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Let’s Talk About… Fuller House Season Two

Hey guys and welcome to TV Tuesday! Today I’m going to be talking about the Netflix reboot Fuller House, season two!

I’ve gotten a little behind in my tv posts… I watched this ages ago, but I’m only getting to posting this now!

From left to right: Andrea Barber as Kimmy Gibbler, Elias Harger as Max Fuller, Soni Nicole Bringas as Ramona Gibbler, Jodi Sweetin as Stephanie Tanner, Dave Coulier as Joey Gladstone, Bob Saget as Danny Tanner, Lori Loughlin as Becky Katsopolis, John Stamos as (Uncle) Jesse Katsopolis, Candace Cameron-Bure as DJ Tanner/Fuller, and Michael Campion as Jackson Fuller

This season is all about DJ trying to find out who she wants to be with, Steve or Matt.  When we return from the summer, both Matt and Steve have girlfriends so now she doesn’t know what to do.

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Steve is dating a girl named CJ who he keeps calling her DJ. And Matt is dating a girl who is obsessed with workout. That’s all they do. Matt is totally tired of it, but he puts up with it to pretend he’s not into DJ anymore.

This season is filled with more or less the same kind of plots as the first, with the same amount of cheesy, and cringe-worthy scenes. But I have to admit it is still bearable.

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In the first episode Alan Thicke makes an appearance as Crystal’s grandfather, who thy set up for DJ. It’s a mediocre plot line. I’m glad it doesn’t go anywhere. It’s also kind of sad since Thicke is dead now, it’s weird.

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I also have to say that Max has gotten rather annoying this season. Sure last season he was cute; this season he’s obnoxious; he’s trying too hard to pull off cute. It’s like the writers know he’s getting older, but they don’t want him to lose his cuteness; it’s really not working for them.

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Have we ever meet Kimmy’s brother Jimmy in Full House? I don’t remember, maybe he was mentioned by name because I don’t think we ever saw Kimmy’s family. Anyways Jimmy shows up, and Stephanie is digging him, as she writes a song in the backyard; they share a kiss before she knows he’s a Gibbler. Once she does, this changes things for her, until she finally gives in. I think they are actually cute together, even though they both are a little silly.

Image result for fuller house season 2 gifs

Ramona, Kimmy’s daughter does some growing up this season. We explore a lot of learning how to raise a girl in this day and age. She wants to get her first kiss out of the way so she kisses Jackson’s best friend Popko, who she despises. That’s when she starts to crush on him; ugh hasn’t every girl been there? I’m not going to lie it was a very relatable little plot.Related image

When Max’s dog Cosmo swallows a corn on the cob whole,

Image result for fuller house season 2 max dog gif(I have no idea how he even managed that without choking) Matt has to take him to the vet to save him. Max is upset about it because he doesn’t think he’s a good doggy daddy, but once he’s been saved everyone tries to convince him that he’s a good one. After the big save that’s when DJ and Matt kiss, and decide that they’re going to try and make things work… which means he has to break up with Crystal, which wasn’t hard for him to do. I really like Matt, as much as Steve is familiar and can be cute, I like Matt better.

Thanksgiving is a real big reunion. Everyone (okay almost everyone) comes back to the Fuller house. Danny comes back as a wannabe hipster who has complete changed his ways. It was very weird to watch. He wanted to get dirty, and he kept talking in weird slang, saying ‘yo’ way too many times. I’m glad it stopped because it wasn’t fun to watch.

Image result for fuller house season 2 danny

Jesse and Becky come back with their twins, who own a fish truck after spending a lot of time in school. They are interesting. Becky still has baby fever and she keeps pestering Jesse to adopt a baby. It’s a little weird, usually older couples aren’t looking to have any more children, just grandchildren. I guess she figures her sons won’t be having children. Jesse really doesn’t want another one since he raised the three girls, plus the two he actually has, but in the end he gives in. So the adoption process is on.

