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Review: The You I’ve Never Known

Hello! Happy Monday. Today actually as very sunny here when it was supposed to rain and be cloudy, so I’m happy that it didn’t rain!
Today I’m going to be reviewing Ellen Hopkins’ novel The You I’ve Never Known.

The You I’ve Never Known

The You I’ve Never Known by: Ellen Hopkins: Ariel is having the hardest time trying to figure out who she is as a person. Stuck between liking guys and girls, she has no idea what to do; throw in an abusive father who hates gays, and Mexicans, Ariel has a lot on her plate. Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more her world gets turned upside down and she really has no idea who she is anymore. Based on true events that happened in Hopkins life this plot is gut-wrenching, yet full of hope. It’s about struggles in every possible way. Hopkins’ writing, as always, is so up front and honest. Her poetry is what makes the story that much more intense. Her characters are raw and full of emotion; they are dimensional and flawed. Each novel she writes just seem to catch her readers off guard no matter if they see it coming or not. Hopkins is definitely a master of her craft, and this novel attests to it.


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