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Review: The Hate U Give

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday! Today I’m going to be posting my review of Angie Thomas’s novel The Hate U Give.

The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give by: Angie Thomas: Starr Carter has witnessed one of the most horrific things in her life, and it’s not even for the first for her. On her way home from a party her and her friend Khalil get pulled over by a cop, the cop gets physical and when he sees Khalil reach for something he shoots, three times. The novel is Starr and her journey through it all. Reliving the day, going through the hate, going through the court, the media. This novel is very topical for this day and age, which quite frankly is sad but it sheds some really bright lights on racism in America. The plot was heavy, but as the reader took this journey with Starr, they became one with her. There was never a moment in the novel where the reader didn’t feel for her, and each step it took for Starr was a battle worth fighting. The characters are what really made this novel; they were raw and flawed, but they were also strong and brave. The fact that characters got in the reader’s face and made you feel so strongly means that they were created very well. As much as some were bad people, it was still really good writing. There were also the really good characters, and there are scenes with them where the reader can’t help but laugh out loud. This novel should really be read all over because it’s courageous, it’s fearless, and it’s bold.

12 thoughts on “Review: The Hate U Give

  1. Goodness! I’ve been reading so many great reviews here an on Goodreads about The Hate U Give.
    I’ve been really trying to get more into YA lately and it’s been tough because I’m usually a contemporary lit gal who doesn’t often switch between genres.
    Thanks for the great and honest review. It seems like this book is super relevant especially with everything going on in the US in terms of movements such as Black Lives Matter.
    I look forward to reading more from you soon.
    Happy Reading 🙂

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  2. This is a definite must read for me right now. I actually can’t even believe that I haven’t picked it up yet…I MUST BE INSANE! This book is supposed to be amazing in every which way; so many people have recommended it to me and it’s like completely PRAISED around the blogosphere!!

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  3. Great review for this book Meghan. I definitely agree with everything you said about this book. THUG is such an important read considering everything that’s happening now, and I thought it was incredibly well written. I loved Starr’s character development and her journey as well. It was emotional yes but a book I’d recommend to everyone! 🙂

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