Image result for fuller house season 2 gifsJoey comes as well, and he’s married… and has 4 children, all a year apart. They are insane. They destroy everything they touch. The sad thing is the parents don’t see it; they think everything they do is cute.

Image result for fuller house season 2 joey and family

While at dinner, DJ is making a toast when John Stamos makes a side comment (a very big and noticeable side comment) for the Olsen twins to please come back, it’ll be fun. We know there is going to be a season three, so maybe they will, although I haven’t heard anything so there may still be time.Image result for fuller house season 2 gifs

There’s another annoying plot where the girls want to reunite their teenage Girl Talk. It was never a good idea, so when things go south, fast, is anyone really surprised?

Image result for fuller house season 2 gifs

Jackson has a cute moment when he defends Ramona after a hurtful video of her goes around. What does he do? he knows who created the original video so creates an equally hurtful video. That’s when Lola, his crush since the beginning of the show, decides to like him back. They are sort of a thing, you know the “dating” of 13-year-olds.

Image result for fuller house season 2 jackson and lola

We get this really big plot with Max and a boy at school Taylor. I like this plot because it shows a good lesson, life is not always about winning and being on top, something Taylor won’t learn because his father never learned it. The kids are set out to show that one kid can make a difference, and Max has been so good creating his own crops, but overnight the chickens he owns ruin them. Fernando helps him out by planting veggies he bought at the store, but Max is still worried about beating Taylor. DJ tells him not to worry it’s not about winning, but when she finds out that Taylor’s father has helped out (er, did his whole project for him) DJ wants to help Max, and really wants him to win. It becomes this whole production and I’m glad neither of them won. A girl who made a windmill out of Barbies won.

When Stephanie writes a song for Jimmy: “The Boy Next Door” it gets some traction, and she goes to LA to perform the song on her father’s morning show, only things don’t go the way she wants them too. She doesn’t even get to play. Instead she gets nervous and bugs Becky and Jesse, who are on a weird interview with an adoption agency. All the lady who is interviewing them wants is to see the set of her favourite show. This scores them some points, but they lock themselves in a fake jail cell.

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Meanwhile Danny has to do the show alone… only when he’s alone he rambles, a lot. So they pull someone from the audience, of course that person is Kimmy, and the show becomes a crazy disaster. By the time Becky and Stephanie get back the show is over, and Steph misses her chance.

New Kids on the Block make an appearance to sing happy birthday to DJ. Well it becomes a bit of a disaster when DJ breaks a crown on her tooth and they can’t go to the concert because Kimmy bought counterfeit tickets. Steve and Matt compete to see who gives the best gift, and well obviously Steve’s is more sentimental. Feeling bad about outranking Matt, he comes to save the day. He buys NKOTB tickets and gives credit to Matt. It was so sweet, and I think finally Steve is okay with Matt, which I’m glad. I was getting tired of seeing Steve fight Matt for her.

Image result for fuller house season 2 new kids on the block gif

In the end she gets front row seats and to go on stage for them to sing a song to her. I’m not going to lie it’s a beautiful scene.

After this nice plot we get a high school reunion episode. This is where everyone kinda hates Kimmy, and everyone wants to date DJ. That’s when Steve comes to save her; I was hoping Matt would, but Steve is okay. But now it looks like he’s trying to get back with her, ugh, no!

Image result for fuller house season 2 new kids on the block concert gif

But then bam, he tells her he’s going to propose to CJ because he really loves her. He tells her that at first he was dating her because he reminded him of her, but then he actually fell in love with her because she has the same qualities as DJ. It’s really sweet. But now it looks like DJ is starting to have feelings for Steve, god please let’s stop this vicious cycle and let it go.

Image result for fuller house season 2 school reunion

Kimmy on the other hand brings her hot fiancé, Fernando to show everyone how much she’s changed, even if all they want to remember is her wearing a garbage bag, only he gets stung by a bee and he gets an allergic reaction, giving him a warped face. She loses part of her dress, and she decides to hide out the rest of the evening.

