The Would You Rather Book Tag

Hi guys! Happy Thursday! 🙂 Today I’m going to be doing the Would You Rather Book Tag that was created, and I was tagged by Sarah @Between the Pages. Thanks so much for thinking of me to tag, and let’s get to it!

Would you rather…

  1. Have an unlimited money for Ebooks, or a 5,000 dollar B&N giftcard?

I would have to say the B&N giftcard, even though we don’t have them here, it would be nice for when I do visit the States.

2. Meet any deceased poet, or J.K. Rowling?

Probably meet J.K. Rowling. That would be pretty cool to be in her presence.

3. Write the world’s most famous book, or visit the world of your favourite book for one day?

This is hard, I’d probably say write the most famous book. I’d love to have a world best seller. That’s a bit of dream of mine.

4. Choose___or___? (Insert characters from your favourite fictional love triangle.)

I’m not a fan of love triangles, but the one in the Infernal Devices wasn’t bad. I would choose Will, as Tessa did even though I do love Jem.

5. Experience Hogwarts in a very realistic and accurate virtual reality, or travel around the world for a year, at no cost.

Gosh, this is SO hard. I may just have to choose traveling the world with no cost because when would I ever get that opportunity?


Birdie @Birdie Bookworm
Beth @Reading Every Night
Alex @Whimsy Pages

As always don’t feel pressured to do this! 🙂

22 thoughts on “The Would You Rather Book Tag

  1. Awesome post! I totally agree with your first answer. Since I like in Canada we don’t have B&N but I love physical books way more than ebooks so I’d just make a trip across the border to do some book shopping LOL

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    1. Thanks! Yes we Canadians don’t have the benefit of B&N but Chapters is still pretty decent. Every time I’m in the States, and there is a B&N around I make a point of going in… even if I don’t buy anything! 😛

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  2. Thanks so much for the tag Meghan, I love games of Would You Rather so this is a brilliant one for me to be able to take part in! 😀
    I think I agree with most of your answers, especially the last one. Being able to travel all around the world is my dream and I’d just love an opportunity to do that!
    Great answers, and again thanks for the tag! 😀

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  3. Love this tag!
    I’d probably choose the unlimited ebooks, though. Definitely meet J.K. Rowling as well, especially since I don’t like poetry XD
    And virtual reality is still not actually real, so I guess travelling for free makes sense.
    Great answers, Meghan! 😊

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