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Let’s Talk About… Dexter Season One

Hi all, and welcome back to TV Tuesday! This week I’m coming at you with a show I’ve been currently watching and I’m almost finished, Dexter.

I have one more season left, and I know I’ve been told the ending is crap, but I’m going to be watching it anyways. Enough of that though, I’m here to gab all about season one!

From left to right: Julie Benz as Rita Bennett, James Remar as Harry Morgan, Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, Erik King as James Doakes, Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan, David Zayas as Angel Batista, and Lauren Vélez as Maria LaGuerta

My first on Dexter is that it is a gruesomely interesting show. I knew I was going to like this show, I’m not really sure why, but I knew.

Image result for dexter season 1 gif

The only thing, at the moment that I have with this show is all the characters I can’t stand them. They’re all so whiny and expect the world of people, like everyone owes them something.

What I do like, among the fascinating plot is that the show takes us into the past, looking at Dexter and his sister and father when they were younger. It really gives the show that extra background that it needs to really telling its viewers who these characters are.

Image result for dexter season 1 young dexterSo the show is about Dexter Morgan, obviously. By day he studies blood spatters, by night he’s a serial killer, killing people who deserve to die. He works closely with the Miami police department, which you would think this could make things a close call, and maybe they will, who’s to say.

Image result for dexter season 1 debHis sister Debra also works with the police department, she starts out in Vice, which she hates. When she makes a big break on a case she gets moved up to Homicide, but she still gets a lot of flak from her boss, LaGuerta. I also can’t her, she’s really rude to the people she doesn’t like, belittling them (namely Deb), and is sweet to the people she wants things from (namely Dexter).

The first big case is the ice truck killer. When women start to show up cut up with no blood, Dexter figures out the killer needs somewhere cold to store them, so he thinks of an ice truck. His lead is correct when a head falls out of the truck when he decided to follow it, giving the tip to his sister, that’s her moment to shine, and she does. (Even though she still wants more.)Image result for dexter season 1 ice truck killer gifsThey claim Tucchi is the killer, but when the body parts start showing up with blood, they realize that Tucchi is the victim. Only Dexter can figure it out, because the killer knows Dexter, and knows what he does. The killer starts to leave the body parts in old places that have significance to Dexter to freak him out. He finds Tucchi and saves his life, where the killer thought Dexter was going to kill Tucchi. So the killer is still out there.

Image result for dexter season 1 cuban killer

So Dexter has a girlfriend, Rita, and they have an interesting relationship. They have a platonic one, where they simply don’t have sex. Dexter doesn’t like sex, and Rita was raped by her ex-husband so she doesn’t like sex. She has two children; which Dexter is so good with. I love watching those scenes because he’s actually adorable.

Related imageTheir relationship kinda topples a little because he never knows when she wants more, and it’s hard for him. I also like their dynamic because it’s so different. I want to see where this goes; I don’t want them to ever break up!

Rita has a friend at the hotel she works at, her husband hasn’t arrived to America from Cuba, so Rita asks Dexter to look into it. He does, and finds out that there is a guy who takes Cubans and kills them. So Dexter does what he does, kills the bad guy; only when he’s about to, the Cuban’s wife shows up. Turns out they were doing it together, so Dexter has to kill both. Once he does, he lets the Cubans who are still alive free, without being seen. Little does he know that someone in the trunk of a car saw him.

The next day (mind you Dexter threw the bodies out to sea), the woman’s body shows up back where he killed her. He must try really hard to get the police to think it was the husband, he plants all the evidence, so no one can link it back to him.

People seem to think it’s the ice truck killer, and I wouldn’t have any doubt that it is him, but his sister Deb has theories that all sound too close to himself, so he has to shut her down. She is not happy about this. Apparently all their lives Dexter was always better than her, and she was jealous (which really plays into the person she is today). She couldn’t figure out why their dad liked him more. In the flashbacks we learn 1) Dexter is adopted and 2) his father knew what he was from a very young age, and helped him control it.

Image result for dexter season 1 young dexter and harryWe find out that the person who witnessed Dexter’s crime was a seven-year-old Cuban boy who doesn’t speak English. LaGuerta takes him into her care, and gets a little attached to him. I thought they might get her to adopt him, but then his uncle shows up. Too bad. They can’t get anything out of him, and when they ask him to sit for a sketch artist, he comes up with Jesus Christ. Dexter is safe… for now.

