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Let’s Talk About… Dexter Season Three

Hi all, and welcome back to TV Tuesday! This week I’m coming at you with Dexter season three!

From left to right: James Remar as Harry Morgan, C.S. Lee as Vince Masuka, Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, Lauren Vélez as María LaGuerta, David Zayas as Angel Batista, Julie Benz as Rita Bennett, and Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan

So season three starts off pretty chill… that is until Dexter kills someone he didn’t expect to kill.

He’s got a new person to hunt, a guy they call Freebo. So when he goes to to kill him, he gets into a confrontation with another man, a man named Oscar. Turns out that Oscar has a brother, Miguel  (Jimmy Smits) who is a lawyer and knows LaGuerta, they go way back and apparently they had a relationship. Interesting.

Image result for dexter season 3 miguel and laguerta

The season starts off pretty great for other characters, Angel has been promoted to sergeant!

Deb has started the season with a new do, hopefully to start fresh. She has sworn off men, drinking and cigarettes. Well drinking only goes for so long. Related image

She gets placed on the Freebo case, but her big mouth gets her taken off the case, only to be put on another case that no one knows is connected to Freebo. Only Dexter knows this, as he saw her the day he tried to get close with him. The dead girl is Tegan his now dead girlfriend. They think it’s connected to Freebo due to the fact that it fits his MO, and Deb did some investigating to find the two connected.

Now Dexter needs to find Freebo before the cops do so he can finish his initial job. This whole thing started because of Dexter.

Image result for dexter season 3 dexter morgan gif

Well he finds him, at Tegan’s house, so what does he do, he kills him. While he’s in the middle of killing Freebo, Miguel is walking around the house. After they run into each other and he tells Miguel that it was self defence. Miguel is so thankful for this, oh boy. Turns out Miguel was there to kill Freebo as well.

Image result for dexter season 3 miguel kills freebo

On top of this whole new plot, Deb keeps getting harassed by this cop, Yuki in internal affairs. To take down the new guy, Quinn. I have no idea where this plot is going, but I guess we’ll find out.

Apparently Quinn and Yuki have a history and she wants to take him down. I still don’t know about this plot and where it’s going.

Related image

Now Yuki is coming back to tell us that a cop is dead because Quinn cut corners and all Yuki wants is to get him fired pretty much. She thought Deb was the one, but clearly Deb let her down.

Plus RITA IS PREGNANT!! Holy man! At first I didn’t believe it, but it’s true. And they plan to keep it. Dexter is going to be a father. Who knew?! It takes him a while but he finally accepts it. I’m a little happy for him.

Image result for dexter season 3 miguel and laguerta

Now that Dexter and Miguel have this secret, Miguel wants to be his friend, and try and get the cops off the case. Dexter just gives his sister a little hint and it works.

Image result for dexter season 3 miguel and laguerta

We also get this really awful plot that I hope doesn’t crop up again. But there is this creep sex offender who is creeping on Rita’s daughter. As much as the plot is horrible, the way Dexter defends and protects her, it’s so sweet to watch.

So Dexter and Rita have to tell the kids that they are expecting a baby, and Aster, Rita’s daughter is so not happy about it.

Image result for dexter season 3 dexter proposes to ritaShe wants them to get married, and that gets Dexter thinking why not get married.Rita keeps saying no, until he makes this really big gesture and it’s actually quite beautiful and that’s when Rita says yes.




So Deb has been spending a lot of time with Quinn’s CI guy, Anton, it kinda feels like there is going to be something there. I don’t know how much I care for that, but I guess we’ll see. He’s been helping her point her in the right direction of who to talk to.

Image result for dexter season 3 deb and anton

Quinn is a weird character, he’s always on Deb’s case, annoying and tormenting her, I don’t understand him yet.

So a lot of this season focuses on Masuka. He’s been around, but he’s never had a plot before. He’s always the one who’s obnoxious and always telling sexual jokes.Related image He can’t figure out why people just don’t like him so it’s Quinn who tells him to no one likes it. So he started to talk better and dress nicer. Everyone is weirded out by his odd behaviour and when he tells them he hurt their feelings, the team stands for him in the end. It was nice.



Things are finally starting to get interesting! I’m telling you season three has been kinda laggy, but now we’re getting somewhere.

Rita is now obsessing over buying a bigger house and Dexter to give up his apartment, well he’s not happy about that, but she’s still going out with Miguel’s wife to look at houses. While out she starts to bleed, fearing the baby they head to the hospital.

Meanwhile Dexter has made it his mission to go after this guy who finds women to be his wife, rich women, then kills them. Miguel has been trying to lock him up, but with no luck as he has no jurisdiction. Dexter has taken it upon himself to kill the guy. He tells everyone he’s going fishing, but really he’s gone on the cruise ship to kill. When Miguel can’t reach him, things get tough. When he confronts Dexter, we don’t know what is going to happen, when Miguel tells him he understands why Dexter did it as he totally put the pieces together, the guy being gone, Dexter not being reachable; I was a little scared for Dexter. But when Miguel pretty much accepts him, omg they could be partners in crime! Haha!Image result for dexter season 3 dexter and miguel gifs

Well they have decided to go into this together. Their first kill together is an interesting one. It looks like Miguel might back out, but in the end it all works out. Dexter isn’t ready to fully to let him all the way in because Dexter likes what he does too much. But at least now he knows Miguel is his first real friend.

