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Review: All We Have is Now

Hi guys, happy Monday! I can’t believe we are already half way through May?! How is it even possible! Today I’m going to be reviewing Lisa Schroeder’s novel All We Have is Now.

All We Have is Now

All We Have is Now by: Lisa Schroeder: It’s the last day before an asteroid is set to blow up North America. All is looking bleak for Emerson and her friend Vince, until they meet Carl, a guy on the brink who is granting wishes. When he hands them his wallet, the two feel like anything has become possible after living on the streets for so long. Now it’s their turn to give back and grant wishes. The novel was a tad cheesy, but the author managed to put this loving and cherishing spin on it that really made it worth reading. The plot was entertaining and full of surprises; the fact that the characters intermingled and connected with one another was clever. It was fast paced, and there were little poems to break character points of view, which was very well done. The characters were dynamic and sweetly created, sometimes a little too sweet because it left the plot feeling too predictable and convenient, but the characters had some good backstory so balanced it out. A captivating read about the end of the world.



4 thoughts on “Review: All We Have is Now

  1. Oh god I am with you on not being able to believe we’re already halfway through May! I feel like we should still be in March or something.
    Also great review for this book Meghan, I’ve never heard of this one before but after reading your review I’m definitely going to check it out, because it sounds like an interesting concept. Plus every so often I need a book like this which may turn out to be a tad cheesy! 😀

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