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Let’s Talk About… Dexter Season Two

Hi all, and welcome back to TV Tuesday! This week I’m coming at you with season two of Dexter.

From left to right: C.S Lee as Vince Masuka, Lauren Vélez as Maria LaGuerta, James Remar as Harry Morgan, David Zayas as Angel Batista, Erik King as James Doakes, Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan, Julie Benz as Rita Bennett and Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan

So we start season two with Dexter a total mess. With the loss of his brother haunting him he finds it hard to do the one thing he loves: killing bad people. He has three bad runs until he finally catches and kills one of the bad guys the cops are after, Chino.

Only this case is really hitting close to home as Chino killed a woman leaving behind her young daughter, in which Dexter relates this to himself as a child being left for dead.

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On top of that, James is following Dexter because he thinks Dexter is hiding something. He thinks he’s connected to the ice truck killer, James just can’t figure it out. I wonder where we’re going with this plot.

Rita is a completely different person this season. After telling Paul she found the shoe, he tells her to call his lawyer but she doesn’t want to hear it so she hangs up on him. That’s when Paul looses it and gets himself killed in jail. Now Rita is trying to pick up the pieces. They have a funeral for Paul, but she wants to know about the shoe.

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So Dexter admits to doing it, but it doesn’t add up. He acted on impulse but then had the drugs like he planned it. Rita then asks if he’s a drug addict, which Dexter just answers with ‘yes I am an addict’. He just doesn’t admit to what kind if addict. Rita says she’ll get him the help he needs and she’ll be by his side. I was a little surprised about that. I didn’t think she’d want him in her life or near her kids, but I think she’s a stronger character now for knowing Dexter so she can’t give up on him.

The police make a big find when they locate a bunch of bodies out in the middle of the water. I so thought Dexter was in for it, but they don’t go looking for anyone… yet. Now he has a new dumping ground.

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Debra is having a on/off start to the season. Obviously she is still very frazzled after everything that happened, punching guys at the bar, pulling a gun on a child. I hope that over the season she can become a better person.

The new FBI detective, Lundy, gives her a chance on the new killer (The Bay Harbour Butcher, who is her brother- oh boy). They almost seem to have this weird connection that I hope they don’t go anywhere with. We learn that he is single and that his wife died of cancer two years ago- the same way Debra’s mother died. So they have something in common.

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What they do do is give Debra a new love interest, Gabriel. They meet at the gym and so far so good. I have a weird feeling- I really hope they don’t make him some sort of bad guy. That would royally suck. Turns out he doesn’t know who the ice truck killer is, when she goes snooping on his computer she finds emails about an ice princess book. She thinks he’s phishing for information to write a book about the ice truck killer. Well we find out it was for a children’s book.

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But now it kinda makes sense why Deb is obsessed with Lundy- she sees her father in him and that’s why she wants his validation. So now that Lundy is becoming buddies with Dexter, Deb is jealous because every man in her life has liked Dexter more. I do want to know why he’s singling Dexter out. Apparently he can’t stand Masuka and that’s why he wants Dexter, but I think there is more.

But later Deb breaks up with her boyfriend because she realizes she actually likes Lundy. Then she kisses him. So they made us think it would be Lundy to make the first move.

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James is back to obsessing with Dexter. He now thinks that he’s not really a drug addict but going to meetings for another purpose. So let’s see what happens.

Related imageI’m loving the plot between LaGuerta and the new lieutenant, Esme. LaGuerta doesn’t think it’s fair that she got the boot, so they start off hating each other. But when LaGuerta finds Esme arguing with her fiancé they start to bond. I hope backstabbing won’t be involved.

I was not prepared for this plot. So Esme looses it at work making other people try to smell another woman on his clothes, so the captain gives LaGuerta her job back. Later we find out that LaGuerta was the other woman! WHAT?!?! She then breaks it off because she now has her job back; talk about backstabbing. Woah, that came out of left field!

Rita has Dexter go to AA meetings, where the first time he gives up and gets bored. He goes again and he can’t be honest, one of the girls there sees right through him and that scares him so he doesn’t go back. That’s when Rita pretty much breaks up with him.

He never really cared before until he went to buy a mini van from a killer (who Dexter later kills) that he realizes he cares about Rita more than he thought. So Dexter goes back once more and really opens up and than bam- James shows up. This actually gets James off his back, I did not see that coming. He tells Dexter that all cops go through something similar, he just wants Dexter clean. What!?! All that crazy following for that?! Could there be more?