It isn’t until she gets a motivating speech from the ‘whatever’ kid that she shows up in a garbage bag, with her silly fiancé. That’s when everyone tells her they like that she’s never cared what people think, and that she’s really brave. It sounded kinda condescending, but I guess it was genuine.

I’m not going to lie this season was one weird plot after another, but it did make some interesting and entertaining plots.

Christmas roles around and Jimmy tells Stephanie that he loves her, it takes a while for Steph to come around, but she does and I gotta say they are kinda cute.

Image result for fuller house season 2 jimmy and stephanie gif

Speaking of love, Max meets Rose, CJ’s daughter and the two fall for each other immediately. They’re supposed to be cute, but it was just alright. Nothing super special about it.

Related image

Ramona has this performance in the nutcracker but her friend Lola is upset that it’s the same day as her party. Question, what kid has a Christmas Eve party? Anyways so Ramona splits her time: she spends an hour at Lola’s party and then gets picked up to go and perform. Only that doesn’t go as planned. Ramona’ father picks her up and drives in circles for close to an hour which makes her late and therefore Kimmy feels the need to save the day.

Image result for fuller house season 2 christmas nutcracker play gif

Kimmy dresses in Ramona’s costume and plays her part, for all of five seconds before she puts a Gibler spin on the whole thing. When Ramona does get there she has to put an end to it all and kill her mother, only her mother goes down with a fight and so the play goes very off course.

Eventually she dies, but man what a weird plot.

Now in the season finale it’s New Year’s Eve and everyone is looking for love. Steve needs DJ to help him propose to CJ. Well that turns into DJ proposing to CJ, which I have to admit was kinda hilarious. That’s of course when Matt walks in, obviously. DJ has been waiting all day for him to walk through the door from his trip to India, but every time it’s been someone else. After the whole proposal goes down that’s when DJ reveals to her friends that she was actually going to pick Steve but is happy with Matt. Image result for fuller house season 2 proposal

Image result for fuller house season 2 jimmy and stephanie gifSpeaking of love, Steph tells Jimmy she loves him and that she can’t have kids after he tells her he wants to have kids with him. He’s surprisingly okay about it; I think he is just this little sweet teddy of a guy.

We learn also that Becky and Jesse are getting a baby, and Jesse wants Joey to be the godfather. This starts an agreement between Joey, Jesse and Danny. In the end they agree, as they are naming the baby Pamela after his sister, Danny’s wife, and the girl’s mother. Sweet.

Image result for fuller house season 2 baby pam

I’m glad that the season ended on real sweet note.

Apparently there will be a season 3, and it’s going to have 18 epiosdes, so a long season. Until then,

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… Fuller House Season Two

  1. Oh my gosh, some of your commentaries are hilarious. “I guess she figures her sons won’t be having children.” 😀 You know, that’s probably accurate. The only reason I watch this show is for the Full House nostalgia, other than that, it’s really not that special to me. That last episode was pretty good though, it was the best in the season. I actually didn’t know there will be a season 3! I guess we’ll see what happens.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! I’m glad you enjoy my comedy! 😛 I try to make things as entertaining as possible! 😛
      That was why I started watching it, and if I’m being honest I don’t really know why I watch it because like you said it’s nothing special, just a good way to pass time.
      Yeah apparently it’s confirmed, but it’s not going to air until next year I think, the date hasn’t been set yet, but it’s likely next year or late this year!


  2. I was really bummed that she was going to pick Steve. I love Matt and DJ, plus I think they have insane chemistry. I don’t feel any between Steve and DJ anymore. I would have liked for the two of them to just be happy in a loving friendship.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! I was like, ugh. I kinda hated watching her try to decide, it was just so antagonizing. I also have to agree, she and Steve are in the past, they should keep it there. We’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for the next season!


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