Related imageJames seems to hate everyone. I’m hoping he opens up, and is kinder as the seasons continue. He takes Debra to see his mother and sisters, and she gets along so well with them, which surprises both of them. Could there be a thing there?

Related image

Angel, well he’s like this sweet puppy dog. He’s cute and cares about everyone. He’s got a bit of a weird story, as he seems to want to pretend that he’s still with his wife and kid, even though he’s not. I want more there.

Dexter finds himself a protégée. A young boy who Dexter thinks is just like him. He wants to help him out, like how his father helped him, but when he kills again he is sent to jail. Dexter can no longer help him, in the end the boy kills himself in prison.

Related imageRita’s ex-husband, Paul is back, out from jail. Her son is so excited, while her daughter is less excited. Paul is jealous of Dexter obviously, but he’s still trying to worm his way into kids’ lives, and Rita’s. I have a bad feeling about Paul.

They make a breakthrough in the ice truck killer, catching Perry who confesses to being the ice truck killer. Dexter does think it’s him. Well he knows it isn’t because when he meets him, he has no idea who Dexter is.

Image result for dexter season 1 ice truck killerLaGuerta is the one who cracks that case, as he is way too squeamish about a dead head, and Perry tells her he was pretending, but the captain doesn’t believe her and so he’s going to trial.

When they find a woman murdered, it is ruled a suicide, but Dexter doesn’t think so. He goes the extra mile to see that a serial killer is on the loose. Only this serial killer doesn’t actually do the killing. Finding out that all the women who died have the same therapist, Dexter goes to may him a visit. I almost thought he was going to get comfortable with the therapist, and he kinda does. He finds the tapes the therapist has of his patients, all of them he tells them how to kill themselves, and then they go out and do it. WTF? What a horrible person.Image result for dexter season 1 therapist killerNow Dexter has to get this guy. He tells him a lot of personal things, especially with Rita, because he’s having trouble having sex with her. But after a really weird session, he does. Does this mean their relationship will go to the next level? I’m sure we’ll find out.

After that happens, Dexter goes back and reveals that he is a serial killer, and he feels so good. I kinda feel happy for him, ha! Then bam, he totally kills him, of course.

Debra’s got herself a new beau, the doctor who worked on Tucchi’s prosthetics. They begin to date, and she really falls for him, but I had a funny feeling about him. AND OMG WAS I RIGHT!?!Related image

So we find out that he is the ice truck killer AND IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! 1) He’s a doctor in prosthetics so he knows exactly how to cut body parts, and all that jazz. 2) He’s dating Debra to get to Dexter OMG HOLY CRAP! He is so going to kill Debra if Dexter doesn’t figure it out soon!

Dexter gets papers telling him that his father has died. His step-dad died years ago, and he told him that his biological dad died already. In this guys will, Dexter gets the house he lived in. He initially it was just going to be him and Rita, but Debra wants Dexter to meet her new boyfriend, Rudy.

The two surprise Dexter at the house and they spend the weekend getting to know each other, while cleaning out the house. I believe Rudy had something to do with the house, since the old lady across the street has seen him before.Related image

We find out that the guy who died was his actual father. So his father lied. I’m not really sure why, and maybe we won’t get an explanation, but it is kind of strange.

They land a case where a hotel room is covered in blood. I figured it out pretty quick that it was all the blood from all the bodies who were bloodless, which means the ice truck killer has struck again. When Dexter gets to the room he passes the fuck out. His repressed memories are coming back. I went through thinking the little boy was him, to it not being, to it definitely is him. Someone was murdered right in front of him, and I still don’t really knowwho it was. His mother was involved; I need more!Related image

WRelated imagee find out that it was his mother who was murder in front of him. We also find out that it was Harry, his step-father who was on the case. I guess that’s when he decided to take Dexter in. I have my thoughts as to what happened, maybe it was really his brother who killed their mother. The date has something to do with the ice truck killer, 103. He has an obsession with that number, everywhere he leaves clues with that number; this just fuels my theory.

