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Review: Everything Everything

Hello my wonderful followers! Today I’m going to be reviewing Nicola Yoon’s novel Everything Everything.

Everything Everything

Everything Everything by: Nicola Yoon: Maddy has spent all of her eighteen years inside a bubble. Claimed to have a rare disease SCID, this leaves her unable to leave her house. When new neighbours move in next door that’s when she notices Olly. The two slowly start to become friends, then more than friends, which changes Maddy’s world, flipping it upside down, and getting her to do things she’d never thought to do before. This novel started off pretty ordinary with sugary sweet plots; girl meets boy; boy falls for girl even though she’s sick, and it didn’t really feel like there was anything special. As the novel continues the plot unfolds and the twists and turns take the reader on a roller coaster of emotions. As much as the plot’s twist were well done, it just feels like there could have been so much more backstory for the characters, more plot; this novel just felt light and fluffy despite the serious topics it brings up. The characters felt somewhat dimensional, Yoon gave the them characteristics, and a small backstory, but it just felt like something was missing. It was a good story that was easy to read, and the little diagrams fit in to the cute, fluffy-ness of the novel, but it felt like more story was needed.

12 thoughts on “Review: Everything Everything

  1. Great review for this book Meghan. I haven’t read this but I know a few people who have and while they enjoyed it I think they felt the same way you did, that while it was a good book there was something missing. I’ve read some books like that. You can never really define what it is that is missing but you just know there’s something.
    Still this sounds like a good read overall, and with the movie coming out I should probably move this up my to-read list a little too! 😀

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  2. I’m sorry this one was a bit disappointing… I already know how it ends but wasn’t bothered as I wasn’t planning to read it. Not sure what other plot twists there are but it does sound pretty flat at times.
    It’s a cute contemporary, but still, if you’re going to include serious topics in it, might as well step it up, right?
    Great review, nonetheless! 🙂

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