Also Deb is just going too far, she’s going to get this kid killed. I swear if he ends up dead I will be sad. So she’s trying to find out who is killing all these people and skinning parts of their body. They all thought it to be Freebo but now they aren’t so sure. So when she wants to interview this kid who worked for Freebo someone is watching them. Because it seems whoever goes to the cops about Freebo ends up dead.

Related image

And what happens that kid ends up dead, skinned alive, damn it. She’s obviously shaken up and so talks to Anton about it, and I think Anton is catching the feels.

So now Deb thinks that something is up. Every one she’s talked to on this case has ended up dead, who does she think it could be: Miguel’s other brother, Raphael. He’s been around the case acting crazy and erratic. So she starts to follow him, and witnesses him knocking a guy out.Image result for dexter season 3 deb and antonShe runs into Quinn while following him, and the two watch, and end up bringing him in. I swear this whole family is messed up.




Rita is also having an interesting time, as she’s backed off house buying, to go into house selling? She lost her job at the hotel when she yelled at a customer, so Miguel’s wife has offered her a job as her assistant selling houses. Interesting.

Camilla is dying of lung cancer and I’m actually sad about that because she’s close to Dexter. Like we don’t get a lot of her, but it’s just the moments she has with him is always nice to see. I wonder if he’s going to help her die. Image result for dexter season 3 camilla

Well Camilla asks Dexter to help her die, but then changes her mind. She tells him her only reason to live is for the key lime pie. I still won’t be surprised if he does do it. Because he does do it, he drugs her pie. I feel like she knows he dragged it because it’s a pretty intense and sad moment.

As she dies, Dexter tells her that he killed his brother and she is glad he did. I think he can finally move on from it.

Image result for dexter season 3 camilla

I also don’t like all the weird inner dialogues between Dexter and his dead dad, Harry. From that we do learn that Harry cheated on his wife with Dexter’s real mom, but we don’t get more of this plot. I hate the way they are dragging Harry’s past out. We probably won’t figure it all out until last season.

Image result for dexter season 3 dexter and harry gifs

Harry is also just there to push all of Dexter’s buttons, and it’s just annoying.

Things are getting really tense between Dexter and Miguel. Miguel has a new person on his hit list, only Dexter does not think it’s the person to kill. Well Miguel is not happy abouImage result for dexter season 3 dexter and miguel gifst that and they have a big fight.

Miguel then apologizes which I didn’t see coming, does Miguel have an ulterior motive?



But as soon as this happens, Dexter asks him to be his best man.

Deb goes crazy with the Skinner case, she finds a lead with the trees. Apparently the guy they are looking for is disguising himself as a tree trimmer, or so we think.

Finally! Anton and Deb kiss! This is something I can get behind, gosh they are so cute! But things start to change between them. Related image

The cops decide to use him bate for The Skinner. That’s when Deb finds out that Anton isn’t officially a CI so he has no legal ties to the cops, so they can’t really protect him if something goes wrong, and well obviously it does. She tells him that it was an error that he was never officially an CI, but then Quinn tells him the truth he freaks out and punches him. He’s obviously angry because he never had to do any of the things Quinn made him do.

They find the cut trees and Deb knows that he was taken by The Skinner. So Deb was right, and the Skinner is a tree trimmer named Jorge. Now they have to try and get him.

Image result for dexter season 3 anton punches quinn

Deb also questions Quinn about what Yuki told her, and he tells her the story isn’t always so black and white. I’m still having a hard time figuring him out. He looks like he has feelings for her, but at the same time he likes to keep his distance. But she finally has some trust in him because they are getting nowhere with Jorge they use one of his employees Mario as bate. They tell Jorge that Mario is telling them all the truth, they have to let Jorge go because they have nothing to hold him with. When they let Mario go, they cut trees to make Mario scared that the Skinner is after him, this leads him to telling them the whereabouts to Jorge’s other location, finding Anton.

Too bad they didn’t catch Jorge yet.

Miguel and Dexter have taken the next step: Miguel is ready to do the killing. He has a new victim in mind, so Dexter teaches Miguel all he knows. Dexter almost stops it because he doesn’t know if he can trust Miguel.

But they get there and it is very strange for Dexter to be watching someone else doing the killing instead of himself. After the kill, Miguel says he feels excellent, but he still won’t reveal how to clean up the body, he still wants that for himself.

Related image

We get yet another of Dexter’s father’s thoughts, and he made sense this time: whatever Miguel does now will effect Dexter since he’s the one who taught him.

Image result for dexter season 3 dexter and harry gifs

Because oh no, Miguel is now going after someone Dexter already said they couldn’t kill!

