets that she was ever born and that he doesn’t love her anymore pretty much. That’s when she decides to confess, and then shoot herself in front of Deb. Although they still don’t truly know the real identity of Trinity.

Related image

Between all the drama of the Trinity killer LaGuerta and Angel are secretly dating again and they are in love. They get caught and their supervisor is a real shit about it. They tell him they’re married and he still shits on them. He really has something with LaGuerta ever since the first season.

Shit, Arthur is going to find out who “Kyle” really is. He’s followed him to the police station. Stolen a pass and is going to probably try to kill him. How does Arthur know what floor to go to? Like it can’t just be random. When Dexter sees Arthur oh the chills. They leave that episode as a cliff hanger for the finale boo.

Image result for dexter season 4 trinity killer hello dexter morgan gif

The season ends with Dexter on the hunt for Arthur. It takes the cops a little while to find the right killer, but once the little boy that Arthur recently kidnapped gives them something it leads them right to him, or well his family. Arthur takes off, but Dexter finds him.

Dexter keeps saying he’s nothing like Arthur, that he won’t leave them, but he’s never around with his family. We always see him out trying to kill the next bad guy, we never see him at home.That’s why Rita ended up kissing their neighbour, Elliot, well he kissed her, but still. Elliot had a point, he’s never around.

Image result for dexter season 4 elliot

Deb is back on the hunt to search her father’s CI’s. She takes one of his CI’s and this leads her to a house she is very familiar with: the ice truck killer’s house. Deb does some digging and finds Laura Moser who died and left behind two children and she finds out that Dexter was one of them. She tells Dexter and obviously he plays it off like he knows nothing. All she knows is that he’s related to the ice truck killer and not that Dexter is an actual killer.

What the fuck?! That ending. Is Rita dead?!?!?!?! He finds Harrison in a pool of blood and Rita in a bathtub full of blood.

Related image

Related image

Omg it’s just like Dexter. Ugh it’s so heartbreaking. I hate that ending. I liked them, I didn’t want her to die. I bet it was Arthur before Arthur drove off because he got into his house.

Damn. Now I need the next season!

Image result for dexter season 4 trinity killer gifImage result for dexter season 4 trinity killer gif


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