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Although when Rita finds out that his sponsor is a young attractive female, Lila, lord is she jealous! But I think she has a right to be, Lila kisses him, bleh. But she also gets Dexter which has me thinking, is she a killer too? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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Dexter gets to meet Rita’s mother, who he gets along with, but she knows that Dexter is hiding something. Interesting.

Image result for dexter season 2 rita and dexter

She wants Dexter to leave Rita so he thinks about it. He eventually tells Rita and she talks to her mother. This turns into her mother staying with Rita for good to help Dexter get clean. I wonder if Rita will ever find out about him, his past and his future.

These days he’s been so paranoid so when he hears their is a break in the case he makes sure to ruin the evidence, by melting it. Gross but effective. Only it was for nothing as their going to be checking algae from rocks so they don’t need the bodies anymore. Oh boy!

Now that he’s on edge, and Rita’s mother has weeded him out, his sponsor has suggested that he look into who killed his mother to get closer. From there we find out one out of the three is alive and not in jail. We also learn that Harry knew his mother before she was murdered. She was his informant on a case he was on dealing with a drug bust.

Image result for dexter season 2 harry and laura moser

He goes to confront the guy, almost kills him, but we find out that his mother Laura was sleeping with Harry. WHAT!?! So now this makes sense why he took Dexter in, but why not take Brian? Maybe Brian is his actual son and he didn’t want anyone to find out. Oh gosh my brain is spinning! I know that’s not the case, but at the time of watching this, that is what my brain came to as a conclusion.

But the cops are getting closer and closer so this leads Dexter to do crazy things, like pull the fire alarm to evacuate the building.

Rita’s mother decided to invite Dexter and Lila for dinner, where things go well. It isn’t until afterwards when Lila calls while Rita is with Dexter and reveals that they went on a little road trip and talks about his mother. Rita gets angry and breaks up with him.

The next day that’s when he looses it and sleeps with Lila, which I really wish he didn’t. I know she gets him and she accepts him, but I love Rita.

Image result for dexter season 2 dexter and lila

I love how he is with her kids. I hope things work out. And they almost do because she calls him to talk. So he goes and he finally opens up about his past and his mother. They get so close to getting back together, but Dexter good old Dexter, has to tell the truth and says he didn’t sleep with her “that time” on their road trip and he’s out the door. Ugh.

So now they’re now together, bleh. But I’m glad we don’t get rid of Rita… at least right away. Like her kids still miss Dexter. Rita’s mother is a complete bitch. She’s trying to control Rita’s life and I’m so glad she tells her mother off!

But I like that Cody, Rita’s son, calls Dexter to come to his school fair to watch him present. Gosh so cute!

Image result for dexter season 2 dexter and cody

Dexter finally doesn’t feel like he needs to kill anymore, thanks to Lila but I always had a bad feeling about her. So one her art pieces gets sold and she gets the money then scenes later we see her lighting her art and apartment on fire. I think she used the money for drugs and was on drugs when she did it. Now she’s going to use Dexter to stay with her and away from Rita dammnn! What a bitch!

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When Dexter finally makes his move on James, damn does he do it right. Dexter is so tired of James tailing and following him so he goes to LaGuerta, she gets involved which leads James to finally be nice to Dexter… only Dexter takes this as his opportunity. He finds him in his own office and he tells him he will always be one step ahead of him, then hits him. This is followed by him walking out, James following him and beating him in front of everyone, and that gets him suspended. Like what did James think was going to happen?! He has half a brain I swear.

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After he gets suspended he tried to act like he wants to get his job back only to go to Dexter’s house and snoop. Ugh. Talk about ugh moments: Lila. She is digging her claws so fucking deep she makes me so mad.

Image result for dexter season 2 lila

First she wants to go everywhere with him so she goes bowling with him and the guys. We can see Dexter pulling away, but he almost gets killed by the guy that killed his mother, but it’s Lila who saves him, partially since if she hasn’t called his name he would have been stabbed in the back.

Buuuuut then we find out she’s the one who called him! Talk about backstabbing holy shit!

Then she hates Rita and her kids from taking him away from her. What does she do, she steals the key that Dexter has to Rita’s house and tries to kill Rita? Well that’s what I thought, but maybe it was to kill Dexter because she can’t stand him lying to her. All she “wants” is to be close to him again. I call bullshit. He’s in the middle of killing his mother’s killer when Rita calls. He has to leave the dead body as is to help her. This just sounds like bad news.