He totally does it, and Dexter figures it out in his own and he exposes the body to teach Miguel a lesson. He now knows to go by the code. Only he realizes that Miguel has been lying when he says the same thing to both him a Rita. Now Dexter has no idea if he’s telling the truth about anything, especially with the shirt with the blood on it that proves he killed Freebo.

Turns out the blood isn’t Freebo’s, it’s cow blood! So Dexter has been played the entire time. Instead of creating a monster, he was played by one, which is worse. Image result for dexter season 3 dexter created a monster gif

Angel has been having an amazing season, he got a promotion, now he’s dating Barbara, and I love seeing them together. I love that it wasn’t easy and still isn’t easy for the two of them, and it’s fun to watch.

The webs keep spinning. Dexter realizes that he needs Miguel out of his life, and he wants to do it without killing him, which is a complete surprise. So what does he do, he tries to take him down, little by little, but Miguel is always one step ahead of him. Miguel gets close to LaGuerta so that she can’t pin the murder on him, but Dexter makes it out like he’s having an affair with her. His wife finds out and so Miguel’s life is starting to fall apart all around him, or was it ever together?

Related image

Dexter takes the ring that Miguel stole from Helen, which ties him to that murder to use as leverage. But something tells me leverage is not going to get Dexter very far with Miguel.

He confronts Miguel who goes insane. Is someone watching them? Holy fuck! It was Jorge who was watching, and we find out that he’s now working for Miguel. How long have those two been working together? Now he’s sent Jorge after him because Dexter is the only one who knows where Freebo is. So we’re led to believe that Jorge kidnaps Dexter, but instead it’s his team for his bachelor party, when he punches Vince that was pretty funny.

So LaGuerta is now all caught up in the games. They have a guy in custody who they think is the one who killed Helen, but all he tells her is that he saw a huge SUV with blinding headlights. Well when LaGuerta watches him leave his house, the headlights blind her and that gets her mind going. She collects evidence from his car, which turns out be Helen’s hair. I don’t know how Miguel has a tracking device on what the cops are tracing, but he gets a message and nowRelated image he knows that LaGuerta is on to him.

This just means he wants to kill her because she is now in her way. But Dexter stops him by showing up at her house and drugging him.

He’s all ready to kill him, and Miguel is all about forgiveness and how he tries to be his friend, but we all know it’s just bullshit so he can live. Miguel makes the comment that he thinks of him like a brother, that’s when he tells him he not only killed his own brother, but Miguel’s as well. Miguel freaks, and that’s when Dexter kills him. We all knew it was going to come to this; Dexter couldn’t have a partner. He’ll make it look like the Skinner did it.

Image result for dexter season 3 miguel and dexter gif Image result for dexter season 3 miguel and dexter gif

Before he kills Miguel he asks Deb to be his best man, and that was such a nice scene.

I hate seeing Anton and Deb apart, so now that they’re broken up, it’s just sad. Quinn asks her to Dexter’s wedding, which I thought was strange, but not out of character.

Angel tells Deb that he’s putting in a recommendation for her to be a detective. Only her sleeping with Anton could ruin that chance because he’s her informant on the case she’s working. But she proves herself and LaGuerta gives her her badge. She’s off the case, so she goes to Anton and they are officially together again! 😀

Deb still wants to be like her dad, and that’s when Dexter let’s it slip that their dad wasn’t always faithful, that he slept with an informant, so she’s more like her father than she realizes. Now she’s on the hunt to figure out who it is. What’s going to happen when she finds out that it’s Dexter’s real mother? Things could get ugly.

Image result for dexter season 3 deb hunting her father

Now that Dexter has killed Miguel, his last brother, Raphael is after him. He’s so mad at Dexter because ever since Dexter came into their lives everything has been bad.

The cops aren’t doing a very good job of catching the Skinner, they get close but he gets away. So when he kidnaps Dexter (this time it’s really him) Dexter knows what to do. Jorge thinks he knows where Freebo is, so Dexter tells him he killed Freebo. Obviously Jorge doesn’t believe him, but he tells him that Miguel lied to him because Miguel wanted Dexter dead. Jorge goes to get his tools and that’s when Dexter knocks the table he’s on over, breaking his hand in the process, escapes and takes hold of Jorge. The police show up after putting some of the clues together about where Jorge may be, and Dexter just drops him and he gets hit by one of the cop cars, killing him. Dexter makes his escape without ever telling anyone he was there. He tells them his broken hand is from falling down the stairs.

The season ends on Rita and Dexter finally getting married. I feel like it took forever to get here, it was pretty much the whole season, but it felt longer. Dexter finds out that Rita has been married twice before after she gets a letter from her mother telling her she hopes the third one is the charm. Rita plays it off that she means the kids, but we all know she’s lying and so does Dexter, that’s why he looks her up.

Related image

They get married, and they look happy. I hope their marriage will be happy, I guess time will tell. We find out that they’re going to be having a boy, that will be interesting.

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