Image result for dexter season 1 young dexterWhile out on the town, Angel finally meets a girl, as he’s getting divorced due to cheating on his wife once and realizing it was stupid, but she still won’t take him back. So he’s with this girl when he notices a girl with painted fingernails that look exactly like the hand the ice truck killer left them. She tells him that it was a guy with a fetish for amputating.Image result for dexter season 1 ice truck killer

Since Rudy works in amputating, he goes to ask some questions. Rudy thinks he’s there because he figured it out, but Angel just wants some info. The ending shot we get to see his collection of nail polish.

Later that night Angel gets attacked in the parking garage, we all know it was Rudy, but no one else does. It’s so infuriating to know that we know the killer, but no one else does.

Image result for dexter season 1 rudy attacks angelAngel turns out okay, but his marriage is still over. I feel bad for him, as much as his wife loves him, she’s just not in love with him.

Rudy and Debra are fighting because Debra doesn’t like how much he’s talking about Dexter and wanting to call. To Deb this is another case of people liking Dexter more than her. She’s very insecure about herself, and maybe that’s part of why I don’t like her. She just comes off so arrogant and expects people to just like and respect her without doing anything. I understand that when Dexter talks to Rudy and not her that that hurts her, but acts like a baby about it. Oh and also when she finds out that he got himself DNA tested to see if he was a match to the man, she flipped out. Like he has a right to know if that was his real father or not. I couldn’t understand her reasoning as to why she flipped out.Image result for dexter season 1 deb angry gif

Rita is having issues with Paul. After her weekend getaway with Dexter, she had to cancel his time with the kids so he lashes out. She permanently cancels the visits so he gets super drunk, she leads him to the bedroom where she hits him with a baseball bat. He then presses charges and things get messy. One night after a visitation, he threatens Dexter and he hits him in the head with a frying pan HA!Related image His face after is priceless. He then has to sneak him out, and I thought he was going to kill him, turns out he just leaves him with meth in his arm. This gets him sent right back to jail.


Deb wants Dexter to talk to Rudy because he’s been acting weird. Turns out he wants to be part of the family, so Deb thinks he wants to propose. And well he does just that, then he tells her he’s the ice truck killer, telling her he can’t believe she didn’t pick up on it sooner, then he knocks her out.

Related imageMeanwhile, Dexter finds blood on Angel’s shirt on the collar, which means he got the guy in the lip… and Rudy had a busted lip. He finds a sample of Rudy’s blood, with the blood on the shirt and it comes back a match. Now he fears for his sister’s life.

The season ends with Dexter trying to figure out where Rudy took Debra. Rudy keeps moving her, each place he thinks.

Soon the cops start to piece together who Rudy really is, his real name is Brian Moser… Dexter’s real brother. I knew this was coming since I googled something and Wikipedia told me, how rude. I guess it’s my fault for trying to look something up. This isn’t the first time I’ve done that, you’d think I would learn, ha!Related image

Anyways Dexter has these flashbacks, and his research leads him back to his childhood house. The two meet and he realizes that his brother is just like him. He also finds out that his brother was at the crime scene of his, I guess I should say their mother’s death. Harry found both of them but only decided to keep Dexter, Brian was sent to live in a psych ward. Now we know that Brian was always jealous of his new family, and now he wants Dexter to kill Debra so that they can be brothers again.Image result for dexter season 1 gifs

Brian almost stabs Deb, but Dexter stops him; that’s when the cops show up (what interesting timing). They obviously don’t catch Brian, but that doesn’t stop Dexter from hunting him down.

Related imageIt’s hard for Dexter to kill him, but in the end he does. Dexter knew that Brian would come back for Deb, so when he stabs plastic doll parts, Dexter cuts his throat, and kills him like how Brian killed all the woman, slitting his throat, hanging him upside down to bleed to death, making it look like a suicide. Smart Dexter.

James and Dexter have a war out on each other, part of me thinks it’s because James is in love with Deb, but I’m not too sure. He just has this extreme hatred for Dexter.Related imageOn top of all this, Paul, Rita’s ex, thinks that Dexter set him up. Oh how clever. If Rita ever finds out that it’s the truth, oh boy. Although I think we might dive deeper into this next season, with the missing shoe Paul was talking about found.

It was a whirl wind of a first season; I have a feeling things are only going to get better next season.

Image result for dexter season 1 best gifs

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