Especially when the cops, namely his sister who has found the Bay Harbour Butcher is a cop who works in their precinct. Shits about to go down.

Image result for dexter season 2 doakes and dexter gif

Anyways so James finds the blood samples in his air conditioner unit and takes them to get DNA checked. He leaves the country to do this and that was his mistake.

Image result for dexter season 2 doakes and dexter blood slides

The cops are on the hunt. Dexter thinks he’s done for, and I pretty much thought he was done for too. When they announce they think it’s James who is the Bay Harbour Butcher this surprises Dexter but only for a minute before quoting James by saying he always thought there was something just not quite right with him. Holy fuck!

So Dexter has all these men guarding him in case James decides to strike. He does strike, but not when he’s guarded. Dexter goes back to the body he left behind only to be met by James. They duel it out, I wonder if Dexter will kill him. That could be bad for him. But then he can always just say he was defending himself.

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So he’s locked up James and doesn’t know what to do with him: to kill or let him go. He tries to do by his father’s rule, but James turns this around on him. He tells him clues about his father’s death he never thought about. What has claimed to be an accident, turns out was a suicide. It’s only after he kills in front of James does he realize that he was the one who killed his father; he drove him to his suicide.

Image result for dexter season 2 doakes and dexter

Oh man!

Now that Lila is, somewhat out of his life, Rita wants to get back together, and I’m here rooting them on because I totally ship them!

Unlike Deb and Lundy, I’m not a fan. But then he tells her that they are done once he’s finished the case and that pisses Deb off. So they try to sit down to talk about it but get interrupted. I have no doubt they will stay together.

Image result for dexter season 2 deb and lundy

And Lila is still around, she’s getting close to Angel to get close to Dexter but she drugs herself, for what purpose I’m not sure, to say that Dexter made her do it? I just want this dumb bitch dead. Oh I know she’s going to say she took the pills to end her life because Dexter is getting along well with Rita. I hope I’m not right.

Image result for dexter season 2 lila and angel

Weeeeelll turns out she took a date rape drug to make everyone think Angel raped her. She tells Dexter that she’ll drop the charges if he takes her back, because she believes she’s his soul mate. Ugh. Well he doesn’t so things don’t look so good for Angel. Dexter tells her to stay away because he’s going somewhere so there will be no endgame for her. That’s when she follows him, steals his GPS and finds herself at the cabin where James is locked in a cage. Oh things are going to get crazy.

Dexter is so close to giving in and turning himself in, but he doesn’t. He tells James he is; I’m not going to lie I really liked how close the two have come, just not the way it happened.

Related image

He was going to tell Deb but she comes back with news of her own. She tells him that she found out that Lila is a fake and that she’s living here on an expired visa. She told Lila to leave on her own or she be will deported. Now that Lila has found James I really wonder what’s going to happen.

Also LaGuerta is on the case in Haiti trying to prove James innocence, even though Dexter is still trying to frame him.

The season ends with quite an explosion. Lila finds James, and that’s when James tells her that Dexter is the Bay Harbour Butcher. At first I thought she was going to rat him out, instead she sets the cabin on fire to protect him. This kills James in a very explosive way.

Image result for dexter season 2 doakes and dexter blood slides

When Dexter finally figures out it was her he wants to stop her from telling anyone else. He tells her he’ll run away with her, and for the longest time I couldn’t figure out if he was being real. Then he finally inner monologues that he’s planning to kill her, and he almost does but Deb gets in the way so instead she steals his tools and kidnaps Rita’s kids.

Dexter obviously finds them at her place but she sets the place on fire. Ugh. She escapes to Paris, while Dexter escapes the fire.

Deb on the other hand has to decide between the job she loves and her boyfriend who is moving to D.C. for a new case. She is so ready to go to the airport when Rita calls about the kids and that is the deciding factor for her.

I’m glad she chose the job because I don’t think man Lundy was the guy for her.

The seasons ends in Paris where Lila goes to her apartment checking her mail she sees a postcard from Miami and bam Dexter shows up and finally kills her once and for all.

Image result for dexter season 2 dexter kills lila

Now all his ghosts are gone, Dexter can live the happy go lucky life, but he’s going to keep killing, because that’s who he is. Like after all that he’s going to keep killing. Geez.

I look forward to the next season and what they can come up with.

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