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Movie Review: Cars [Trilogy]

Hi guys! Happy Monday! I’m coming at you guys with another movie review! I had the pleasure of seeing Cars 3 opening weekend so today I’m reviewing all three Cars movies!

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Cars: When travelling to California with his race car buddies, Lightening McQueen gets lost in a run-down town of Radiator Springs. Determined to make it back in time for his big race, he does everything in his power to leave, only that leaves him more stranded. When he starts to befriend the cars of the town, that’s when McQueen learns some of the best lessons. This film was all about finding the light in darker situations. The dialogue was witty and kept the viewer extremely entertained. The plot was well done, keeping viewers of all ages engaged; the characters were unforgettable and definitely leave a marking impression. All in all, it’s a film worth watching if not for the cars and racing aspect of it, but for the seer enjoyment it brings.

Image resultCars 2: In the second adventure, Lightening McQueen and his best friend Mater are off overseas, McQueen to win another big championship, Mater on the other hand goes on an adventure of his own. This may be a movie about the cars, and racing, but really this movie gives Mater the rusty tow truck a shot in the spotlight, and the creators do right by him, when they make Mater a secret spy sent to try to track down the culprit towards the gas problem. Everyone is switching to electrical cars, but other cars are hurting others who use it, trying to make everyone in the end use gasoline. The plot is just as witty and funny as the first, if not better; we get to see more of the side characters and learn a little more about them, which made for a really nice sequel instead of completely focusing on McQueen. It’s definitely a sequel worth watching.

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Cars 3: In the third instalment in the Cars franchise, Lightening McQueen isn’t the fasted, most loved racer that he used to be, instead there are new rookies on the playing field who have bigger and better cars. McQueen feels threatened by them, and at first still stubbornly thinks he can beat them. It isn’t until he is forced to really think about retirement that he does whatever he can to be better and stronger. The film took the viewer to some new places, both visually and emotionally. The plot kept twisting in the best way possible and the viewer never saw any of it coming. The viewer thought that there were only two possible outcomes, and out of nowhere a third comes out of the woodworks. This film is not only visually really well done, but the story was really well done. As much as it was a movie for kids, it was more relatable to older audiences, and that’s what made it so great. New characters were introduced to make the plot fun and fresh, while old characters spoke to viewer’s hearts. This was something that definitely captivated an audience.



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